Tuesday, November 13, 2018

$10,000 Contest To Not Find Bigfoot

From Christopher Noel of Impossible Visits: Why I'm Offering $10,000 for NOT Finding Bigfoot

Where Bigfoot Lives In Ohio

The SquatchMaster takes us to a secret location inside Salt Fork state park in Ohio where he blieves bigfoot are living. Check out what he finds.

Secret Encounters From Sasquatch Chronicles

Crypto PTSD presents Sasquatch Chronicles host, Wes Germer. Germer has single handedly brought the world of bigfoot podcasting to the limelight.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Native American Bigfoot With Bobo

One of the best episodic shows about bigfoot was Monster Quest. Granted, they covered a wide variety of cryptids, but their bigfoot shows were the best. Check out this episode about Native American bigfoot encounters, with Bobo!

Young Hunter Encounters Bigfoot

A young hunter in Missouri finds himself making direct eye contact with an unknown monster. Imagine being a kid and coming face to face with bigfoot from just 20 feet away.

Guy With Camera Chases Bigfoot

This guy did what very few others have done, chased bigfoot with a camera. He managed to get some footage of the creature as well. Check it out.

Video Update On Mystery Upright Creature!

Is it a bear, or a bigfoot? That's what everyone is wanting to know. Mountain Beast Mysteries gives us an update on the recently released video.

Dogman Suspected In Disappearance

A couple in Tennessee disappear under horrific circumstances. Is dogman to blame? Some believe so. Check out this report from Dixie Cryptid.

True Forest Horror Stories

From the Darkness Prevails youtube channel comes a collection of true stories about the forest that may keep you from entering the woods again.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fisheries Officer Spots Bigfoot

A BC fisheries officer had a recent run in with sasquatch, and the story made the news. PResented here by the Sasquatch Central youtube channel.

The History of Bigfoot

From historycollection.co: The Hairy History of Bigfoot in 20 Intriguing Events

Have You Seen A Monster?

Have you had an encounter or sighting of a creature that you can't really explain? The National Cryptid Society is searching for people who have had real cryptid encounters.

Young Filmmaker Makes First Bigfoot Video

Youtuber and bigfoot enthusiast, Brady Baxter, has been out of the video making loop for a short time due to computer problems. So Brady handed the reigns over to his little brother Jaxon. Check out Jaxon's first bigfoot video.

Kentucky Bigfoot Sighting

Here's a recent report from Kentucky, originally reported by the Crypto Crew.

Child Encounters Terrifying Real Life Monster

From Dogman Encounters Radio:

Saturday, November 10, 2018

New Bigfoot Sighting

Host Jeffrey Gonzalez discusses a brand new bigfoot encounter that took place recently on this episode of the paranormal Central podcast.

Tis The Todd Standing Season

It's that time of year again boys and girls! There's gifts to be purchased, and more importantly, money to be spent! So Todd Standing is offering up a once in a lifetime opportunity to join him in the woods for a bigfoot expedition!

Turkey Hunting Trip Turns Into Bigfoot Encounter

From PacWest Bigfoot: Turkey Hunting Turns Into Bigfoot Scare Outside Rogue River, Oregon

Hunter and Sasquatch Come Face to Face!

Checking Bigfoot Cameras In The Sierras

MattSquatch Presents on youtube heads back into the Sierras to retrieve images from trail cameras in hopes of capturing proof of bigfoot. Check out the photos.