Sunday, June 17, 2018

Bigfoot In Monte Cristo

Utah Sasquatch talks about a bigfoot expedition to the Monte Cristo region. An area well known for its history of bigfoot encounters.

Alabama Bigfoot Pine Forest

Sometimes you find yourself somewhere, and you think that i has to have a bigfoot there. Jonathan Odom has found one of those places.

Skeptic Talks About Some Bigfoot Podcasts

Bigfoot skeptic "2 Dogs" on youtube posted this video talking about some bigfoot podcasts he actually enjoys listening to. Check out his recommendations.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

More Missing 411 Cases

From the youtube channel of Swamp Dweller

Forest Service Worker Runs Into Young Sasquatch

From Pacwest Bigfoot, a story about a bigfoot encounter where a forest service employee has a run in with a young bigfoot in Northern California.

Trapper's Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at a recent bigfoot video making the rounds. The video was reportedly taken by a trapper who noticed the creature watching him.

Check Out This Bigfoot Shelter

Sonny Vator recently posted a video of a possible bigfoot that got the bigfoot world stirring, and now he's posted images of a possible bigfoot shelter.

Driver Hits Bigfoot With Her Car

A woman is driving along late at night when she hit a bigfoot type creature carrying a deer as it crossed the road.

Encounters With Real Mythical Creatures

From the Darkness Prevails youtube channel - Encounters with real mythical creatures.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Bray Road Beast

From the creative minds of Small Town Monsters - The Bray Road Beast

The Wendigo and the Gugwe - Bigfoot's Evil Cousins

From World Bigfoot Radio

Vermont Trail Cam Bigfoot Photo

From - Cliff takes a look at the Vermont Trail Cam Bigfoot Photo.

When Bigfoot, Deer Hunters & Sasquatch Researchers Meet

From the Youtube channel of Blayne Tyler

Woman Too Terrified To Talk About Bigfoot Encounter

Bigfooter Jerry Cline talks about an older bigfoot encounter story that took place along side a road that left a woman too terrified to even talk about it.

Violent Oklahoma Bigfoot vs. The Sneaky Southern Sasquatch

The Bigfoot Outlaws discuss the regional differences in behavior between bigfoot in Oklahoma, compared to the bigfoot in the southern states. They also share some great stories.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Skunkape Captured On Video

The Trail to Bigfoot team believes they have captured a skunkape on video. Something strange is going on in the Florida swamps. See if you agree with them.

Bigfoot Screams, Rocks an RV!

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe

Sighting of a Giant Bigfoot

Sure, people know how large a bigfoot is. Or at least they think they do. That perspective changes in this encounter story when the witness sees the bigfoot next to a cow.

Bigfoot In The Bayou

People were going missing in the bayou, and nobody knew what was happening to them. A personal detective started making connections to what could be the cause. Bigfoot.

Encounter With An Angry Bigfoot

A bigfoot encounter from Denton, Montana, June 2, 2018! What would you do if you encountered a bigfoot from just a few yards away? What would you do if that bigfoot suddenly got pissed off?