Monday, August 20, 2018

Bigfoot Hoaxer Unmasked!

A young man dressed like a bigfoot shows behind the scenes footage of him pulling his hoax on unsuspecting travelers.

Bigfoot Photobomb

Bigfooter to the North Blayne Tyler says he was photobombed by bigfoot. Yes, the creature that spends its time avoiding having its picture taken, has willingly jumped in front of this one. Check it out.

Bigfoot Creature Caught On Video Breakdown Footage

It's either some of the best proof bigfoot exists, or a complete and deliberate hoax.  Mountain Beast Mysteries takes a look at the footage.

New Skunk Ape Footage Released!

Tim Fasano has rteleased his new footage of skunk apes in the Florida swamps. Fasano said he would be releasing the footage, and held true to his word. Check it out.

Sasquatch Declared To Exist By Military

In 1974, the Army Corps of Engineers put out information pertaining to the existence of the creature known as sasquatch or bigfoot.

More Scary Park Ranger Stories

From Swamp Dweller comes another collection of creepy stories from Park Rangers. Unexplained incidents and encounters had in the woods by rangers.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bigfoot Follows Woman and Her Dogs

Barbara Shupe captures some strange sounds while out walking with her dogs. Check out the video of the incident as it happened.

Tim Fasano Has A Huge Announcement

Tim Fasano makes a huge announcement! According to Fasano he has capture footage of two male skunk apes in the Florida swamps, and will be releasing the footage soon.

Amazing Art of Patterson Creature

The Patterson film creature, also known as "Patty", is the most iconic image in bigfoot. Everyone recognizes this creature when they see it. Check out this amazing wood burning artist rendition.

Sasquatch: Out of the Shadows 2018

Check out this trailer for the bigfoot series "Sasqatch: Out Of The Shadows" coming out sometime this year. The last season of this series was awesome.

Bigfoot Caught On Thermal Footage!

Southern Bigfoot Research on youtube posted this video of what appears to be a large, upright creature. The footage was recorded with a thermal camera, which sees heat.

Abducted By A Dogman!

On Dogman Encounters Radio comes a story from an encounter survivor who claims that she has been abducted by dogman on more than one occasion, with the first being when she was only six years old.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mystery Creature Washes Up On Shore

Another strange sea creature has washed up on shore. Witnesses aren't sure what the creature is, but Parabreakdown takes a closer look at it.

Bigfoot Tries To Steal Cats

From PacWest Bigfoot: The Bigfoot Of Disque, Washington It Tried To Take My Cats!

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Lays Out His Cards

With so many people trying to prove bigfoot exists, and so little evidence being produced, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Tim Stover from Ohio talks about his own approach.

Cliff Barackman Shows Off Bigfoot Evidence

Cliff Barackman makes a tv appearance to show off some of the evidence of sasquatch he has collected. Did he make a believer out of the host?

Bigfoot Spotted In Portland

Bigfoot was seen stomping around the Portland, Oregon area recently. Why was he there? Watch the video to find out.

NEW! Dr. Jane Goodall Talks About Bigfoot!

In a recent interview, Dr. Jane Goodall responded to a question about her thoughts behind bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and alien life. Look what she said!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Witnesses Talk About Their Sightings Of Bigfoot and Dogman

Three guests join Paranormal Central to discuss their encounters with large cryptids. These people claim they have seen large, bipedal creatures, up close and personally.

Man Shocked By Bigfoot

Seeing a bigfoot is extremely rare, but a lot of the sightings that do happen, take place late at night, as a large creature crosses a desolate stretch of road. Wrong place at the wrong time.