Friday, April 26, 2019

Young Bigfoot In Tree Caught On Video

Is this a young bigfoot clinging to a tree trunk high up in the air? Or is it just a trick of shadows and light? Check out the video.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mystery Ape Island

From the History channel on youtube:

MonsterQuest: Real Dragons

If bigfoot is real, could other things be out there undiscovered as well? Did dragons once exist? The History channel on youtube presents MonsterQuest: Real Dragons.

Taylorsville Lake Bigfoot Witness

A bigfoot witness from Kentucky shares his encounter story that took place in the Taylorsville Lake area.

Alpha Bigfoot

From the youtbe channel Bigfoot's Wilderness comes another great bigfoot story.

Hikers Observe Bigfoot

From, a witness report from hikers in the Catskills who observed bigfoot.

Two Hunters Encounter Kentucky Bigfoot

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization posed this eye witness account from Kentucky. Two raccoon hunters encountered a bigfoot creature while out hunting.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Cave of Bigfoot

Bigfoot Case Files on youtube presents this encounter story that has been edited for accuracy by request of the witness.

Bigfoot Encountered In The Ozarks

Members of the Bigfoot Outlaws talk about their recent trip to the Ozark mountains, and some of the bigfoot action they had while camping there.

Bigfoot Terror In The Woods

Author W.J. Sheehan reads from his book titled "Bigfoot: Terror In The Woods". In this video, Sheehan shares encounters from New Jersey.

Nighttime Bigfoot Encounters

From the youtube channel Sstories: Terrifying Nightime Bigfoot Encounters

Top Three Bigfoot Sightings 2019

From the Searching For Sasquatch Org channel on youtube comes their top three bigfoot sighting stories of 2019.

Kids Encounter Female Sasquatch

A group of kids get the fright of their life when they encounter a huge, female sasquatch in west Tennessee.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bigfoot Interview With Amy Bue

From the ODYSY Radio Network, and interview with bigfoot witness and researcher, Amy Bue.

Rob Robles Bigfoot Interview

From the Wasatch Sasquatch - Wasatch Wendigo youtube channel, an interview with bigfooter Rb Robles.

Bigfoot Plays Chicken With Car

From the Bigfoot Case Files youtube channel comes an encounter story about a bigfoot playing a game of chicken with an oncoming car.

Bigfoot Witness Bigfoot In Her Own Backyard

From Blueline Bigfoot on youtube comes an eye witness interview where a woman claims to have seen a bigfoot on her own property.

Witness Talks About His SECOND Bigfoot Sighting

Ohio bigfoot researcher Jerry Cline shares the story of his second bigfoot sighting. This one took place before a bigfoot attacked his trailer.

Bigfoot Assaults Sleeping Woman - Warning!

From World Bigfoot Radio, a terrifying bigfoot encounter from Randy Yazzie. May be too graphic for children.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Boulder Mountain Bigfoot

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization heads for Northern California in search of the Boulder Mountain Bigfoot.