Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halloween Bigfoot Encounter Story

From PacWest Bigfoot on youtube comes a story of a bigfoot encounter, just in time for Halloween.

Man Gets Panicked And Runs From Sasquatch

A man going for a hike with his dogs gets panicked when something large starts stalking them in the forest. He eventually decides it is better to retreat quickly.

Bigfoot Howls Recorded In Georgia

Northeast Georgia Legends on youtube shared these recordings of possible bigfoot howls. The howls were recorded in the county with the most reported sightings for the state of Georgia, according to the BFRO website.

Treasure Hunter Finds More Evidence Of Bigfoot

The rockhound from Colorado who recently recorded a possible bigfoot roar while hiking with his dog, has found some more possible bigfoot evidence after closely reviewing his video footage.

Bigfoot Steals Salmon From Fisherman

From the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization comes a story of a bigfoot encounter near the Rogue River. Reportedly, an orangutan faced creature stole a salmon from a fisherman.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Survivalist Finds Bigfoot Activity and Maybe More!

Pale Horse Survivial and Tactical found some strange things out in the woods recently, and documented them on video. After reviewing the footage, they realized they may have caught more than they knew.

The Bigfoot Jungle Comes To Life

The Trail to Bigfoot team returns to their own stomping grounds of the Florida swamps, after taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Historical Story Could Be About Bigfoot

Could a historical story about Native Americans and giants be about bigfoot? Take a look at the argument, and see what you believe.

Sasquatch Chronicles Just Hit A Milestone!

Sasquatch Chronicles has a special announcement. They've reached their 500th episode! Check out who they have on as a guest for this special event.

Bigfoot On My Property

Dixie Cryptid is more than just a cryptid story teller, they're also a bigfoot enthusiast. Check out what they found on their property.

The Sasquatch of Lost Valley

From World Bigfoot Radio - The Sasquatch of Lost Valley/Michael M, Jeff S.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mysterious Bigfoot Images

From Mountain Beast Mysteries on youtube. There are some mysterious bigfoot images floating around, but are they the real deal?

Strategies and Tactics For Finding Bigfoot

From Sawdustt BEAST comes a video explaining some of the techniques they use to find bigfoot in an area.

Terrifying Virginia Bigfoot Encounter

From Blue Ridge Bigfoot

Bigfoot Terrorizes Newlyweds

From Dixie Cryptid on youtube comes a scary tale of a bigfoot creature terrorizing a newlywed couple.

Angry Bigfoot Pushes Over Tree

Sometimes when bigfoot get angry or agitated, they put on displays of power. One of the ways that researchers believe they do this is by shoving over full grown trees.

Encounters With Wendigos and Skinwalkers

From Swamp Dweller's channel on youtube: 15 TRUE Scary Wendigo & Skinwalker Stories

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hunter Watches Bigfoot Kill A Hog

From the Bigfoot Case Files on youtube comes an encounter story where a hunter observed a bigfoot killing a wild hog!

Scary Daytime Bigfoot Sighting In Oklahoma

From the SCSO Sasquatch Organization on youtube comes an encounter story from Oklahoma. This sighting took place during the daytime, near Broken Bow, Oklahoma, an area known for bigfoot activity.

Bigfoot Stories Abound In Tollgate

A weekend event in Tollgate brought stories and enthusiasts from all around the area, to share their passion about bigfoot.