Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Evidence Found In Colorado By Ken Collins Proves That Gatito O. Really Found a Genuine Bigfoot Print

This latest footprint found in Estes Park proves that Bigfoots do exist in Colorado  Last week, a 14 inch long footprint was discovered by Ken Collins and his buddy while hiking near a snowbank. Ken is quite familiar with animal prints in the area and he's confident that what he found does not belong to a bear, or a mountain lion, a snowshoe or a human foot. He tells EPNews, "I’m pretty confident that you have the real deal here!"

A moose falls on its face, but can someone please tell us what this Canadian is saying?

This video of a moose falling on its face is very funny, but what the Canadian guy says in the video is just as funny, if not funnier if we knew what language he's speaking in. We know our Canadian friends probably get what the dude is saying. Can you please help us out?

I'm afraid to ask this person to see his Bigfoot photograph

Yesterday, a Facebook user named, "Biggy Foot" announced on Facebook that he was recently given the "great privilege" to view a trail camera photo of a Bigfoot caught by a farmer. According to Biggy, the Bigfoot looks severely deformed, suggesting "In-breeding? Freak? Deformed?" and says it does not look like the Patterson-Gimlin creature at all. In his description, he writes: "(Balding forehead half way up the front of the head, small pointy hair covered ears, hooded nose coming to a little point and longer than I expected, very pale whitish face, very light colored fingers that had no hair from the knuckles down to the fingertips.) Can anyone say “Troll” looking? I will."

The Ultimate Sleeping Bag Tent

This has got to be the most ingenious multi-purpose tarp / sleeping bag ever. It's designed by Jerven Fjellduken and it's found under "Camping › Tents and tarps" on It's meant for wearing, sleeping in, stalking prey and probably perfect for squatching as well.

M.K. Davis Discusses The Bloody Dog Print at Bluff Creek [Massacre]

Uh Oh. Here we go again, folks. M.K. Davis originally brought up this theory called the "Bluff Creek massacre" theory back in 2008 at a conference. The controversial theory was immediately rejected by the Bigfoot community and Davis was shunned from ever speaking about it again. According to Davis, based on his expert film analysis and color enhancements of frame 352 of the PG film, he theorizes that the Patterson party had been to the Bluff Creek site at least once before returning to capture their famous Bigfoot video. His theory also suggests that the party probably murdered a family of Bigfoots and buried their bodies. Davis points to an enhanced anomaly resembling a bloody dog print and a pool of blood as proof of his theory.

The Only Thing That Looks Faker Than The CGI Abominable Snowman In Syfy's Movie Is The Somersaulting

Last Saturday a brand new original Syfy film featuring a huge creature/ape monster called the Abominable Snowman had a scene where an actor was attacked by the giant beast from behind. I'll admit, I haven't watched it yet, but I knew "The Soup" would show me all I needed to know about the movie. Check out the acting-- Syfy style:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tortoise found alive in storeroom after 30 years! [WTF]

Photograph by: Perla Rodrigues , TV Globo

Besides the guy who wet his pants when Bigfoot walked into his camp, this is the craziest story we've read about all week. A red footed tortoise that a family assumed missing for 30 years was recently found in a storeroom-- Alive! WTF?! How has he been able to survive all these years, you ask? Was it hibernation? Or magic perhaps? Here's one possible explanation by a family member via the Edmonton Journal:

Should Finding Bigfoot Announce Where They're Going?

It's extremely rare for Matt Moneymaker or his crew to ever tweet their location on Twitter. We've heard that the main reason for this is to prevent hoaxers from hoodwinking the crew. On Monday, the Saline County Sheriff's department got a call about suspicious vehicles near a rural residence. When they arrived at the scene, they were told by crew members that they were part of "Ping Pong Productions" filming an investigation. News of the crew being in the area traveled fast and caught the attention of the entire town, including local news station Channel 22. T.K. in Saline County wrote on Facebook, "Currently in Kansas a reported "crew" From Ping Pong productions out of L.A. is working in Saline County in search of a bigfoot. Seriously Channel 22 ticker about 3:30. Hope BigFoot had a good hiding space."

I would probably tell you this was real if I didn't know it was for a movie called Squatch

This Bigfoot replica bust, based on the infamous "Patterson/Gimlin" film shot in 1967 is probably one of the mot life-like recreations we've ever seen. It's not clear whether or not this will actually be used in the movie Squatch (a full length feature film being produced in the Pacific Northwest), but to us these Bigfoot slippers look very promising:

Here's a unique description of what Bigfoot's face looks like

A 39 year-old avid outdoorsman with multiple degrees from WVU has no reason to lie, right? He recently submitted a report to the BFRO about a Bigfoot sighting he had back in 2007 in Fayetteville near the River Gorge Bridge (He swears on his life and will take a polygraph exam). The sighting took place while deer hunting when he noticed movement near the gorge and saw two large eyes in the distance. According to the hunter, he viewed the Bigfoot through his rifle scope for about 20 seconds while it was looking at him. His scope was on 9 power-- equivalent to being about 30 ft from the creature. He was zoomed in close enough to get a clear look at the face. He describes "very dark large pupils" and a troll-like face:

Tim Fasano Finds Possible Bigfoot Camp

If Bigfoots had a campsite, would this be it? According to Tim Fasano this peculiar area, located off the hiking trail, looked like a good spot for an intelligent creature to camp. The place looked like it had been cleared out by something, and it even has an old fire pit. This would be the perfect place for Bigfoot to camp says Tim. He explains his theory:

The Hair In This Video Was What Originally Sparked Dr. Syke's Interest In Bigfoot DNA

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor Vicki W.

Follow along as this multinational team travel through Bhutan in search of the migyur, the local name for what we know as the Bhutanese yeti.

Carl Olinselot's First Interview Regarding Sierra Kills Trip

After meeting Justin Smeja for the first time last August and experiencing a possible nighttime visitation at the "Kill Site", Carl Olinselot returned from the Sierras as a changed man and a believer. For the first time ever, Carl opens up about the entire event that brought him to the conclusion that Justin is telling the truth. Watch his fascinating interview will the host of The Rogue Bigfootah show, Bill Brock.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Makers of new Bigfoot film "Exists" promises to be "respectful"

Image from Syfy's "Bigfoot"

One of the last Bigfoot movies we've seen had an actor named Danny Bonaduce and another guy named Barry Williams who totally butchered the movie. It's was a Syfy movie about a DJ and a conservationist who teamed up to fight against the big-bad-deadly Bigfoot. This didn't sit well with many in the Bigfoot community (and perhaps outside the community), especially with those belonging to the "Forest People Friends" group who believe Bigfoots are partly human. When we learned that Eduardo Sanchez and longtime producer/now co-director Gregg Hale (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) are approaching their new film from a more "respectful" point of view, this caught our attention. If they do it right and don’t F-it-up, this could actually be a Bigfoot movie that everyone, including the "Forest People Friends" might agree with.

Watch How Awesome Some Humans Are

The following video is not about random acts of kindness or firemen saving puppies. It's about people doing awesome things, like flips and stuff. Watch:

Watch this: Compilation of Bigfoot Messing With Trail Cameras

M.K. Davis recently uploaded a compilation of Sasquatch messing with trail cameras at various different research locations. Some trail cameras recorded hair swinging in front of the camera, while others show a possible Bigfoot hand grabbing the trail camera. Whether it's really a Bigfoot or a person messing around, it's definitely an odd thing to do, especially since some of these events occurred in complete darkness.

This Is What Bigfoot Hair Looks Like

The Greenbrier River, West Virginia episode of Finding Bigfoot yielded some amazing, yet inconclusive evidence. Matt Moneymaker was handed a bag containing possible Sasquatch hairs from a couple who witnessed a Bigfoot walk by their car. On the show, Matt was stoked by the find. "These are squatchers... are very fine hairs. It's the first time the hairs were found where they had a sighting where two witnesses saw it," Matt said.

There May Be More Than One Bigfoot In The 1962 Bouvier Footage

A Colorado man named Gary Bouvier was only 13 when his father filmed a Sasquatch-like figure hopping from rock to rock as if it was trying to avoid stepping in the snow. This footage is older than the Patterson-Gimlin footage of 1967. Gary's father was so weirded out by the incident that he and the other scout leaders had a very stern talk with the boys and asked them not to leave the camp at night. According to Gary, even on his deathbed his father still referred to the figure in the video as an "animal," and not a man. Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman recently posted an update about the video on his blog and revealed something that was cut out of the Colorado episode. A digital forensics lab detected a second anomaly in the half-century-old footage:

New Footage: Bigfoot Watches Kids Play Hoops

This is a tough one. The kids shooting hoops all look pretty natural, having fun dunking, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. And then moments later, to the right... a Bigfoot steps out from the tree line! How terrified would you be if were these kids and saw a giant hairy creature walk out from the trees to watch you play hoops? Would you wet your pants like the French Meadows Reservoir guy?

Watch this: Being stealthy in the field (so you won't be noticed by Bigfoot)

Timothy Evrick and his team of researchers in Ontario have been doing some great work in the field and although they haven't been able to get that money shot of Bigfoot yet, they believe they are closing in on the Big Fella and it's only a matter of time.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Was This A Hoax?: Woman Calls In Pleading For City To Move Deer Crossing Sign

I can't believe anyone can be this dumb-- calling a radio station and asking for help getting deer crossing signs moved to lower traffic areas. The caller actually said, "The government can guide deer to lower traffic areas." LOL! Oh, I can't stop laughing. The following clip from Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station is so bizarre that a law professor used this video to illustrate how stupid people can be:

Is this the Palmetto Monster?

What the **** is this?! I rubbed my eyes and I'm still not seeing a face as stated by Florida Skunk ape hunter Tim Fasano. This was captured using his new Samsung HD video camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom capable of recording in full 1920x1080 HD Video. It has the magical ability to turn blobsquatches into something less "blobsquatchy". I just learned the word "blobsquatchy" last night while watching Finding Bigfoot. I'm hungry. I wonder what type of cologne M.K. Davis wears when he does his breakdown videos. The McRib ROCKS! I haven't watched American Idol in like 2 years. I love the new Gold Rush shows. I might start a blog on Gold Rush shows, I bet I can make a ton of money writing about mining. I like the saying "Gloryhole" and "Paydirt". I'm going to register those domains. Why are The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so mean to each other? I have to check my DVR tonight and see if the Monster Squid documentary recorded last night. Camels actually have three eyelids! Two of them have lashes, and the third is thin. The thin one is to protect from blowing sand in the desert.

Attention Seeking Tunbridge Wells Resident Releases Kentish Apeman Foot Prints

Since the British are trying really hard to revive the possibility of monsters on their side of the pond by reporting on Bigfoot-like creature sightings just about every month, we can't help but report on this latest piece of evidence. These images of possible Bigfoot footprints were sent to the website, the Tunbridge Wells People, by an anonymous reader. It was discovered near the High Woods, a wooded area between Tunbridge Wells and Pembury.

Possible Explaination For The Umatilla Indian Reservation Screams

Do the following clips sound like wolves to you? One wildlife expert at The Wildlife News seems to suggest that it might be. Since November 2012 residents of an area north of the Wildhorse Casino on the Umatilla Indian Reservation Reservation, Oregon, have been hearing loud and seemingly inexplicable noises coming from a brushy swamp on the edge of the Blue Mountains. According to one resident, the screams "sounds like it has a large diaphragm, can change tones & decibels w/ ease."

Tyler Bounds Explains Why The Trail Camera Mysteriously Malfunctioned

On last night's episode of Finding Bigfoot, the crew left a gutpile in the middle of the forest hoping to attract Sasquatches in the area. During their wrap-up of the night's investigation, they discovered that the guts were all taken, but by what? Luckily, the crew had set up a working trail camera system pointing at the pile--- or so they thought it was working. Turns out, somebody F-up setting up the cameras.

Dude Changes His Mind About Bigfoot Being An "Entertainment" After This Happened To Him...

Thanks to Matt Moneymaker for sharing this story with us from a guy named Thomas S. who was camping with some friends near the French Meadows Reservoir in August 2012. This remote, forested basin is located on the American River approximately 58 miles east of Auburn in the Sierra Nevada's. Before his encounter, the man thought Bigfoot "was just for entertainment purposes", but he changed his tune when he ended up with messy drawers that night. "That will teach to goof on our show," says Matt.

The Mystery Tooth At The Museum

Editor’s Note: Nadia Moore has a degree in Zoology from U.C. Davis and currently works in Biotechnology. She has been a lifelong Bigfoot enthusiast, with her first personal experiences taking place in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California where she lived on a remote ranch during high school. She also a contributor to the After Hours show with Team Tazer.

Legitimate Testing for the Museums Mystery Tooth still being sought!

Mike Rugg is still searching for a reputable Scientist to test the DNA of the Mystery Tooth in his possession. To date the only person with any kind of scientific background who has looked at it has been a Dentist, who said it looked human, just BIGGER!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chuck Prahl Announces New Clear Bigfoot Video From California

This news just hit our desk as soon as Bart Cutino got done with his interview with Chuck Prahl on his radio show, Bigfoot Tonight. Prahl started the show with an explosive announcement claiming that he received a phone call from a California Bigfoot researcher about a photograph taken of a mother Bigfoot about 6ft away from the trail camera-- holding a freaking baby Sasquatch! And here's the part that will blow your minds: They supposedly have video! Holy cow! Listen:

Join Us On Twitter As We Live Tweet On Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Hoedown Episode Tonight (With Live Images!)

Tonight's episode of Finding Bigfoot starts at 7PM PST. Join us on Twitter as we discuss tonight's episode live!

We're Hoping That Finding Bigfoot Will Investigate These West Virginia Bigfoot Photographs Tonight

Photo Credit: West Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization

Here's the description of whats going to be shown on Finding Bigfoot tonight:
The team travels to WV to investigate photographs from a young bigfooter that may depict a sasquatch in his own backyard. The team sets out to get their own photographic proof and deploys a baiting technique not for the faint of heart.

Listen To The EXTINCT? Podcast - S02E02 at 4:00PM PT/ 7:00PM ET (Archived)

Tonight's Extinct Podcast is going to be awesome, you do not want to miss it. We will be talking about a bunch of Bigfoot stuff. It's going to be fun ladies and gentlemen, please join us.

Watch this: Matt Moneymaker Corrects Reporter On The Plural Use of Bigfoot

Let's settle this once and for all: The plural for Bigfoot isn't Bigfoot or Bigfeet. Using Bigfoot as a plural suggest that there's only one Bigfoot-- a mythical creature. Saying Bigfeet just sounds really dumb. Sure, we can debate all day long about other animals that have the same singular and plural forms, but until we actually have a live specimen, let's just stick to saying Bigfoots, or Sasquatches if you prefer to call them that.

Listen to: The Squatchers Lounge Podcast With Guests Tammy Murray and Justin Smeja, 6PM EST, 5PM CST, 3PM PST (Archived)

Listen to this brand new Bigfoot podcast called "The Squatchers Lounge Podcast" by Jeffrey Kelley and his co-host Kipp Morrill. Their guests this afternoon will be Tammy Murray of Sweet Sassy Glassy Art and Justin Smeja of The Sierra Kills.

The Spokane River Bigfoot [ParaBreakdown]

This video was filmed back in 2011 by YouTube user, Samantha13950 near the Spokane River in Washington. Phil writes, "Where is this place? Where did this creature come from? How many people have spotted this thing running around? So many questions over the last couple of years about this video. Will I be so bold as to answer these questions? Hell no."

See Bluff Creek Without Actually Going Anywhere

Steven Streufert has posted a series of videos about their "Winter Adventures" at the Patterson-Gimlin film site. For noobs, this is the place where "Patty", the female Bigfoot, was filmed in October 20, 1967. It was here that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed the legendary apewoman of North America as it walked away, briefly looking back. Almost half a century later, a special team of Bigfoot investigators is set out to answer the question: Are there any Bigfoots still in the area? That's what the "The Bluff Creek Camera Project" is about and our old friend Steven has the scoop:

Here's What Happened Before And After Tim Fasano Filmed The Skunk Ape

The Florida Skunk Ape hunter, Tim Fasano, has released a video detailing the moments leading up to and immediately after the filming of the elusive Bigfoot of the swamps. The sighting took place back in November in the Green Swamp at an undisclosed location in Florida. The president of the BFRO, Matt Moneymaker, claims he has seen the video believe it to be legit and even praised Fasano on Twitter. "Floridian Tim Fasano seems to have gotten some legit BF footage. Persistence pays! From Central Florida (Green Swmp)" and according to Fasano, it's the real deal," Moneymaker wrote.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Louisiana Bigfoot Update. Wow!

Rob Gaudet is now on his way back from investigating the Bigfoot sighting in Louisiana  We haven't heard about the investigation except a few text messages from Joe B., the deer hunter's brother who filmed the purported Bigfoot footage last Friday. Although details are a bit sketchy at the moment, Joe received ;a text message from his brother earlier today that they have cast of a footprint-- with dermal ridges!

Truth, Lies, and Video Tape: The "MK Davis Videos"

Editor's Note: Matt Knapp is a Bigfoot researcher based out of Oklahoma, and has been investigating the phenomenon since 1999, both in and out of the field. Matt was a founding member of the Bigfoot Outlaws, and is currently a co-host on Squatchdetective radio. Check out his blog, Bigfoot Crossroads.

Over the past decade MK Davis has been known throughout the Bigfoot community for his extensive work on the Patterson film. MK has been met with fierce criticism and opposition for the conclusions he has reached based on his own interpretations of what he has seen on the famous film throughout the years. While his opinions are extremely difficult to swallow at times, and to others are found outright offensive, the actual work he has put forth towards the film itself deserves recognition. I don't know of anyone who has put more time and study into the Patterson film than MK Davis.

Watch this: Weird Travels Goes Bigfooting Across America [Free Documentary]

This classic "Weird Travels - Bigfoot" documentary from 2006 by the Travel Channel takes on a trail from the Pacific Northwest of America through to the squatchy forests of Texas. This episode featured the "pro-kill" Bigfoot group, the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, and Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo. Coleman shared some insights from his decades of fieldwork.

The Umatilla Indian Reservation Is Probably The Squachiest Place In American Right Now

The Umatilla Indian Reservation in the Blue Mountains is currently a hotbed of Bigfoot activity and the news is spreading fast! The residents living in this area have reported hearing bloodcurdling screams and strange noises coming from nearby swamps since November 2012. According to one witness, the screams "sounds like it has a large diaphragm, can change tones & decibels w/ ease." Here's a collection of sounds recorded from this area including a footprint discovered by the NWBigfoot research team back in 2011.

M.K. Davis Reveals Juvenile Bigfoot Video

This latest footage from M.K. Davis was filmed near the location of the White Bigfoot video. If this is real, it's probably the clearest footage of a juvenile Sasquatch ever caught on tape. This was supposedly filmed in total darkness. "The camera barely records it, but with enhancement, perhaps we get a peek into little known world," says Davis.

First Footage of Giant Squid Airing This Sunday On Discovery Channel [Video]

The legendary Giant Squid has finally been caught on tape. For centuries, there have been stories of the great Kraken in Scandinavia and legends of it attacking ships. Once thought to be a myth, we now have evidence of the creature, not only has there been evidence of the creature tangled up in fishing nets and washed ashore, scientists now have HD footage of the creature that was filmed during a six-week expedition 550 miles south of Tokyo back in June of 2012.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I can't wait for Phil to break down this latest "Provo Canyon Bigfoot" Wannabe

The YouTube channel, HowTo101Channel, has a bunch of Bigfoot related videos that typically have no other information except the words "Bigfoot", "Sasquatch" and sometimes the location. This latest video has the title, "Provo Utah massive Bigfoot throws a branch", and it looks like it's trying to ride the coattails of the real Provo Canyon Bigfoot footage from November 2012. Watch below:

Watch this: FBFB's comprehensive compilation of Bigfoot images from 1950-present

This well-put-together compilation of Bigfoot images taken from various websites and videos such as the Patterson-Gimlin footage and Todd Standing's Sylvanic video was recently uploaded to YouTube by FBFB on 1/24. Although some of the images presented in this video are questionable, it's still an impressive analysis.

Watch this: Monkey in Russia [Happy Friday]

I bet you can't watch this video without smiling. You're smiling already aren't? Stop smiling. I see you still smiling. OK. Just watch. Smiling again.

Phil Investigates The Dogman of Wisconsin

The following video is from Phil Poling's old SuperSoylent Channel on YouTube. Is the Dogman of Wisconsin real or is it a myth? Watch below:

I want to see this Bigfoot movie, but I'm not paying $6.99 just to rent it

Judging by this new trailer on YouTube, Bigfoot's Wild Weekend by 2013 Phase 4 Films, looks like it could be a decent film-- only if they dropped the rental price. The movie's description says it's about: "A skeptical tabloid reporter is sent into the mountains to investigate a string of Bigfoot sightings. He soon learns that the creature is nothing more than a beer-drinking, panty-stealing party animal."