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Happy Halloween! Here's a movie to watch: The Legend of Boggy Creek [VIDEO]

The Legend of Boggy Creek is a 1972 horror docudrama about the "Fouke Monster", a Bigfoot-type creature that has been seen in and around Fouke, Arkansas since the 1950s. The film mixes staged interviews with some local residents who claim to have encountered the creature, along with fictitious reenactments of said encounters. Charles B. Pierce, an advertising salesman from Texarkana on the Arkansas/Texas border, borrowed over $100,000 from a local trucking company, used an old movie camera and hired locals (mainly high school students) to help make the 90-minute film. It has generated approximately $20 million in revenue.

Mt. St. Helens on top "6 Places To Have A Paranormal Experience"

For those lucky enough to encounter a Bigfoot near Mt. St. Helens, they say it's the kind of place they will never forget. Mt. St. Helens is one of the best places to go for a "paranormal experience". Since it's Halloween here in the U.S., the Huffington Post made a list of "6 Places To Have A Paranormal Experience" and this volcano is the first on their list:

"Bigfoot Books" owner recalls sighting on Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend [VIDEO]

On last night's episode of Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend, the crew visited Steven Streufert at his book store Bigfoot Books. Watch Steven talk about his personal encounter with Sasquatch.

Uncovered by William Jevning: Native American firefighters encountered 'smoldering' sasquatch running from fire

Author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch" and 38 year veteran sasquatch investigator William Jevning is currently hard at work giving us the latest scoop on the government's conspiracy to pretend Bigfoot does not exist. Here's an update on what he's been digging up lately (unedited):

Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend LIVE BLOG

Note: LIVE BLOG was delayed on purpose. We didn't want to spoil anybody's fun. Here we go, we're live blogging an hour after the show:

Why Ranae Holland is a Finding Bigfoot skeptic

Ranae Holland is probably the key ingredient that makes the Finding Bigfoot show work so well. Yes, it's frustrating to watch Ranae shoot down entire claims made by witnesses, but she is also the reason why many people love the show. Although the show's entire focus is about searching for the elusive Bigfoot, Ranae the "skeptic" actually represents a lot of viewers who are like her. According to the show's executive producer Keith Hoffman, the viewers want to see people who don't just "totally believe."

Watch these great Bigfoot documentaries based on the footage from Bluff Creek, CA [VIDEO]

While you're waiting for tonight's special episode of Finding Bigfoot to air, here are some great documentaries focusing on the Patterson-Gimlin footage from Bluff Creek, California. This is the location Finding Bigfoot will be investigating tonight.

Watch Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend, premiering Sunday at 9PM e/p on Animal Planet [VIDEO]

This is the episode we've been waiting for all year. Just in time for Halloween, Matt Moneymaker and his Finding Bigfoot crew visits the birth place of Bigfoot.

It was at Bluff Creek, California, a worker named Jerry Crew at Ray Wallace's construction company found large 16 inch human-like footprints. The story was picked up by the Humbolt Times of Eureka, California. They used the name "Bigfoot" in the newspaper article. This was the first time the name was used and eventually stuck, replacing the name "Sasquatch".

When did Bipedalism occur?

FB/FB recently posted a comment about the evolution of movement in apes and humans. To help explain hominiform progression they also posted a video titled "The upright ape, a new origin of species" by Havard professor and neurosurgeon Aaron Filler PHD, MD.

Photo of the Day: Awesome shadow of Mount Rainier cast up upon low clouds

Tumwater, Washington resident Nick Lippert captured this amazing photograph of Mt. Rainier casting a long shadow across low hanging clouds. It was shot at 7:40 in the morning using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3. Talk about being in the right place at the right time…

Mike Rugg updates us on Bigfoot DNA Project, says Richard Stubstad started DNA sequencing of his own in parallel with Dr. Ketchum [VIDEO]

Can we all agree competition is good? It will not matter who crosses the finish line first. What researchers learn after competing will ultimately benefit everyone.

Richard Stubstad, after being cut-off from Dr. Melba Ketchum's DNA project is launching his own research project. According to Stubstad, the lab he's working with is outside the States and he needs our help. Mike Rugg says Stubstad is looking for samples such as hair, blood, toe nails, or tooth.

Who says Canadians don't have a sense of humor?

On the official British Columbia Canada website, they have a list of "Mammals and Birds of British Columbia". We can't say we were surprised when we saw this animal on the list:

New Book: Tracking Bigfoot now available on Kindle

This brand new book about a man and his quest to track the elusive creature was started by the late Donald Wallace (Author), and finished by Lori Simmons (Author). Here's what it's about:

Bigfoot: What is it? Digging through fossil records and eye-witness descriptions such as the "Sierra Kills" to find an answer

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Josh Brown, Anthropology Major (Physical) from Sacramento CA, and CEO of "Skye Highland Outfitters".

What is Bigfoot? Is it a Gigantopithecus, homo erectus or a hybrid of either of these species? We will attempt to answer this question by using fossil evidence and the latest eye witness descriptions from the Sierra Kills event and others.

This talk by David Paulides about Bigfoot being human and not an ape also explains why Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Erickson Project are involved

What does NABS, Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Erickson Project have to do with this video? This video is from the 2011 Bigfoot festival in Honobia OK and it could explain everything in one fell swoop.

Before you read on, you have to watch NABS (North American Bigfoot Search) executive director David Paulides and linguist expert Scott Nelson deliver their talk about Bigfoot from an angle that mainstream scientists so far have refused to touch. Listen to Paulides explain the difficulty in getting scientists to except his groups DNA findings.

Humor: Bigfoot has the right to bear arms [VIDEO]

With all the Bigfoot shootings happening lately, we don't blame Bigfoot for brushing up on his targeting skills (for self-defense of course). Check out the video. You'll see how incredibly accurate he is. Also watch him have a little fun with someone's trail camera.

We don't want to encourage this kind of action, but if Bigfoot is closer to human than ape, we fully support his Second Amendment rights.

To Kill or Not to Kill? The great Bigfoot divide

Thanks to Scott McMan ( for blowing the lid off this thing. Trust us on this, Scott has more to tell, but he ain't tellin' until he gets a clear-signal. From what we gathered the finger pointing has already begun!

Yesterday, we posted an article about the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy group's involvement with a recent Bigfoot shooting. As far as we know, it's uncertain if they killed anything or anyone. You can read up on it by clicking here.

What happened on that night in July raised many questions. It has prompted countless discussions on whether or not it's right to kill an unknown species for the sake of science. Many feel that a specimen must be taken to further the study of sasquai (this is a real word) species. Others who have distanced themselves from this "pro-kill" idea say they are "pro-proof" and believe there are better, more responsible ways to go about trying to obtain a specimen, preferably a live one.

Are Bigfoots Nocturnal? [VIDEO]

Many believe Bigfoot are nocturnal and have learned over the years to avoid human beings when possible.

The BFRO suggests that the sasquatch is a predominantly nocturnal animal and its night vision exceeds that of man substantially. It is probable that this increase in night vision is a function of a larger eye and pupillary size rather than a reflecting layer. The animals walk with ease in seeming total darkness, but forage during the day. An indication of their nighttime activity is the fact that they are seen as frequently during the night, if not more often, than during the day, despite the limited sight distance and detection by nocturnal observers.

Rediscovering the famous Bigfoot attack scene at Ape Canyon, the quest to preserve a piece of history

During one evening In 1924, a group of miners shot at a mysterious 7-foot-tall apelike creature that was milling around the makeshift cabin they had built in the canyon to assay a nearby claim. That night, as the miners tried to get some shut-eye, their cabin was reportedly pelted with rocks, logs and other forest debris by a band of at least three of the “Big Foot” ape creatures—the miners later measured footprints at up to 19 inches long. In the morning, the story goes, the miners came upon and shot one of the ape creatures, which fell some 400 feet into the canyon, presumably to a certain death, although no remains of any kind were ever recovered. While other alleged Bigfoot sightings have occurred throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, the events that took place at Ape Canyon in 1924 will forever stand as the beginning of our fascination with the legend.

It was previously understood that the cabin was burnt "to the ground" around 1968. But according to new eviden…

Mike Rugg talks about the Ohlone tribe's experiences with Bigfoot [VIDEO]

You can always count on Mike for a good Bigfoot story to tell and this latest video is no exception.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum curator Michael Rugg talks about the local Ohlone tribe and their experiences with the local Bigfoot. The Onlone tribe had a personal name for the Bigfoot that onced lived at Chukchano (a flat north of Felton CA). They called the Bigfoot Takakuna, which means "Powerful person".

July 2011 Bigfoot shooting incident at Honobia, OK

The Remington 1100 Tac-4 12 gauge auto-loading shotgun is great for clay shooting, but apparently it wasn't good enough to take down a Bigfoot.

During the Honobia Bigfoot Festival on October 1st 2011, Honobia, OK, resident Charles Branson reportedly made a shocking claim. He spoke about a Bigfoot shooting incident on his property that occurred in July 2011 involving the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy group.

These pictures show how Adobe's Deblurring technology can help put an end to blurry Bigfoot photos forever

Still think Adobe’s Image Deblurring technology is fake? Like we said before, this new Photoshop tech will end blurry Bigfoot photos forever! Currently, the deblurring tool only kills camera shake—they can't yet deal with motion blur or defocus blur. Also, their research on deblurring is ongoing so it's very possible that new techniques will allow for even better deblurring.

Check out this before-and-after comparison showing what the feature does to one of the most famous camera-shake photos in history: Robert Capa’s D-Day photograph of an American soldier landing on Omaha Beach.

Guest Post: Interesting facts about the Patterson sasquatch footprints

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by William Jevning (@bukwas01), 38 year veteran sasquatch investigator, and author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch". Read more about Jevning at his Bigfoot blog, Bigfoot Researcher.

10 days after the filming...

Ten days after Patterson and Gimlin filmed the Sasquatch, taxedermist Bob Titmus went to the film site, he photographed the footprints and cast a number of the tracks himself, this is one of them. Skeptics often claim that the footprints are made with nothing more than carved wooden feet, but this track clearly shows a flexible living foot, note the way it flexes over the buried tree branch here.

Top 5 List of Possible Sierra Kills Locations [Bigfoot Shooting]

Gold Lake, CA
Now that Justin Smeja has tossed us a bone saying that the incident occurred near Gold Lake in California (possibly 2-10 miles away from it), we spent some time looking over what has been stated by Smeja and studying maps of the area to see if we can locate the area.

What it's like to be stalked by a Bigfoot

Lori Simmons' new book will be out sometime within the next week. The title of her book "TRACKING BIGFOOT" was started by her father and it was his dying wish to let others know what he learned by publishing his book. "Our father Donald Lee Wallace was man who lived in the North Cascade Mt. for the past 30 years. He tracked Bigfoot for the past 28 years. He lived off the land and appreciated each day God gave him. My father battled cancer for many years. I believe that due to the years of living in the Mt. and a trapper before that made him an expert when it came to reading the woods," said Lori.

Sierra Kills Bigfoot shooter cracks under pressure, reveals location and everything under the sun

Update:Sierra Kills: Why Justin Smeja refuses to give exact location of Bigfoot shooting [EXCLUSIVE]
Update #2: Watch: A Conversation With Justin Smeja: I Killed Bigfoot

(Please pardon any spelling mistakes. It's 4:30 in the morning here and I'm half asleep as I'm writing this... Enjoy!)

Well, it only took one whole year for the Bigfoot shooter to finally give us the details of his story. We've heard Derek Randles' side of the story, but under strict Non-Disclosure Agreement involving DNA sampling, the shooter was not allowed to give any details... until now.

In August, Justin Smeja (the shooter) and I spoke on the phone. I have to admit, I was not prepared to take any notes. Sorry, I'm not a journalist and I'm not the type to carry around a notepad (I was shopping at Costco when he called).

'Bigfoot' takes free speech fight to NH high court

Jonathan Doyle, a performance artist, has appealed a case involving his right to film bigfoot skits in New Hampshire’s Monadnock State Park to the NH Supreme Court. He argues that the permit requirements are unduly onerous for small-scale productions.

Welcome Guest Contributor Josh Brown

A warm welcome to our new Guest Contributor, Josh Brown! Josh is from Sacramento CA, and he's an Anthropology Major (Physical), so he's going to treat this subject with the eye of science.

An open dialogue discussion about the application of anthropology to the study of Bigfoot.
- By Josh Brown

I want to begin this open dialogue discussion with a brief introduction. My name is Josh Brown, and professionally I am a kilt maker based in northern California. In my 40 years on this earth, my life direction has taken many divergent paths. I studied Anthropology at Georgia State University in the 90’s under some of the best instructors on the planet. This alone helped to shape my thought process to grasp and understand almost every aspect of my life.

A Bigfoot was hit by a car in VA on October 23rd. The driver explains what happened

Around October 22 / 23, BFRO investigator Tyler Bounds from Washington reported that he had hit a Bigfoot while driving near High Knob VA at around 2 AM. We wrote about this incident yesterday and just a few minutes ago, the driver Tyler Bounds himself left us a comment:

From the horses mouth........

Dr. Jeff Meldrum: Yeti footprints from Siberia are 'consistent' with fake ones

Dr. Jeff Meldrum was a featured speaker at the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Conference in Youngwood, PA on Sunday, October 23. He recently got back from a Yeti expedition in Siberia and he seems somewhat convinced (if not 95 percent convinced) that the event was a planned, rehearsed event to promote tourism in the Kemerovo area.

Finding Bigfoot: Matt Moneymaker camped out near Gum Hill to look for Bigfoot [VIDEO]

Last Tuesday the Finding Bigfoot crew visited Saltville WA VA after the show’s producers saw a YouTube video, Beast of Gum Hill, in which a man was riding an ATV in a river near Gum Hill, and in the background a large, dark figure crossed the stream in front of him.

Finding Bigfoot: BFRO Reacts to Russian Yeti Claims [VIDEO]

With reports coming out of Russia of compelling new evidence for the existence of the yeti, the Finding Bigfoot team offers their thoughts on the matter.

Watch and listen to what each of the them think about the Yeti. Ranae Holland is still on the fence due to lack of scientific evidence but the rest of the guys think it's possible there could be Yetis living in Siberia.

On October 23 at 2 AM, a Bigfoot was hit by car near High Knob VA

A few hours ago, Matt Moneymaker mentioned on Twitter that one of their scouts recently had a collision with a Bigfoot while driving last night. On October 23, BFRO investigator Tyler Bounds from Washington said he was driving near High Knob VA at around 2 AM when he hit the creature. Matt said the vehicle was damaged, but there was no blood or hair.

Anyone from Kentucky or Indiana? Matt Moneymaker needs your help. Make sure you tell him the tooth!

Matt Moneymaker  team is heading to western KY then Indiana. Got any current activity? Bigfooters please ask around for us in KY and/or Indy.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, the Finding Bigfoot TV show is now heading to the great state of Kentucky. They are looking for more witnesses. If you've seen a Bigfoot or had an experience with one, you may want to let them know about it.

According to the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group, Kentucky is ripe with Bigfoot activity. In 2006, one man claimed to have found an actual tooth from a Bigfoot near an ancient burial ground:

Bigfoot conference this Sunday at the Westmoreland Community College Youngwood, Pennsylvania

This Sunday, the 2011 Pennsylvania UFO and Bigfoot Conference will be featuring Bigfoot experts from around the country. The event will be held at the Westmoreland Community College in Youngwood, Pennsylvania. The list of speakers includes a range of authors and researchers:

Erick Altman, Bigfoot in PASteve Kulls - Primate Habituation in Relation to Bigfoot ResearchStan Gordon - Mysterious Creatures of PADave Dragosin - Witness SketchesDr. Meldrum - Sasquatch: the Global Phenomenon

Explosive evidence of government cover-up of Bigfoot about to be unveiled

We just received word from William Jevning about the possibility of evidence being supressed or destroyed in an attempt to cover up the Sasquatch's existence from the public. Jevning says he's currently working on an "explosive" article about some startling information that has emerged. He's been given vital information from K. Steven Monk of the Georgia Bigfoot Society about the people involved in the cover-up.  "Yes what I'm getting is big, goes to the very top and could be potentially explosive, it will knock everyone's socks off to hear who has been involved in behind the scene's goings on, people I never would have guessed!" said Jevning.

Bigfoot language expert Scott Nelson's latest talk at Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference [VIDEO]

Here's the latest video of Scott Nelson giving a presentation at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference in Honobia Oklahoma. The October 1st event included talks from Dave Paulides, Dr. Melba Ketchum (was not able to make it), Thom Cantrall (Author of “Ghosts at Ruby Ridge”) and many others.

R. Scott Nelson was a Crypto Linguist for the military with a long career and lots of experience in working with foreign language including foreign langage code breaking.

Guest Post: Bigfoot fecal evidence

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by William Jevning (@bukwas01), 38 year veteran sasquatch investigator, and author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch". Read more about Jevning at his Bigfoot blog, Bigfoot Researcher.

This is something I have often been asked about when talking to people about the subject of the Sasquatch. I talked to some length about this with veteran Sasquatch hunter Bob Titmus, who I believe was the best sasquatch hunter ever. he told me that in northern California through the late 1950's and through the 1960's when a lot of footprints were being found in the Bluff Creek area and elsewhere, that feces was also being found in conjunction with the footprints.

Man puts on Bigfoot costume to drive more donations, local newspaper and police dept. plays along

A man in Forest Lake, MN got this brilliant idea to put on a Bigfoot costume in order to get more people to donate food for a food bank.

Chris Costello created the 'Bigfoot' idea to raise food for Family Pathways in Forest Lake. He was able to get the food shelf, the editor of the paper, and even the police department to play along.

What's amazing is that some people actually believe the story published in Forest Lake Times newspaper actually happened.

"Wait…is this for real? This isn’t the onion?" said one commenter.

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot In 2012?

If you love the award-winning barleywine Bigfoot ale, then you probably can't wait for Sierra Nevada's Barrel Age Bigfoot slated for 2012.

Recent Sighting Report: Cab driver's near collision with Bigfoot in Pender County, North Carolina

This sighting happened on August 15, 2011 in Pender County, North Carolina. The witness was driving South of Harris Road on Highway 53 when a bipedal creature bolted in front of his cab. The creature was less than 50 feet away he said. The investigator said the witness was "very shaken by the experience."

Ancient mastodon hunt reveals North America’s oldest culture

In a new article released today in the internationally renowned scientific journal “Science,” researchers say “A new and astonishing chapter has been added to North American prehistory in regards to the first hunters and their hunt for the now-extinct giant mammoth-like creatures — the mastodons.”

Bigfoot tried to grab boy off four-wheeler, now an adult, man still get nightmares

Thomas from The Crypto Hunters on Facebook told me a story about a group of boys in the 1980's four-wheeling near the Hutch & Colmar area of Bell County Kentucky. According to Thomas, the day was supposed to be a normal day of fun for them. "...Teenage boys were doing their normal thing for around here, teaming up and going 4 wheeler riding on the old strip mine roads and logging road. This is a normal thing around here and a fun thing to do on weekends," said Thomas.

This all changed after their encounter with a creature that terrified them so much, they can't hardly talk about it, even to this day. Thomas tells me one of the boys (now an adult) still breaks down in tears crying when he recalls the event.

Huge 'Bigfoot' News From This Day

44 years ago --- on October 20, 1967 -- Yakima, Washington resident Roger Patterson, then 34, and his tracking assistant Bob Gimlin, then 36, emerged from the Bluff Creek area of northern California with a strip of colored 16mm film of what many have taken to be a female Bigfoot.

This short film has provided evidence for those who believe in Bigfoot and is arguably the most famous film clip purporting to demonstrate the existence of unknown creatures. It has been featured in numerous television shows and films and ads, on the cover of books and magazines, and web sites. The Patterson film has been one of the major pillars of belief in Bigfoot for the past 44 years. When people think of "Bigfoot," the creature in the film often comes to mind.