Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Yowie Hunter Talks About Dogman Encounters

Most people wouldn't associate a Yowie hunter with dogmen, but this might change that. From Dogman Encounters Radio:

Monday, July 16, 2018

An aggressive Bigfoot Encounter In Mississippi

Sasquatch Central shares a terrifying tale of a bigfoot encounter that took place in Mississippi. The bigfoot creatures in the south do not have the reputation of the "gentle giants" of the Pacific Northwest.

Morning In Bigfoot Swamp

Tim Fasano and company spend a long night in a Florida swamp chasing the elusive skunk ape. After a night of intense activity, the crew recoups at camp.

Terrifying Bigfoot Search Through A Corn Field

This is possibly one of the most frightening ideas and activities ever. Tim Stover of Ohio takes off into a dark and scary corn field to look for signs of bigfoot. There is no way...

Alberta Bigfoot Video Breakdown

TriDiver takes a look at an older piece of bigfoot footage that gained quite a following when it was originally posted. So far it hasn't been debunked, and a lot consider it the real deal.

Bigfoot Military Helicopter Cover-Up!

Stories float around the military of a helicopter crash with a strange twist. When Military Police showed up at the scene of the crash, bigfoot creatures were observed pulling bodies from the wreckage. Is a government cover-up in place?

Freaky Photos From Parabreakdown

Parabreakdown presents the Parastream! That's right, Phil Poling, the originator of the breakdown video has started doing live streams. In this one Phil takes a look at some freaky photos and tries to explain them.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Boy Gets Too Close To Bigfoot

According to reports, sometimes bigfoot seem to have a fascination with children, getting much closer to children than adults. Some stories are even about bigfoot stealing children and running off into the woods.

Strange Creature Caught On Tape

From Mountain Beast Mysteries - STRANGE CREATURE Caught on Tape at Bigfoot Research Site - Mountain Beast Mysteries (Episode 54)

M.K. Davis Talks About Bigfoot Hair

M.K. Davis discusses bigfoot hair. Davis believes it's a possibility the bigfoot's hair helps them hide from us so well.

New Zealand Bigfoot

Parabreakdown takes a look at some images from New Zealand of a possible bigfoot-like creature. Are bigfoot even in New Zealand?

Back Tracking Bigfoot

Tracking bigfoot is difficult, obviously. Otherwise there would be lots of pictures and video. While this guy is out in the woods making his video, something starts knocking around him.

Walking Towards An Angry Bigfoot

Rich Coule joins World Bigfoot Radio to discuss his bigfoot experiences, and discuss the elusive sasquatch.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Fisherman Gets Bigfoot Surprise

From PacWest Bigfoot

Bigfoot Found Living In Junkyard

From the Cryptid Brothers on Youtube: **BIGFOOT FOUND Living In Junkyard** "MIB's Threating My Friend!"

Bigfoot Territory In Ohio

Tim Stover breaks ground on a new bigfoot area.

Bigfoot Tells Man He's Too Close

A man in Australia gets apparently too close to a bigfoot-like creature. The creature can be heard knocking and vocalizing near by.

Russian Black Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Phil Polinf og Parabreakdown fame, the original video breakdown artist, takes a look at the Russian black bigfoot video footage. Instantly Phil notices something.

Jeff's Bigfoot Encounters

PacWest Bigfoot sits down with Jeff to talk about some of his past bigfoot experiences. Jeff says his bigfoot adventures began when he was six years old in Eugene, Oregon.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Welcome To The Bigfoot Jungle

The Trail to Bigfoot team return to the swamps, in search of the elusive skunk ape. It looks like they're already getting activity. Check out what they captured on video.