Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Monsters Of Madison County

From the Bigfoot Case Files - THE MONSTERS OF MADISON COUNTY!

Bear Hunter Has Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter

A bear hunter near Stave Lake in British Columbia was sitting on a tree stum one morning when a noise behind caught his attention. The hunter turned in time to see a large bigfoot stepping over a fallen tree, chattering to itself.

Massive Wolf Caught On Video - Is It A Dogman?

A man videos at something in the front of his house that's causing his dog to bark like crazy. At first it's no big deal until the creature stands up. Then things take on a whole new perspective.

Young Boy Comes Face to Face With a Monster

From the Cryptid Brothers Investigations pocast - 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Interview With Jim "Bear" King

From the Paranormal Portal comes a question and answer show with Jim "Bear" King.

Searching For Monster In The Rain

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization takes to the backwoods to search for a bigfoot creature in a remote canyon. The weather was horrible, but they made the trek anyway. Check out the video their trail cam captured.

Yellowstone Officer Comes Clean About Bigfoot

From the National Cryptid Society youtube channel

Fishermen Get Surrounded By Bigfoot Creatures

From Sasquatch Central and the Bigfoot Case Files - FISHERMEN ARE SURROUNDED BY BIGFOOT!

Bigfoot Caught On GoPro Behind Scenes Of TV Show

While filming an episode of Killing Bigfoot, one of the cast members says he was being shadowed by something while walking through the woods. He turned his GoPro to the side, and caught something interesting.

Girl Goes Berserk When Bigfoot Approaches Her

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization shares a bigfoot encounter that a couple had that left a woman in complete terror when the bigfoot stepped towards her.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sasquatch Road in Michigan

This video takes us on a tour of Mentel Road in Monroe, Michigan. The road has been nicknamed "Sasquatch Road" for the many sightings that have taken place along it.

Chased By A Bigfoot

This encunter took plce near Paris, Texas, in the late 1980's. While fishing, a young man was approached by an angry creature that clearly didn't want him there.

Bigfoot Evidence Found On Video

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe

Bigfoot In Monte Cristo

Utah Sasquatch talks about a bigfoot expedition to the Monte Cristo region. An area well known for its history of bigfoot encounters.

Alabama Bigfoot Pine Forest

Sometimes you find yourself somewhere, and you think that i has to have a bigfoot there. Jonathan Odom has found one of those places.

Skeptic Talks About Some Bigfoot Podcasts

Bigfoot skeptic "2 Dogs" on youtube posted this video talking about some bigfoot podcasts he actually enjoys listening to. Check out his recommendations.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

More Missing 411 Cases

From the youtube channel of Swamp Dweller

Forest Service Worker Runs Into Young Sasquatch

From Pacwest Bigfoot, a story about a bigfoot encounter where a forest service employee has a run in with a young bigfoot in Northern California.

Trapper's Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at a recent bigfoot video making the rounds. The video was reportedly taken by a trapper who noticed the creature watching him.

Check Out This Bigfoot Shelter

Sonny Vator recently posted a video of a possible bigfoot that got the bigfoot world stirring, and now he's posted images of a possible bigfoot shelter.