Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Preppers Search For Sasquatch

From the Casual Preppers podcast comes a brand new documentary about bigfoot. They set out on a journey to investigate the phenomenon on their own.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hunting Bigfoot The Story Of Willie Pitford

From the Dark Waters channel on youtube:

Day Hiker Encounters Tahoe Bigfoot

From the Guardian of the Woods channel on youtube:

Paranormal Dads Visit Bigfoot In Nebraska

The Paranormal Dads podcast visits the second annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference, in Hastings, Nebraska.

Bigfoot Scares Driver Off Road

From, a car accident in Michigan might have been caused by a bigfoot sighting.

Very Close Bigfoot Encounter Video

From NvTv comes this video of an up close bigfoot encounter that a witness captured on video. You can see the creature walking away.

Bigfoot Sighting and More

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe:

Sunday, September 15, 2019

An Uncommon Bigfoot Story

From Dixie Cryptid comes a bigfoot story that Cam is calling a most uncommon encounter. Check out what he's talking about.

Friday the 13th Full Moon Bigfoot

Bigfoot Bob experiences something strange in the woods when he sets out on not only Friday the 13th, but a full moon as well.

The Momo Monster Debuts

The Momo Monster by Seth Breedlove made it's premiere in Canton, Missouri. Momo is the name given to the bigfoot like creature that roams the state.

Sasquatch Surrounded Our Camp

From the Bigfoot Case Files youtube channel comes another hair-raising bigfoot encounter story. Check it out.

Man Feeds Bigfoot

A man thought growing up that the stories about the man in town that fed bigfoot were crazy. That is, until he saw one for himself.

Multiple Dogman Encounters

From Dogman Encounters Radio:

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Charity Meets Bigfoot

From PacWest Bigfoot on youtube: Charity Meets Bigfoot On The Mountain

Dan Akroyd is 'All In' When It Comes To Bigfoot

Legendary actor and comedian Dan Akroyd recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast, and talked about his belief in bigfoot.

Bigfoot Heads To North Carolina

The town of Marion, North Carolina is getting ready. Getting ready for their annual bigfoot festival. Check it out.

Three Bigfoot Encounters

Buckeye Bigfoot presents three bigfoot encounter stories, this time straight from the words of the witness.

Witness Talks About Bigfoot On Property

Abe Del Rio of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team sits down with a man who has bigfoot on his property.

Bigfoot In Idaho - Halloween Hayride Sighting

The Searching For Sasquatch Org channel on youtube brings you more bigfoot encounter reports, this time from Idaho.

Friday, September 13, 2019

PacWest Bigfoot

From PacWest Bigfoot, an update about the future of the channel, and things to come.