Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Should You Go To Creature Weekend?

Creature Weekend is an annual event held in Ohio's Salt Fork State Park. Check out this article on the event.

The Mystery of the Three-Toed Bigfoot

From mysteriousuniverse.org: The Mystery of the Three-Toed Bigfoot

The White Mountain Bigfoot Continues

From Dixie Cryptid, the White Mountain Bigofot saga continues, as Dixie reads chapters 2 and 3 from the book.

Special Forces Goes After Bigfoot

From Knife Pliskin on youtube comes the untold story of a special forces group that was ordered to go after and take down several bigfoot.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Bigfoot and Beyond

Cliff and Bobo speak with a woman who has numerous stories about the fabled skinwalkers. Scary stuff.

Territorial Bigfoot At North Bear Lake

From the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization comes an on the road round table discussion about bigfoot activity around North Bear Lake.

Fisherman Traumatized By Talking Bigfoot

From Bigfoot Case Files on youtube, a fisherman gets the shock of their life when they encounter a talking bigfoot.

Family Terrorized By Yowie

From the dailymail.co.uk: Gold Coast family claim they're living in fear and are being terrorised by a yowie.

New Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Enhancement By Bigfoot AI

The parties responsible for the Patterson-Gimlin 4k restoration have done it again with a brand new enhancement on the bigfoot film.

Let's Get Squatchable

Host Richard Allen and his crew of merry men deliver the latest and greatest news that is all things bigfoot.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Wild Hominids In Florida

From the Crypto Reality youtube channel:

Check Out This Ogre Encounter

From World Bigfoot Radio comes more of Robert Boston from Bigfoot in Germany, talking about his possible encounter with an ogre.

Southern Mountain Sasquatch

From the Searching For Sasquatch Org channel on youtube comes Southern Mountain Sasquatch Two.

New Bigfoot Movie: Hoax

There's a new bigfoot horror movie coming out titled "Hoax". Check it out.

Bigfoot Banged On The Camper

Jonathan Odom of Alabama Bigfoot investigates a bigfoot encounter where the creature was banging on the sides of a camper.

Bigfoot Goes Paranormal

Bigfoot Odyssey sits down with Brent and Don of the Paranormal Portal podcast to talk about bigfoot and the paranormal.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bigfoot Time Machine

On Bigfoot Outlaw Radio, they dial it back 10 years, and present Stan Courtney, bigfoot researcher, and talk about his findings and encounters.

Bigfoot Kills Military Dog

From Buckeye Bigfoot comes a heart-wrenching story about a bigfoot killing a former military dog named "Victor".

Terrified Couple Chased By Bigfoot

Bigfoot Case Files shares a terrifying bigfoot encounter where a couple was chased by a bigfoot.

Bigfoot In South Queensland

From D. Hatswell channel on youtube, comes a story about a bigfoot creature encounter that took place in Queensland, Australia.