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Finally! A Facebook Page for Bigfoot Evidence

Hi friends! We finally decided to bite the bullet and started to work on our Facebook page. The new year will bring many changes within the Bigfoot community and we would like to get to know you all on a more personally level.

Here's our Facebook page and if you would be so kind to add us as your friends, we would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

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Account of British Bigfoot sighting near Castle Ring

In recent years, there have been reports of Bigfoot-like creatures roaming an area of a British forest called the Cannock Chase near Castle Ring.

Nick Redfern, an expert of monster phenomenon and strange creatures has an article based on reported sightings of Bigfoot. This area is also home to many strange sightings of odd entities such as Ghosts, UFOs, occasional wild boars, and even one sighting of a kangaroo or a wallaby in the woods. writer interviews Cliff Barackman, talks Bigfoot DNA project(s) and Justin Smeja, the Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter

As season two of Finding Bigfoot closes in on us, we've been hearing a lot from Cliff Barackman. He's been doing interviews like he's running for President of the United States. Barackman 2012?

On Aaron Sagers, Paranormal Pop Culture Examiner writer, sat down with Cliff Barackman and asked him about UFOs and Bigfoot. Since this was a paranormal writer doing the interview, UFO questions comes with the territory.

Barackman was asked a number of questions and he gave some interesting answers. In one answer he mentions the Sierra Kills story and the Bigfoot DNA project(s). Here are some questions from the article we thought were interesting:

Are we the only animals to cook food? Not anymore [Science]

Cooking is certainly unique to humans, there’s no other species that does it. The obvious reason for that is because we’re the only ones that can make fire, which is a prerequisite.

After learning that there's a bonobo ape out there that knows how to collect wood and small pieces of branches to light up a fire, we were amazed and at the same time, freaking impressed. Not only can this chimp start a fire (with the help of a lighter), he's got mad cooking skills too.

Top Ten Creatures Hunters Hope To Stumble Across in 2012, and Bigfoot Isn't Even on the List

Update: One man did say "Bigfoot's wife," but unfortunately, the polls have closed it seems.

Okay. So you've read reports of deer hunters and turkey hunters encountering scary Bigfoots in the woods. You would think that when readers of an outdoors/hunting website list the top 10 creatures their readers hope to encounter during next year's hunting trips, Bigfoot would be on the top of their list. We were wrong.

Does a write-up on New York Times Television column make Finding Bigfoot mainstream?

The New York Times website has a special article about Finding Bigfoot in New York. In it, they delved into the show’s unique inner workings as the team investigated the New York Baby Bigfoot Footage.

Weird Bigfoot News: UFO database contains recent sighting report about 'translucent aura' Bigfoot spotted sprinting across road in Kentucky

This recent sighting report is a testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. According to the report on December 28, 2011, while driving in Kentucky, the witness spotted an entity sprinting across the road at approximately 40 feet in front of the car. What's weird about this story is that the witness described the 7 ft. tall creature as having a "translucent" aura around it.

Pacific Northwest Bigfoot woodcarvings

There is a very long history of Sasquatch images, carvings and very detailed names from every Native American and first nations people. Check out this gallery of Sasquatch Masks, Totems and costumes from the Pacific Northwest posted on Facebook Find Bigfoot page.

The Bigfoot Project Game: Help Bigfoot Fight Back!

It's time for Bigfoot to fight back and you can help him defend himself against those vicious people looking for a specimen. Check out this game during your lunch break. You'll feel a lot better about yourself once you get Bigfoot to safety.

Bigfoot's had enough of his redneck neighbours shooting all his woodland mates. Your task in this fun shooter is to help him whoop some hillbilly ass and abacus wielding auditors whilst avoiding hurting any of his forest buddies. Aim for the head to deal some extra punishment and score more points. Keep an eye out for the flying bottles of moonshine, shoot them for a score bonus.

Cliff Barackman mentions Bigfoot DNA Study on 'Right This Minute' news interview [Finding Bigfoot]

In this interview clip with the "Right This Minute" news team, "Finding Bigfoot" team member, Cliff Barackman talks about the search for Bigfoot and what he hopes to learn about Bigfoot through the DNA study that's currently in peer review.

Alex aka Midnight Walker talks about the Great Bigfoot Divide

What is the great Bigfoot divide? According to many people in the Bigfoot community, there are a few groups in conflict with one another. There are those who believe that Bigfoot could be a relict population of Gigantopithecus (in Greek, gigantas meaning “giant” and pithecus meaning “ape”).

And there are those who believe what Native Americans considered to a "tribe" of people. These tribes often traded and interacted with North American natives. In fact, the term "Sasquatch" is Indian for "hairy man" or "hairy giant."

Another group of people are those who don't care what these creatures are. They're just looking for a specimen to prove once and for all that Bigfoot exists. Some of these people reside in Texas buying up habituation sites (properties with purported Bigfoot activity).

The Mad Skeptic wraps up 2011 Bigfoot scene, takes jabs at Bigfoot DNA project and recent Russian Bigfoot video

It has been a busy year here at Bigfoot Evidence blog. Many of our readers are skeptics, and some of them have blogs where they write about what they think is the "lack" of Bigfoot evidence being presented here. We disagree with that notion, but we'll save those arguments for another time.

There's only a few days left before 2012 arrives, and this past couple of days have been flaring with Bigfoot related news. Just last week, we posted an article about Tim Fasano's claim that Dr. Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA was rejected by a scientific journal. Fasano later pulled his original post.

Then there's the “Yeti Finger” that was stolen from a monastery in the Himalayas around the late 1950s. DNA test results on the finger revealed it to be of human origin.

And yesterday we received news about the Russian Bigfoot footage that surfaced showing a purported Bigfoot captured and caged by border guards. Russian officials later admitted that it was a publicity stunt …

Real Russian Yeti video breakdown by TheCryptoHunters [Video]

This breakdown video of a Russian Yeti captured on tape was done by the Crypto Hunters a while back ago. FB/FB decided to post it on their Facebook page in light of the recent Nazran Bigfoot hoax from Russia. They said the screaming by the witnesses has all of the hallmarks of a real video.

Russian Bigfoot was hoaxed for a good cause, hotel maids weeping as prospect of Tom Biscardi showing up in Russia withers

Well Folks, It's Official: There was no Yeti and that creature you saw in the video was just a man in a monkey-suit.

We have to admit that Tom Biscardi's monkey-suit looked more convincing. Unlike the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax, this hoax lacked the Las Vegas showmanship of Biscardi. The Russians could have went all out and invited the worldwide media circus, but instead, the bean was spilled way too soon.

Mike Rugg talks about Russian Bigfoot / Yeti folklore [Video]

Bigfoot Discovery Museum curator Mike Rugg made this video reviewing a book by Dmitri Bayanov titled "Bigfoot Research the Russian Version." It's a strange coincidence that it was uploaded just hours before the Russian Bigfoot story surfaced.

Watch Mike talk about the folklore involving the Russian Bigfoot and how Russian Bigfoot Researchers collaborate. Mike says in some ways, the researchers in Russia have been studying Bigfoots longer than most researchers in the U.S. The Russians even have their own field of study called Hominology, the study of unknown hominids.

Matt Moneymaker, President of BFRO, says the Russian Bigfoot is 'Fake as hell'

American Bigfoot Researcher and President of the BFRO, Matt Moneymaker tweeted these comments today about the recent Bigfoot/Yeti videos from Russia. The first video from a Russian broadcast station showed the caged creature, blurry and out of focus. The second one, according to Moneymaker, is "fake as hell."

Bigfoot DNA Expert Dr. Melba Ketchum comments on captured Russian 'Bigfoot'

Thanks to Tom from the Crypto Hunters for the update.

Dr. Melba Ketchum, the person who is spear heading the Bigfoot DNA study that's currently in peer review made a statement about the "Bigfoot" that was purportedly captured in Russia. Here's what she wrote on her Facebook page today:

Russian officials in town of Nazran claims to have captured a "Bigfoot" (Updated with 3 sources and 2 videos) [Breaking]

This was just published on the INTERFAX.RU website moments ago. According to the Russian Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Republic, Bagaudin Marshani, they have just captured a two-meter tall Bigfoot-like creature. There's a slight discrepancy in the translation of the Russian text to English, but it appears the creature is similar to a large gorilla with short hands and looks "like a man on two legs."

According to BFRO's Matt Pruitt, the discovery of Bigfoot has already happened

BFRO Investigator Matt Pruitt has a good article about the discovery of Bigfoot and how the species was discovered a long time ago by North American natives. Before elaborating, Pruitt provided a definition of the word "discover":

Current News Blog Predicts 2012 Will Be The Year of The Sasquatch [Humor]

Somehow, we knew that the day would come when the mainstream acknowledges that there is something to this Bigfoot mystery. Current news blog published an article today about what to expect in the year 2012. They are predicting that the existence of Sasquatch will finally be confirmed.

Close encounter with a Bigfoot named Tumack

This story about Bigfoots visiting a family ranch was posted earlier today in the comments section of Bigfoot versus Aliens versus Ghosts by an Anonymous reader. Whether it's true or not, it's an interesting read.

What is Rick Dyer's Mugshot Doing on

Arizona Bigfoot Researcher Alex Hearn posted this mugshot photo of Rick Dyer on his Facebook page today.

The following information from may not be correct, but they currently have a mugshot of Bigfoot-In-A-Freezer-Boy Rick Dyer. There is a short little bio underneath his photo dated Friday, October 7, 2011:

Bigfoot versus Aliens versus Ghosts

A well-known Sasquatch Researcher once said this:

"Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one has a right to be wrong about the facts. Without the facts, your opinion is of no value."

- Rene Dahinden, 1999 (From "Chicken Soup for the Bigfooter's Soul")
The question is: Which one of following three "paranormal" groups believe they have the best evidence to support their research? UFOs? Bigfoot? Or Ghosts?

Matt Moneymaker Q & A: Thoughts on Bigfoot from a Decades’-Long Believer

Ranking among the network’s top three series and delivering 1.2M P2+ viewers, the initial season of Finding Bigfoot this past summer found a sizeable audience among viewers, whether they believe in or question the existence of sasquatch.

According to crew member Cliff Barackman, the Animal Planet marketing team is currently ramping things up for Season 2 of Finding Bigfoot. And if you haven't noticed lately, the advertisements are showing up more frequently as the January 1st premiere date nears.

Yahoo Answers Top Contributor and Bigfoot Skeptic Wants a Fair Fight (Updated)

Update: This post has been updated with Lord Bearclaw's comments below.

In August, we posted an article about an answer from the Yahoo Answers community debating the existence of Bigfoot. Yahoo Answers Top Contributor Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods racked up a ton "best answer" votes in this category so we decided to re-post his answers along with a rebuttal from President of the BFRO, Matt Moneymaker.

Cheap night vision for under $50 [Video]

If you're a normal person who doesn't have 1400+ YouTube subscribers donating expensive Bigfoot hunting equipment, you may want to check out these awesome night vision goggles made by Jacks Pacific. Granted, it's a kid's toy, but it can come in handy if you're out Bigfooting at night and don't want to be seen with a flashlight.

MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter Scheduled for January 1st

MN.B.R.T. Internet Radio host Abe Del Rio just gave us a heads up on an upcoming show featuring Sierra Kills shooter Justin Smeja. We have spoken with Justin Smeja several times over the phone and he's been extremely forthcoming with his answers. We hope that the radio show will reveal some more details about the events before and after the shooting of a juvenile Bigfoot and its mother.

DNA results from stolen Yeti finger coming soon (Update: It's human) [Video]

DNA Result Update: The "Yeti's finger" is from a human. What kind of human? That's another question for another time. Perhaps Dr. Melba Ketchum can help answer that question. The results were disappointing, but the hunt for the Yeti goes on.

During the late 1950s, a Yeti expedition in the Himalyas lead an Irish-American explorer named Peter Byrne to a place called the Pangboche Monastery. The monks in this monastery claimed to have the hand of a yeti but refused let Bryne examine the object.

After consulting in London with a world-renowned primatologist Professor William Osman Hill, Bryne went back to the Pangboche Monastery and swapped the Yeti finger with a human finger. The monks had no idea he did this until years later. The Yeti finger story went cold until recently when it was rediscovered at a museum in London.

Rick Dyer suing Tom Biscardi, and reiterates how the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot body

When you watch this video by Rick Dyer, please maintain your composure and show a little respect for the man. He's been through a lot these past few years. For one thing, the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot and swapped it with a fake one. How would you react if someone did that to you? Ask yourself that question.

Rick Dyer's YouTube channel has over 3,000 subscribers. That's more subscribers than Tim Stover and TimberGiantBigfoot combined. On top of that, if you add Tim Fasano into the mix, Dyer still has them all beat. How did he get so many subscribers you ask? Remember the Bigfoot in the freezer hoax he admitted to in 2008? It made headlines all over the world, and Las Vegas promoter Tom Biscardi apparently was the ringmaster who pushed it all through.

Bigfoot only ranks #2 on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Top Cryptid List

The Houston Chronicle today published an article about the search for Bigfoot in Texas. Although Texas is in the top 10 states for Bigfoot sightings, the spokesman for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department discounts the idea of Bigfoot running around the woods. The spokesman said that if there really was a Bigfoot in Texas, it would have been hit by a car or mistakenly shot by a hunter by now.

"The theory is that with as much traffic as there is in East Texas that sooner or later a Bigfoot would not stop, look and listen and make the mistake of walking out into traffic and become the victim of a hit-and-run," said the spokesman.

Tim Fasano: Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA paper rejected by scientific journal [Breaking]

This just in from Tim Fasano via his blog According to Fasano, "two unrelated sources in the Bigfoot world" told him that the paper submitted by Dr. Melba Ketchum on the Bigfoot DNA study has been rejected.

Vancouver Island Bigfoot Video Breakdown

On Sunday, July 16th 2006, a couple of guys had a strange encounter with a large, dark humanoid in the forests of Tofino. The two B.C. men had taped their counter and it made the news on many websites around the world. The original video went viral and finally went stale at over 2.4 million YouTube views (today).

Using a live baboon to lure in Bigfoot [Finding Bigfoot]

One of the perks of having Bigfoot show is that you're encouraged to experiment with wild and crazy things, like having a live ape on location. Cliff Barackman mentioned in his blog today that in the New York episode of Finding Bigfoot, they brought a baboon with them to an expedition and they were hoping the ape's noisy howls would arouse the interest of a curious Bigfoot.

Fun Facts about Matt Moneymaker, also find out where his last name came from

Many people didn't start knowing who Matt Moneymaker was until the Finding Bigfoot show started airing. In June, we received a strange email from someone we didn't recognize, but we never gotten around to answering the email since this person thought that we were somehow connected to the Finding Bigfoot show and assumed that we knew Matt.

Bigfoot story from Pennsylvania [Video]

It's Christmas and we just want to share a Bigfoot story with you from Wayne, a witness who spotted a Dark Brown Sasquatch crossing a Pennsylvania highway. Enjoy!

The original uncut Paul Freeman Bigfoot footage from 1994 [Video]

The video below from Facebook Find Bigfoot is the original uncut version of the Paul Freeman 1994 Bigfoot footage filmed in the Blue Mountains of Washington. It's considered to be authentic by many Bigfoot investigators and can be viewed in the documentary Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science.

Play Finding Bigfoot: The Game on Animal Planet

It's Christmas Eve and this is what we're playing right now on Animal Planet's website. It's Finding Bigfoot the game! As you can tell from the post below, Cliff Barackman is pretty stoked about this game.

Tim Stover Post-Mortem Examination of Deer, Not for the Faint of Heart [Bigfoot Kill]

A few days ago, Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Tim Stover discovered a deer corpse with its neck broken. The animal looked like it had been thrown against a tree with no other signs of injuries from a bullet or an arrow.

In this autopsy video, upon closer examination, they discovered some bruising and broken bones around the neck area. Tim believes it's possible that this Whitetail Deer was killed or ambushed by a Bigfoot. "It may also be possible that it was being chased by a known predator but why was it left untouched? This mystery will never be solved," said Tim.

10 New Preview Clips from Finding Bigfoot Season 2, with Follow-up Posts

If you haven't checked it out yet, Animal Planet website has a gallery of Bigfoot clips from Finding Bigfoot Season 2. Below are some video clips with follow-up articles.

This Finding Bigfoot ad in Entertainment Weekly probably costs Animal Planet around $160,000 U.S. dollars

Generating "buzz" around your product ain't cheap. This full page ad in Entertainment Weekly probably costs Animal Planet approximately $161,820 US. Considering how popular the show was last season, and rumors about season 3 already being planned out, $160K is chump change.

Executive producer of "Call Out: Search and Rescue" show says Todd Standing's episode probably ranks as one of the most outrageous

On Boxing Day (December 26th) in Canada, Bigfoot Hunter Todd Standing will be featured on a brand new episode of Call Out: Search and Rescue. In an interview with Calgary Herald, executive producer Brian Ross said his crew’s experience with Standing has to rank as the most outrageous.

Snowshoe WV Bigfoot, first ever 3D video breakdown of Bigfoot footage

Tired of the same old boring breakdowns by FB/FB? It looks like the Crypto Hunters agree with you, so they decided to do a breakdown video on the Snowshoe, WV Bigfoot footage from 2008 in 3D!

YouTube user bbovin was out geocaching near Snowshoe, just north of the Widowmaker trail when this creature was spotted running through the woods. "I saw what I believe is a sasquatch/bigfoot or something. I have spent many hours in the woods and have never seen anything like this," said the witness.

Is this a Bigfoot grave? Arizona Bigfoot researchers think it's possible they bury their dead in these things

In June 2010, Mitch Waite and his Arizona Bigfoot researchers found this nice, cushy bed that looked like it was dug up by hand or with a stick. Mitch believes it’s possible that it was used as a bed by someone or something at one point. On Twitter today, Mitch suggested that it’s also possible that this could have been a grave and may explain why no bones have ever been found.

Jim LeBus says his team of survival experts can get the job done and prove once and for all that Bigfoot is real

After posting his first video on YouTube, survival expert Jim LeBus didn't make it clear how his team was going to capture Bigfoot. Many people didn't take him seriously and some even mocked him and called him a "loon." LeBus felt compelled to write a letter explaining why he invented the fireball gun and what actually happened on the History Channel show "Invention USA."

LeBus wrote us an email Thursday telling us that he recently posted a new video on YouTube going into more detail about his team of experts. In the email, LeBus mentions that his team is not out to kill Bigfoot. "We are not Bigfoot killers. That is in fact the opposite reason for this expedition," wrote LeBus. He says that his team has been training for two years, and he will be taking with him a team of scientists and a documentary film crew.

His new video also responds to some comments from critics and tells us what he thinks about the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Tim Fasano starting Florida Bigfoot Organization, says his expeditions will be FREE

Watch out BFRO, because there's a new Bigfoot research organization forming and you might want to pay attention to this one. In a recent blog post, Tim Fasano announced a new Bigfoot organization based in Florida called the Florida Bigfoot Organization or the FBO. Their mission:
"This org will be devoted to real and scientific research of the Southern Skunk Ape along the Gulf Coast. My goal is to advance on a National level with organized expeditions."

Matt Moneymaker: If a live Bigfoot were to be discovered, caught and studied... [Finding Bigfoot]

As season two of Finding Bigfoot edges closer to the January 1st premiere date, the crew has been busy making the rounds, attending conventions and giving interviews in faraway places, like the Philippines.

President of the BFRO and Superstar Bigfoot Hunter Matt Moneymaker was interviewed in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and was asked about what would happen if a live Bigfoot were to be discovered, caught and studied.

Tim Stover finds dead deer with broken neck near tree [Bigfoot Kill]

Tim Stover isn't quite done with YouTube yet it seems. Tim discovered a deer that looked like it had been thrown against a tree. As someone who's been deer hunting since his early teen years, Tim knows when something's not right about the way this deer was killed. "The neck is broken and it seems like this deer was thrown against the tree. This is not a coyote kill or from any other known predator. There is nothing missing from the deer and no other signs of injuries from a bullet or arrow," said Tim.

Watch Dr. John Bindernagel explain why the Cowichan Valley is an ideal place for Bigfoot

The Cowichan Valley is a region around the Cowichan River and Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. There is some debate as to the origin of the name Cowichan, which many believe to be an anglicized form of the First Nations tribal name Quw'utsun. The Cowichan Valley has historically had a lot of sightings over the years. Most of those sightings occur along the Cowichan and Chemainus rivers.

Shaw TV met with Dr. John Bindernagel, a Vancouver Island wildlife biologist who has studied sasquatches for decades. The Cowichan Valley is apparently abundant with evidence.

Bigfoot Expeditions: Who's the cheapest?

We've heard some amazing stories from recent BFRO expeditions and we wondered how much it would cost to join in on the fun. After searching around, we discovered how much the BFRO currently charges compared to others. We also discovered some alternative Bigfoot groups you may be interested in if you believe Matt Moneymaker is overcharging.

Here are some rates that we found, starting from most expensive to the cheapest.