Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ron Morehead Talks Sierra Sounds

Ron Morehead, one of the people responsible for recording the Tasmanian devil type sounds attributed to bigfoot, sits down for an interview.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Bigfoot Caught In The Swamps

In this encounter from Michigan which took place in 1999, a bigfoot is observed running through the swamps. The witness gives an excellent description.

Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio with William Dranginis

From Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio:

Pakistan's Bigfoot The Barmanou

Bigfoot is wide spread around the world, or at least similar descriptions of the beast are. So far that even Pakistan even has their own bigfoot type creature, the Barmanou.

Sasquatch Turns Detective In New Comic Book Series

In DC's new comic, Sasquatch Detective, the title pretty much tells it all.

Australian Sasquatch Caught on Camera

Check out this compelling footage of a possible yowie caught on camera. The yowie is in Australia, and is pretty much described just like a bigfoot.

The Nature of Sasquatch

Here's an interview with bigfoot enthusiast Christopher Noel. Noel has some very unique theories and opinions about bigfoot.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Bigfoot At The Door

What would you do if a gigantic hair-covered creature showed up at your front door? Believe it or not, that has happened to some unlucky witnesses.

Russian Bigfoot Caught On Camera

From Mountain Beast Mysteries comes a piece of footage of what looks like a possible bigfoot creature drudging through the deep Russian snow.

Strange Texas

This article features Texas as one of the strangest states in the U.S. There are some pretty strange things that take place in Texas.

Writer Explains Why They Look For Bigfoot

What drives us to look for creatures that most people believe don't even exist? Here's one person's perspective of why they do it.

Huge Sasquatch Watches Researchers

Bigfoot researchers spend the majority of their free time out in the woods looking for sasquatch. The irony of the situation is that sometimes you find the sasquatch watching the researchers.

Hikers Encounter Three Bigfoot

On this episode of Bigfoot Case Files, hikers have an unexpected encounter with not only one bigfoot, but three!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

I Shot A Bigfoot

Check out this episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America, including an exclusive with Justin Smeja, the man who claims to have shot and killed a bigfoot, and took a lie detector test to prove it.

New Bigfoot Documentary

From the Bigfoot Odyssey youtube channel:

Multiple Bigfoot Sightings

The SCSO Sasquatch Org channel brings us this compilation of their "Best Of" reports. Check out this collection of some awesome sighting reports.

Bigfoot Seen Dragging Deer Into Cave

From the RMSO bigfoot site comes a report about a witness observing a bigfoot dragging a deer into a cave.

Bigfoot Howls Just Recorded In Georgia

From the Northeast Georgia Legends youtube channel comes a group of recordings captured just this past week. The audio is pretty impressive, and the howls are difficult to identify. Could it be bigfoot?

Author and Cryptozoologist Nick Redfern

Check out this great interview with author and crypto chaser Nick Redfern. Redfern has written all kinds of stuff about the weird and unexplained, and is always interesting to listen to.