Saturday, July 21, 2018

It Was Right Outside The Door

From Dogman Encounters Radio: The Dogman was Right Outside my Bedroom Door!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Dogman Vs. Bigfoot In The Swamp

From the Scary Stories youtube channel

It Went Straight To The Camera

A huge cinnamon colored bear is minding its own business when all of a sudden it figures out a trail camera is out there. Watch what happens next.

Florida Mom Kills Bigfoot

From Cryptid Brothers Investigations

Police Officer Has Close Bigfoot Encounter

From the Bigfoot Case Files and Sasquatch Central- 

Something Is Stalking Him

Is it a bear? A bigfoot? Something is stalking arund just ahead of Tim Stover in the Ohio woods as he checks his trail camera.

Bigfoot In The Field

The Paranormal Portal presents bigfoot researcher Cindy Goodbrake

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kidnapped By Bigfoot

From - The story of Albert Ostman.

Back Country Road Bigfoot Encounter

Blue Ridge Bigfoot shares an encounter where a man in Ohio had a strange experience and encounter with a bigfoot. The sighting took place on a rural country road in Ohio.

Sasquatch In Florida

The Crypto Reality crew share even MORE images of Florida bigfoot. If all these images are what they think they are, they've got a collection of hundreds of bigfoot captured on video and photo.

Ohio Bigfoot Attack

From the Cryptid Brothers

Bigfoot Surrounds Camp

The Tri-State squatchers sit around the campfire, as bigfoot start surrounding their camp. It can be pretty unnerving hearing and seeing huge figures move between the trees.

Park Rangers Tell Scary and Crazy Stories

Park Rangers do more than just help out campers and hikers. When the tourists are all gone, things change. Here's some scary stories of experiences had by Park Rangers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bigfoot Legend Robert Dodson Has Passed - A Sad Day In The Bigfoot World

Bigfoot investigator Robert Dodson has passed away. Dodson was known for his never tiring pursuit of these creatures. Robert would spend nights in the field by himself, while being bombarded with rocks and surrounded by growls from these creatures. He will be greatly missed.

Bigfoot In Southern Oregon

PacWest Bigfoot sits down with their good friend Joel from Southern Oregon to talk about his bigfoot encounters.

American Dogman Footage

Did this man capture footage of the American dogman creature? Check out the video and make up your own mind.

Is This A Bigfoot Or A Bear?

Youtuber John Ridgeway posted this video of what appears to be a dark, hair-covered creature of fairly large size moving around in the brush. Is it a bigfoot, or a bear?

Futurama Bigfoot Safety

Bigfoot has become very trendy in pop culture, showing up in all sorts of television shows and movies. Check out this clip from the highly popular "Futurama" series.

Ohio Bigfoot Hotspot Salt Fork State Park

From the Squatch Master Jeff Patterson - 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Maine Officer Shares Encounter

A Maine officer was skeptical of bigfoot his entire life, until several things started making him think bigfoot might exist, in other places. Then an incident took place where he lives in Maine that changed everything. But was it bigfoot, or something else?