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Scientific Name For Sasquatch: Homo sapiens hirsutii?

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

As the debate continues on what exactly Sasquatch or Bigfoot is, some have been asking whether the name Sasquatch/Bigfoot should still be used to describe the species once this hominoid is proven to exist. What will be the scientific name given to the species?

Ketchum Study Will Not Be Published In A "Cryptozoology Journal Of Any Type" [Bigfoot DNA]

This morning, Loren Coleman reported that Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker recently announced a new peer-reviewed publication called "Journal of Cryptozoology".
According to Coleman:

"Since the journal is planned to be a scientific one devoted to a specific subdiscipline of zoology, i.e. cryptozoology, it must adhere to the same structure and procedures that scientific journals devoted to mainstream subdisciplines of zoology adhere to, which involves submitted papers being assessed by academically-qualified zoologists with specialized knowledge in that particular subdiscipline."

M.K. Davis Says Not To Dismiss Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo, Even If A Movie Guy Tells You It's A Photo Of His Creature

M.K. Davis has been researching the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film for the last 14 years. Davis announced last December that he was quitting the scene and was looking for something else to do with his time.

And then the Melissa Hovey photo surfaced...

From the Anthropological Armchair: What side of the camp are you on and why?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Josh Brown, Anthropology Major (Physical) from Sacramento CA, and CEO of "Skye Highland Outfitters".

Alright you all- I think it is high time we have a reader participation discussion here, inviting all view points concerning the current debate. Is Bigfoot more human, or is it closer to ape? Now we all know that scientific/anthropological nomenclature and current hominid evolutionary paradigms are difficult for a majority of people to understand. If you present a theory as to your opinion on this subject, please keep it as simple as possible so the majority of readers can follow along and participate. There is no reason for anyone to "dumb down" their ideas to get the point across, just take the time to explain any "jargon" that may be confusing.

Producer Ro Sahebi Introduces Us to His New Short Documentaries on Yeti and Sasquatch: "EXTINCT?" [Video]

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

The origins of the Yeti have been documented for several decades and many believe that it still exists. Some anthropologists believe that the Asian continents’ extinct super primate, Gigantopithicus, may be the forefather of the Yeti and the North American Sasquatch. Throughout the years, numerous documentaries have been produced on the subject of the Yeti and Sasquatch. Many of these documentaries often leave the un-scientific community scratching their heads because of the technical terms that many of us do not understand.

Ketchum Study Update: No Yeti Study, Public Webpage For Regular People [Bigfoot DNA]

For whatever reason, we understand that some of our readers refuse to log onto Facebook. Maybe it's their dislike of annoying distant relatives posting cat photos are their wall, or they're not the social network type of person.

Here's the latest update from Dr. Melba Ketchum's Facebook page for those readers.

Alex Midnight Walker To Melissa Hovey: Lift Copyright On Bigfoot Photo, Or Else...

Did you know that the Bigfoot photo released by Melissa Hovey is copyrighted by her group, the American Bigfoot Society?

It appears Alex Midnight Walker isn't too happy with her group copyrighting a photo that doesn't belong to her. According to the United States Copyright Law, copyright grants the copyright owner exclusive rights to their "creative work" for a specific period of time or term. The problem is -- Alex does not believe it's her property or her work, and he's wants her to remove the copyright or else, he will report her to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Is This The Bigfoot Community?

Sometimes when you're in the midst of it all, you forget that we're all seeking the same answer. It makes you wonder if the constant back and forth between people in the Bigfoot community are causing casual observers to step away from the field, wondering if this is something they want to involve themselves in.

One casual observer and blogger named Storm notices the infighting and wishes the "community" would just grow up:

SnowWalkerPrime Believes Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo Is Fake And Wants Her Held Accountable For Her Crimes

While some people are still debating whether or not the photo of Bigfoot's back released by Melissa Hovey last Thursday was a costume or the real deal, SnowWalkerPrime wants the so-called "Bigfoot Experts" to be held accountable.

Finding Bigfoot: Bobo Asks Witness An Uncomfortable Question [Humor]

Bobo asks about a Sasquatch's thighs and buttocks, but the hillbilly didn't check it out in that way.

Language of Sasquatch: The Douglas Dialect

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

Many encounters from North American Indian stories and legends, have told of the possibility that Sasquatch has a language. Some even believe that 'Crypto' linguist are somehow qualified to recognize or decipher supposed utterances between Hominoids like Sasquatch and Humans. To others, the High Sierra recordings are the most important scientific evidence of vocal speech capability that is available to date. This was even researched in the 1976 documentary, “The Mysterious Monster” which the scientist at the time analyzed the recordings and determined them to be authentic vocalizations of and an unknown source. They believed whatever was on the recording had advanced breath control while communicating to another in the same recording.

Listen to BFRO's Ron Boles On MNBRT Radio Tonight At 6PM [Radio Shows]

Tonight, Abe will be interviewing Ron Boles. Ron is a contributor and an administrator for the BFRO's Facebook page.

Read the show's description below:

Finding Bigfoot Filming Town Hall Meeting In Sierra Nevada Mountains Tonight At 7PM

Update:On Twitter, Matt said the meeting is going to be on Tuesday, Feb. 27, but Tuesday is actually Feb. 28. We'll get more info on this...

Update #2:Finding Bigfoot producer tells us the town hall meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Matt Moneymaker tweeted 2 hours ago that the Finding Bigfoot team is currently in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Fresno. They will be holding a town hall meeting at Shaver Lake Community Center at 7pm PST tonight.

There's no word yet if they will be investigating Justin Smeja about the Sierra Kills. Justin's the kid guy who shot and killed two Bigfoot in the Sierra Buttes near Gold Lake, CA.

Robert Lindsay's Bigfoot Family Values Shows Bigfoots Have 2.5 Children Per Household

They say the more you think you know about Bigfoot, the less you know. That is, unless you're Robert Lindsay, Facebook Find Bigfoot, or Matt Moneymaker.

We have no idea how Robert would know that Bigfoots divorce or that there's such thing as a promiscuous Bigfoot chick, but considering his track record, he might be onto something:

Photos Of The Day: Guru the chimp suffering from alopecia looks human

Doctors believe certain factors in Guru’s life such a stress or trauma is what probably caused him to lose all his hair. These same factors can result in the same sort of hair loss in humans as well. According to the zoo's vet, they've tried a number of a number of medicines, but none seemed to work. As a last resort, they're planning to consult with a human skin doctor.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Posts Video Of Bigfoot Tracks Scene In London, Oregon

Image just posted a video interview with Tobby Johnson, the person who alerted Cliff Barackman to the scene. Although Tobby wasn't the original discoverer of the tracks, he was the first to investigate what Cliff calls the "most significant footprint find in the last 40 years".

Live Blogging and Commentary of Finding Bigfoot: "The Best of Finding Bigfoot" Episode

Please join us for our live blog of Finding Bigfoot: "The Best of Finding Bigfoot" episode. Blogger Autumn Forest of Ghost Hunting Theories will be joining us tonight to commentate on the episode live at 10pm PST.

Our live blogging is done. Read below.

There Will Be No "New" Finding Bigfoot Episode Tonight, But Here's A Spoof You Might Enjoy

When we said there won't be any new episode of Finding Bigfoot tonight, we're not being accurate. According to the Animal Planet TV schedule, there will be a "The Best of Finding Bigfoot" special premiering tonight.

If that's not enough for you, Autumn Forest wrote a hilarious Finding Bigfoot spoof. Here's a snippet from her blog:

Listen To William Jevning & Lupe Mendoza At 6PM PST On Bigfoot Tonight [Bigfoot Shows]

Tonight, there will be two guests on the Bigfoot Tonight radio show.

Their first guest will be William Jevning, author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch". Will is a 38 year veteran sasquatch investigator and is also a contributor for Bigfoot Evidence.

More Photos From London, Oregon Of The "most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" [Bigfoot Tracks]

Thom Powell (Author of Shady Neighbors), Cliff Barackman (co-host Finding Bigfoot), and Guy Edward ( has been doing a great job keeping us updated on the recent London, Oregon trackways discovery. Over 120 sequential sasquatch prints were found alongside a reservoir near Weyerhauser-London Road south of Eugene. Cliff Barackman says this could be the most significant findings of Bigfoot tracks to date.

Robert Lindsay's Breakdown Of Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo

While Melissa Hovey's game cam photo is still being debated, a few witnesses who had close encounters with Bigfoots in the past are chiming in. Robert Lindsay has been taking notes and a few people have pointed out some features that only witnesses would know.

For example, some witnesses have noted what they called pointy, elf-shaped ears on the Bigfoot they saw. Robert claims that the photo clearly shows a right ear that looks rather small compared to human ears. "I have seen these elf ears before, possibly in the Hoffman video," says Robert.

Among other anomalies, Robert also spotted some sort of skin condition on the creature in the photo.

Watch Melissa Hovey On Conundrums Explain How She Got The Bigfoot Photo

We've all read Melissa's story by now about how she received the Bigfoot photo four years ago from a reader. As expected, when she finally decided to release the photo, it was immediately put under the microscope and the search for a matching "costume" began.

As of this writing, we know of two movie industry experts who have already voiced their opinions about the photo. One movie director claims that the photo sent to Melissa Hovey is the creature from his movie.

Cliff Barackman: "London footprints are the most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" [Bigfoot Tracks]

When we first learned about the London, Oregon Bigfoot footprints from the other day, we knew Cliff Barackman and his team of Bigfooters were onto something big.

On February 14th, Cliff Barackman received a phone call from man named Toby Johnson about footprints he found near a logging road outside of town. When Cliff arrived at the scene the following day, he was staggered to find 122 footprints with a track line estimated to be about 120 yards in length.

"I was stunned by what I saw. There was a long line of footprints impressed into the silty shoreline of a lake," Cliff wrote on his blog today.

If A Bear Can Do It, Why Can’t Bigfoot?

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Mackenzie U., a student of Environmental Conservation Studies. She believes in the possibility of Bigfoot and is hopeful that one day scientific methods will help prove its existence.

The first question people ask me when the subject of Bigfoot comes up is if I believe in Bigfoot. My answer is always no, but I do believe in the possibility of Bigfoot. This means that although I cannot say with conviction that Bigfoot exists, I believe that the North American continent has plenty of areas that can support a creature such as Bigfoot. If you have watched the show “Finding Bigfoot”, you’ll notice that the evidence of bears makes a place automatically “Squatchy” in their eyes. Though it may seem like a rush to judgment, the bear rule is actually a pretty good one when you realize what it takes to keep a bear happy in his habitat. Since California is home of the famous Patterson and Gimlin film, I’ll use its bears to explain the logic behind the bear ru…

Q&A With Dr. Ketchum: Her Thoughts On The Sasquatch Community, Taking On The DNA Research, And How the Scientific Community May React To Her Findings [Bigfoot DNA]

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

A couple of things have shaken the Sasquatch community recently; the release of the new Sasquatch photo and the tragic death of fellow Sasquatch researcher Manuel Solorio, who died of a heart attack while on a solo expedition. Some of you might have missed the news about Solorio because of the new photo frenzy and its debate. Like certain news always does, it became more important than others.

Recently, I had the opportunity to informally ask Dr. Melba Ketchum some questions and I feel honored and privileged that she answered them. Dr. Ketchum is not only a gracious human being but a very classy lady; she told me I could post her answers before I even asked her if I could do so. This goes to show what a truly genuine person she is and how much she loves the community that has embraced her.

Watch Proof of Evidence Seminar Live Stream

Update:If you don't see anything, it means they're probably on their "lunch break."

The Proof of Evidence seminar live feed is in progress. As of right now, Dr. Jeff Meldrum is speaking.

"Join us for one of the largest collection of Sasquatch evidence ever compiled for one event. Hundreds of casts, photos and other items will be showcased by some of the top Sasquatch researchers in the world."
Watch below:

Bigfoot Photo From 2008 Probably Captured By One Of These Game Cameras [Melissa Hovey]

New details are emerging from the conversations between Melissa Hovey and the person who sent her the game cam photo of Bigfoot in 2008.

Back then, digital game cameras were on the rise, replacing older 35mm film type cameras. According to Melissa's conversation with the person, she learned that there "was a multiple camera set up designed specifically to photograph this alleged animal." This recent statement is consistent with previous blog entries where Melissa mentioned that this person may have "a series of photos." Supposedly, the photo recently released by Melissa on Thursday was captured using "a 35mm camera with zoom."

SnowWalkerPrime Thoughts On Recent Game Cam Bigfoot Photo Released By Melissa Hovey

Is the Bigfoot photo released by Melissa Hovey on Thursday a real Sasquatch? Although there are some problems with the story, SnowWalkerPrime hopes it's the real deal.

Should The Sasquatch Community Have Commandments of Proof?

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

When I decided to this begin this endeavor and write about the Sasquatch enigma, I always do my best to give information based on the most accurate details I have available. I have no hidden sources or hidden agenda when I write my stories. I believe that when you place your name on a subject like Sasquatch you have to be very careful in what story you give to the Sasquatch community as being concise and factual. We must keep in mind that there’s a fine line between what some say is credible and fake. People will decide whether the information they are reading is factual or not in the first paragraph once they begin digesting it.

Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Photo Preliminary Breakdown: The Good And The Bad

It's been over 28 hours since the release of the game cam Bigfoot photo anonymously sent to Melissa Hovey four years ago. There's a lot of noise and the forums are flooded with opinions. Here are a couple of excerpts we believe should sum up what's currently being talked about.

This Is Another Way You Can Tell If Something Is A Real Bigfoot Or A Person In A Monkey-suit

The creature in the Patterson-Gimlin footage is still highly debated. Is it a man? Or is it a real Sasquatch?

A man named Bob Hieronymus claimed that he was the person in the Bigfoot costume. According to him, Patterson & Gimlin made him an offer of $1,000 if he wore a "monkey suit."

YouTube user and avid Bigfoot Evidence reader, Think Thunker, found one small but significant problem with Hieronymus' claim. The creature in the P&G film does not walk like a person.

Think Thunker says the angle of Patty's shin rise is 73 degrees whereas most humans and even Bob Hieronymus himself has a 52 degrees shin rise. That's a striking 21 degrees difference between Bigfoot and us!

Extremely Boring Video By Henry May Shows Bigfoot Costume Similar To One Released By Melissa Hovey

Since the release of the game cam Bigfoot photo by Melissa Hovey yesterday afternoon, the skeptical side of Bigfootery has been frantically dissecting every every inch of the photo.

Some in the community are claiming that they've seen the costume at a museum somewhere, but gave little information as to where they saw it. The closest match so far is the photo above, from the 2005 flick "Clawed: The Legend of Bigfoot."

Sierra Kills Update: Bigfoot Steak From Both Father And Child Being Used In Ketchum DNA Study

Robert Lindsay is claiming that he was right and will always been right about the Sierra Kills.

Last year when Robert first told the story about the Sierra Kills event where two bear hunters shot and killed two Bigfoots near Gold Lake, CA, he had mentioned that tissue samples from an adult Bigfoot and its child were recovered from the scene. He was accused by many in the Bigfoot community of making that part of the story up.

Now, Robert is convinced that he was right the whole time:

Not To Be Outdone By Melissa Hovey, TeamTazerBigfoot Planning To Release New Bigfoot Photo [Humor]

Just like Melissa Hovey, who published the game cam photo of Bigfoot sent to her from an anonymous reader four years ago, TeamTazerBigfoot also claims to have photos of a Sasquatch that they plan on releasing.

Bill Munns' Opinion On Bigfoot Photo Released By Melissa Hovey

Bill Munns has a background in Hollywood special effects and has been working with the Patterson/Gimlin film for years. He has worked on detailed analysis of the famed footage and compiled his findings in "The Munns Report." The report is one of the hottest topics in the Bigfoot Community.

Melissa Hovey Republishes Bigfoot Photo Sans Watermarks

We want to thank Melissa Hovey for publishing this semi-unaltered version of the Bigfoot photo sent to her from an anonymous reader four years ago. The person is claiming that it was from a game cam.

This new but old photo now has the watermarks removed. The original one from this morning containing the watermarks created such severe distortion that it ruined some important details/clues.

In this new photo, you can actually make out some the leaves on the tree in the background. Unless the owner of the property where this photo was taken has planted non-native trees in their backyard or at a low elevation on the west coast, this photo is from an eastern or northeast forest area. This region is normally referred to as a temperate broad-leaf or eastern hardwood forests.

Where To Get Your Hands On The Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Paper When It's Published

For non-scientists, like most of us, you might be able to get your hands on the paper after it gets passed around to people dressed in white coats.

A Photo Is Not Worth A Thousand Words (Thoughts on the Recent Sasquatch Photo Release)

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

I was looking at the comments about this supposed “Possibly the greatest picture of Sasquatch since the Patty film”, and I became interested in the comment that one reader on Bigfoot Evidence blog stated: “If this was the bloggers secret for 4 years why when it came out, the picture has the stamp of the American Bigfoot Society.”