Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Dogman of Boxborough

The Scary Good! channel on youtube posted this dogman story they heard from someone at a comic book convention. Is it true? You be the judge.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Biologist Stumped By Bigfoot Sighting

From the Bigfoot Case Files channel on youtube, an encounter story by some young scouts who saw something that even a biologist couldn't explain.

The Albert Ostman Story

The Paranormal Portal presents Bedtime Stories From Beyond - Abducted By Bigfoot
The Albert Ostman story.

Look How Many People Are Into Bigfoot!

They might be ahrd to find, but according to this article, bigfoot are alive and well in North America, and so is the amount of people looking for them.

Large Human Shaped Creature Photographed

What's this large, human-shaped creature up in this tree? No one is sure, but some people believe it's a photo of a bigfoot.

Bigfoot Reaches Into Tent at Scout Camp

A troop of boy scouts go for a camping trip in a secluded canyon, but find out they are not alone when a large creature sticks its hand inside one of the tents.

The Lion Killers

MattSquatch Presents on youtube takes a look at the Bili Apes, also known as the lion killers, and how it all relates to bigfoot.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Ice-Chest Bigfoot Caper

The Bigfoot Case Files on youtube shares another strange bigfoot story. This one involves a couple camping inside their van, when a large visitor pays them a visit in the middle of the night.

Bobo Shocks Crowd With Bigfoot Answer

When a bigfoot enthusiast asked James Bobo Fay where he could be guaranteed to see a bigfoot, Bobo surprised him with his answer.

Hiker Followed By Strange Bigfoot Type Creature

From the Bigfoot Case Files Youtube channel: HIKER FOLLOWED BY UNKNOWN BIGFOOT LIKE CREATURE!

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting

From D. Hatswell Creature Reports:

Bigfoot Tales From Pitt River

The Bigfoot Case Files channel on youtube talks about some of the sasquatch encounters stories taking place in the Pitt River region of British Columbia.

Goblins of the Wild West

Did Goblins plague the wild west? Brian Sullivan of World Bigfoot Radio discusses this and more.

Monday, February 18, 2019

West Virginia Bigfoot Stories

Bigfoot witness Tony joins Brenton Sawin to discuss his encounters and bigfoot stories from the state of West Virginia.

Bigfoot Chasing Car Video Breakdown

Bigfoot Tony, a bigfoot enthusiast and video analyst, takes a look at a piece of footage of a reported bigfoot chasing a car. All of which was recorded on the car's camera system.

Bigfoot Caught Watching Investigators?

Was bigfoot caught watching the SquatchMaster? Check out his video and see what you think.

Mother and Baby Bigfoot Mistake Human For One of Their Own

From and the Bigfoot Evidence youtube channel comes an encounter story unlike any we've heard. A mother and baby bigfoot cry out for a human in camouflage that they mistake for one of their own.

Bigfoot Charges Pig Hunters

From Dixie Cryptid comes another great cryptid story, this one about a bigfoot that charges some wild pig hunters in East Texas.

Geologist Has Detailed Bigfoot Sighting

From the Bigfoot Case Files youtube channel comes a detailed bigfoot sighting from some geologists who couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Large Bone Found Near Bigfoot Track

The Trail To Bigfoot team make an interesting find, a large bone. The bone was found next to what they believe to be a bigfoot track.