Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bigfoot Secrets Exposed!

The Bigfoot Outlaws discuss some of their observations made in the field, and some of the things they've noticed in trail camera photos that explain how bigfoot have stayed hidden all these years.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hikers Scary Encounters

Check out these scary stories about hikers having encounters with creatures out in the wilderness. You never know what's lurking out there until it's too late.

New Bigfoot Sighting Near Whitehall

A new bigfoot encounter report has come out of Whitehall, New York. Whitehall is a historic place for bigfoot sightings.

Girls Watches Bigfoot While Hunting Coyotes

From the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, a girl watches a bigfoot when she's out hunting coyotes in an area known as Devils Corral Canyon on the Snake River.

He Had It Surrounded

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Tim Stover has something big trapped in a small area, and surrounded by cameras. Check out what he catches.

Kentucky Bigfoot Video Enhanced

Parabreakdown takes a look at some footage from Kentucky. A man videoed a possible bigfoot creature near his home. Check it out.

Todd Standing Gives Bigfoot Lawsuit Details

Todd Standing releases a new video talking about the details of his lawsuit to prove bigfoot's existence in British Columbia.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Woman Shares Bigfoot and Dogman Encounters in Texas

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search

The Do's and Don't's of a Bigfoot Campout

Barbara Shupe and her group of merry sasquatchers posted this video about their camp rules that have allowed them to have many successful and productive bigfoot outings.

Tactical Bigfoot Controversial Footage

Tim Fasano raids the deep swamps of Florida in search of the skunk ape. At the end of the video is some footage Tim is calling controversial. Check it out and see what he's talking about.

Coyote Hunters Encounter Bigfoot In Missouri

From Bigfoot Case Files, coytote hunters have multiple encounters with sasquatch in Missouri. Bigfoot is pretty well known in Missouri, the state even has their own nickname for the creature, the Momo.

Sundance Bigfoot Footage

Parabreakdown takes a look at some footage from Sundance, Utah of a possible bigfoot standing by a road. You might be surprised at what he has to say.

Todd Standing Files Bigfoot Lawsuit!

Todd Standing is back at it again. This time Canada's favorite bigfoot son is raising money for a lawsuit he is filing in BC that he will somehow prove the existence of sasquatch.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ohio Bigfoot Encounter Changes Witness

PacWest Bigfoot sits down with John. John shares his late 70's encounter from Ohio, with the Ohio Grassman. The experience would change his life.

Interview With Bigfoot Multiple Witness

Here's an interview with bigfoot witness Claudia Ackley. Claudia has had multiple encounters, and has even been involved in a lawsuit against the state of California, centered around bigfoot's existence.

Q and A With Crypto Reality

Mark Zaskey of Crypto Reality sits down for a Q&A session about bigfoot and his research that has led him to capturing hundreds of images of what he claims to be bigfoot.

Bigfoot Runs Across Yard Video

From the youtube channel of the Grant County Kentucky Bigfoot Group-
Original video of Bigfoot or Dogman running across the yard

Terrifying Bigfoot Screams Recorded

Via Sasquatch Central on youtube. Possible bigfoot screams captured by bigfoot enthusiast Christopher Noel. The audio has been analyzed, and could be the real deal.

Dogmen Are Everywhere

From Dogmen Encounters - Dogmen are everywhere!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

New Awesome Bigfoot Figure

Check out this unboxing of a brand spanking new bigfoot figure from Safari Ltd. Every bigfoot enthusiast should add one of these to their collection.