Saturday, October 25, 2014

Watch this: Clam uses fake lure to attract Bass

One of the most remarkable examples of mimicry occurs in some North American freshwater mussels in the genus Lampsilis.  Their young go through a parasitic stage, in which they must attach to the gills of fish and suck their blood before later dropping off and resuming a normal mussel-ish life on the stream bottom.  But how can a sessile adult mussel get its young into the gills of a fish? The answer involves evolutionary modification of the mussel’s brood pouch -- which contains its young -- so that it attracts predatory fish.  (The brood pouch is simply an outgrowth of the mussel’s mantle.) Nature is awesome, right?

Video: Cliff Barackman's Presentation at Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up

Thanks to Henry May for recording nearly all of Cliff Barackman's presentation at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up. So for those who haven't seen it or were unable to attend, here it is. As an added bonus is a song by Lenny Green.

Look How Tall This Guy Is!

Question: How many soldiers can fit into a porta-potty?

The 114th MP Co demonstrates how to properly clear a porta potty. Can you guess how many were able to fit into one porta-potty? Watch below:

New Bigfoot From Michigan Looks Familiar

John Freeman has been very lucky the pass couple of years capturing some interesting footage of what he says is Bigfoot living on his property. Last year, he released a great video of what he claims to be "multiple sightings" of Bigfoot. Where ever this property is in Northern Michigan, Freeman knows just the right place to set his trail cams. This is his latest footage:

Here's Kelly Shaw's Deadwood Bigfoot Expedition In Full

If you've enjoyed clips of the RMSO's expedition at Deadwood, Kelly Shaw has finally released the entire expedition in one 45 minutes video. This full expedition to Deadwood includes game camera photos, Ghost Town buildings, three Bigfoot sighting reports, the surrounding area and more.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [10/24/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

This New Clip from the "Exists" Movie Looks Scary as Crap!

That is not something I'd want to see when looking out a window at night. It almost reminds me of a hairy Incredible Hulk. I can't wait to see this movie!

Exists is out! Start your adventure now to see if you can survive your encounter with Bigfoot...

Exists is now out on Video on Demand and select theaters. The list of theaters is below. In the mean time, here's a quiz you can take to see whether or not you can survive a Bigfoot encounter:

Video: Did an Atomic Bomb Get Dropped on The U.S.? Real or Fake?

In the new video series by ParaBreakdown, Phil Poling looks at items and answers the question "Is it Real or Fake?" In this first installment, was an atomic bomb dropped on the United States?

The Bigfoot Community is Looking for a Few Good Men

What is the Seminole Skunk Ape Location Project?

Tim Fasano recently posted that the Seminole Project is in full swing, but what the heck is it? Also known as the Seminole Skunk Ape Location Project, in this video Tim explains what's going on.

These Guys Want To Kill Bigfoot, And They Want The Whole World To Know

Jim Lansdale, Vietnam veteran and co-founder of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) is on a very specific and controversial mission to find and kill a Bigfoot in order to prove its existence to science. Him and his buddies are all over the news, and here's the first interview news clip of the team from Texas:

"Exists" Opens Friday, Here's An Exclusive Sneak Peek

Ro Sahebi just got back from the special premiere of "Exists" and we personally can't wait to hear what he thinks about it. In the mean time, check out this brand new film clip from director Eduardo Sánchez, who co-ushered in the Dramamine era of horror with 'Blair Witch Project'.

Podcast: A Pseudo Look at Bigfoot Pseudo Science

On the Bigfoor Revolution, Matt and Phil take a light-hearted look at the pseudo-science in the bigfoot world with special guest Dr. Ronnie Nowitz. Apparently Dr. Nowitz isn't an actual doctor.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [10/23/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Watch this: Giraffe has had enough of one rhino and kicks him

Even best friends sometimes fight. A giraffe kicked a naughty rhino. Ouch!

Killing Bigfoot Star Jim Lansdale Explains Why He Has Failed in Killing a Bigfoot

In a recent interview, team leader and co-founder of the GCBRO, Jim Lansdale, was asked why he hasn't accomplished his goal of killing a bigfoot after all these years. Here is what Jim had to say:

Finding Bigfoot Crew Going After the Tallest Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Bobcat Goldthwait?

Not only is Matt Moneymaker and his merry band of followers kicking off the new season in Alaska, the largest of all the states, they are seeking out bigfoot that have been reported to be over 12 feet tall! The gang will also try their hand at seeking out 'Nessie' during a trip to Scotland. I don't think Bobo will be much help in those recreations.

Creature sighted in cave in Douglas Shire?

The Nephilim Hunter took this footage while delving deep into a cave at a classified location in Douglas Shire, Queensland, Australia. During the incident, his pole-mounted camera captured what appears to be a crouching humanoid figure concealed in a rocky alcove.