Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Paranormal Bigfoot

From Mountain Beast Mysteries on youtube comes an indepth look into the paranormal bigfoot claims.

Living Next To Bigfoot

From the Sstories channel on youtube comes another fantastic slow burn story about a bigfoot encounter.

Some of the Most Compelling Bigfoot Reports

From NvTv on youtube comes a video containing what they consider some of the most compelling evidence that bigfoot exists.

Washington Bigfoot Photo Update

What's the story behind this amazing photo? Parabreakdown gives us an update on the story behind it. Check it out.

They ran Into Bigfoot

From Bigfoot Case Files on youtube, a listener submits an encounter story about a boy and his family that ran into bigfoot while walking.

Monday, November 18, 2019

The Alaskan Sasquatch

From World Bigfoot Radio, Alaskan Sasquatch and other Tundra Cryptids.

He Hand-Fed a Bigfoot!

A man has a brief encounter on Halloween night that led to a life-long jurney to learn more about bigfoot. Check out what happened.

Bigfoot Witness Shares Encounters

From Bigfoot Odyssey comes the Researchers Report with guest Jon Childers. Childers talks about his numerous encounters with bigfoot.

Living With Monsters In Missouri

From the Bigfoot Case Files channel on youtube cmes a monsterous bigfoot encounter story from Missouri.

Check Out Bigfoot Ranch

From Jonathan Odom, bigfoot researcher in Alabama. Check out this video of an area he is calling "Bigfoot Ranch".

Possible Bigfoot Tool Discovered

From the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization: The group discovered a primitive tool while looking for bigfoot.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Taken By Bigfoot

Dixie Cryptid delivers again with more terrifying and interesting tales of bigfoot encounters. Check it out.

The Bigfoot Activity Kept Getting Worse

Do you like a drawn out and intense bigfoot story? If so, check out these stories from the Sstories youtube channel.

My Bigfoot Encounter

From Bigfoot Quest, witness Tommy Cooper talks about his recent bigfoot sighting that took place in the wilds of Pennsylvania.

Logan Vs. Everyone Footstock 2019

From the Cryptid Connection youtube channel:

New Sighting Reports From Illinois

From the Searching For Sasquatch Org channel on youtube comes all new sighting reports from the state of Illinois.

Twenty-Two Sasquatch Reports

From D. Hatswell on youtube:

Friday, November 15, 2019

Something Worse Than Bigfoot

From the youtube channel of storyteller Dixie Cryptid comes a story about something worse than bigfoot. What could it be?

Strange Sasquatch Story From The Mountains

Howtohunt.com on youtube has released another bigfoot story video, this one containing some strange details.

Bigfoot Encounter In New Mexico

From the Buckeye Bigfoot channel on youtube comes a bigfoot encounter story all the way from New Mexico.