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Goodbye Phony Bigfoot Photos: This app will automatically detect Photoshopped images

This new app could mean the end of fake Photoshopped images of Bigfoot. Scientists in the United States have come up with a tool for automatically analysing digital photographs, making it possible to gauge the extent to which images have been altered or retouched.

Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT Returns January 1, 2012 [Press Release]

This just in.

Finding Bigfoot season 2 will be starting up on the first day of 2012. That's right. Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT returns for a brand-new season on Sunday, January 1, 2012, at 10 PM (ET/PT) for further expeditions to investigate reports of the mysterious bigfoot. Mark your calendar everybody.

Read press release below.

Dr. Melba Ketchum has scrapbook of things being said about her [Bigfoot DNA]

Dr. Melba Ketchum is pretty hush-hush when it comes to talking about the Bigfoot DNA study, but that doesn't mean she's not listening. According to her Facebook posting today, followers have been sending her links to different blogs talking about her and she has started a scrapbook collection. She says she can't wait to see what magazines like Globe and the Enquirer will write about once the study is released. "It might be as entertaining as these tabloid-style BF blogs that currently love to write fiction about the project and me," Ketchum wrote.

With all the smiley faces in her post this morning, she seems happy and confident about knowing the "truth."

Robert Lindsay offers clarification about Bigfoot nuclear DNA issue

When Robert Lindsay released the preliminary data on the Bigfoot nuclear DNA study, he set off a firestorm of confusion. Phantoms & Monsters blog re-posted the article and even gave it the title, "Bigfoot DNA Preliminary Result = Confusion." Part of the confusion stemmed from Robert's initial explanation about the MC1R gene. Robert had some time to think about it what he wrote and decided to clear things up a bit.

Reporter explains what's it like to be among Kentucky Bigfoot witnesses

Reporter for The Richmond Register Marie Mitchell isn't really into Bigfoot, but her husband is. So when her husband found out that the "Finding Bigfoot" TV show was coming to Kentucky, she had check it out.

Mitchell says people in Kentucky aren't shy at all when it comes to sharing Bigfoot stories. "People aren’t shy about admitting that they've seen a Sasquatch or Bigfoot in their neighborhoods, woods and rural areas. Even though Sasquatches are pretty good at hiding," wrote Mitchell.

Holy Macro Batman! We're on a top 10 list Bigfoot websites!

Thanks to Alex for submitting us onto Bigfoot Lunch Club's poll of Top Bigfoot Sites. We did not do a post about the poll that was started on Facebook by the club, but it was nice of Alex to add us on the list. It's feels good to see Bigfoot Evidence on any list actually, whether good or bad. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. Even though we weren't voted number one, we can't say that we wouldn't like to be. They say the poll is still open, but the results have already been tallied. Click here if you would still like to vote for us.

One day, it'll happen... one day...

The winner was Kentucky Bigfoot. Bigfoot Lunch Club gave their reasons why Kentucky won.

Destination Truth marathon on Syfy right now [Yeti Video]

Josh Gates has been tweeting all morning about the Destination Truth marathon that's currently running on the SyFy channel. Since we're waiting for the Yeti episode to air, we're really hoping they haven't aired it yet.

Update: There is actually a quick segment with Dr. Melba Ketchum in this episode!!!  [Thanks Kilt Maker!]

Update #2: The video is gone. Sorry!

Sierra Kills: This post from was where it all began [Bigfoot Shooting]

"If You Saw Bigfoot, Would You Shoot It?"

This was the title of the thread that was originally posted by Justin Smeja on before it was removed. The thread was unusual because the question wasn't posted on a Bigfoot forum. Instead, it was posted on a website forum about taxidermy, a method of reproducing a life-like three-dimensional representation of an animal for display.

When Smeja posted this question, he was not yet convinced he shot Bigfoot. According to Robert Lindsay, "Smeja did not believe in Bigfoot at the time of the shootings, and one month later, he still doesn’t really believe in Bigfoot. So his mind is making up all sorts of strange stories about bears in order to try to make sense of the incident."

Tim Fasano sees "obvious fake" in TimberGiantBigfoot's latest 'Bigfoot' video

Everyone's favorite Skunk Ape Hunter from Florida, Tim Fasano says he's tired of watching TimberGiantBigfoot come up with different ways to hoax "Bigfoot sightings, blood on trees, wood knocking for 15 minutes, gift offerings and on and on it goes." He's finally speaking up against Jim's latest 'Bigfoot' footage.

Thinking of getting your love ones a Bigfoot book for Christmas? Check out this deal for a Kindle Fire e-book reader

We're big fans of e-book readers, especially since we're fans of all e-books related to Bigfoot. E-books tend to be less pricier and they don't take up any space.

When we saw this Amazon Kindle Fire deal for only $123.38 instead of $200 it normally sells for, we couldn't wait to tell you about it.

Account of Chinese government teaching language to the Yeti (Updated)

M.K. Davis has been researching the Patterson Sasquatch film for the last 14 years. He has a blog analyzing the Patterson-Gimlin footage and sometimes he post gems like the one below.
There is a linguistics expert named Tim Pulju, who uncovered documents in China detailing a government sponsored effort to teach the Chinese language to the Tibetan Yeti. What…you might say, that’s impossible. Or is it? Here’s a paper that was published while Mr. Pulju was at Michigan State University. He is currently at Dartmouth College. It's an interesting observation of an account recorded in the fragmentary 10th-century Chinese text known as Neìge dà bá’i rén shwō Jūnggwo hwà, which translates as Preliminary Report of the Imperial Yeti Language Intercultural Understanding Project.

How to Find Sasquatch by Larry Markwarts [Video]

It's not clear whether Funny Country Boy Productions is all about Bigfoot or not, but if the first show of series is any indication, we can expect a to hear a lot of cursing beeps.

Apart from the occasional beeps, Larry does teach a few things about Bigfooting. Watch him teach wood knocking and how to listen to replies.

A brief history of Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, the guys who shot at Bigfoot

Remember Operation Endurance? It was started by the TBRC, or Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. They were the group who allegedly spotted a Bigfoot on Charles Branson's property and started chasing after it with a shotgun. You can read about the July 2011 event by clicking here.

Russell A. Graves has an article written in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine about the TBRC. In it, he writes about how the group was founded and tells us a bit about their history.
TBRC (originally formed in 2001 as the Texas Bigfoot Research Center) is a federally recognized nonprofit group made up of volunteer investigators, naturalists and scientists from all over Texas and Oklahoma. The TBRC mission is, in part, to conduct research and investigate the existence of primate species in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Bigfoot Money [Humor]

When we posted that article about the BFRO offering $100 per second for a good Bigfoot video, we didn't expect skeptics to pick it up. We found this comic strip about the $100 dollar per second offer created by Jeffery Weston of

Multiple breakdown of Jim's 'Bigfoot' creature from Canada, taken on November 21 [Video]

November so far has been a busy month for people filing Bigfoot claims. There's the alleged 'Bigfoot' video from Lincoln, Nebraska (now removed from YouTube). And then there's the Arizona 'Bigfoot' video capture by Victor Oropeza, which some are claiming to be a squirrel.

Here's one more 'Bigfoot' video that readers have been emailing us about. This new footage is by Canadian Bigfoot Hunter timbergiantbigfoot. While Bigfooting on November 21, Jim spotted a black bipedal creature moving from left to right behind some trees. He managed to zoom in on the creature and got a few seconds on tape. A number of people are claiming it to be some of the best recent footage of Bigfoot yet.

Banff National Park has another creature just as elusive as Bigfoot, only less blurry

Have you ever run into Bigfoot in your travels to Banff? Wilderness and Eco-guide Todd Standing of Calgary says he has photographic proof of the creature's existence. Where and how he got them remains a mystery. He claims there's a Bigfoot colony living somewhere near the border of Banff and Kootenay national park.

Banff National Park is home to many elusive creatures, and one of the animals rarely ever seen is the wolverine. Imagine how exciting it was when a wildlife monitoring team captured photos of a family of three loping around the mountain.

Watch this Nolan Canova interview, a Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot skeptic [Video]

Nolan Canova  is a famed paranormal and pop culture expert in the Tampa area. He operates a website at Canova says he don't believe the Bigfoot in the Patterson footage was a real Sasquatch. His reasons? Watch below.

Is it scientifically possible for Bigfoot to exist? [Reddit]

Once in a while it's nice to see get involved in the discussion of Bigfoot. Here's one post we found that was right up our alley.
"I know there are thousands of theories out there on the subject, but how is it possible that such a big creatures has never been killed or captured that we know of? Is it possible that primates evolved into such an elusive creature?" -  jpircy8022

Two Bigfoot hunters from Putnam County, Indiana seeking volunteers

Volunteers come and go, but that's not going to stop Putnam County residents Tyler Vance and Austin Hutchison from doing what they love most. Spending your life pursuing the legendary Bigfoot isn't something most people will approve of, especially if you really believe 100 percent that he is real. Unlike a lot of people in this world, these guys are going to stick through it until they can prove the creature exists.

Most blunt review of FLIR camera ever!

Sometimes when you're looking for a FLIR night vision camera, you just want to know that it works as advertised, without all the B.S. Here's a review of the FLIR Scout Lightning by Gizmodo, the number one gadget website known for their online snarkiness.

Also, make sure you watch their video to see a demonstration of how sensitive the $4000 camera is. The guy peed in the video to show how you can use it to track animals in the wild.
"The reason we peed in the video was to show that it could be used in animal tracking. That glowing white in the shot after was recorded minutes later. Impressively sensitive." - Gizmodo

Learn how to sketch a Bigfoot in 3 minutes [Video]

Watch and learn how to sketch a Bigfoot using Photoshop. Seriously though, they make it look a lot easier than it actually is.

If we all become experts, maybe can start a Bigfoot Drawing contest together.

Chris Deblinka says his Lincoln, Nebraska Bigfoot footage is real. Blames camera for bad editing

When we posted the 'Bigfoot' footage from Lincoln, Nevada in our 'Bigfoot Video Roundup' article, we didn't expect a response from Chris Deblinka, the person who taped the video.  Judging by the video description, Chris isn't shy about associating his name with the video. "My name is Chris Deblinka. I captured this about twenty miles outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 23, 2011. I do not know what it is I saw, and I cannot say for sure that it is a sasquatch, however the footage speaks for itself," wrote Chris.

Check out this beautiful transition from Fall to Winter caught on Bigfoot trailcam

The NCBDT group recently deployed trailcams somewhere in the Sierras in October and the cameras managed to capture some beautiful pictures of fall and winter weather.

Last month, the group discovered animal footprints in an area and decided to setup camera traps in hopes of catching a Bigfoot. When they went back to retrieve one of the cameras, they found 12,000 pictures and none of them contained any wild life.

Victor Oropeza responds to comments about Arizona Bigfoot Footage

When Victor Oropeza uploaded his 'Bigfoot' video yesterday, a number of questions arose concerning the camera height, the subject and when the photo was taken: Why is Bigfoot at eye level with the photographer? How far was the subject? What was the time of day?

Authentic Bigfoot footage is worth $100 per second, $200 if you're on a BFRO expedition

Matt Moneymaker will pay up to $100 dollars per second for some good footage of Bigfoot. It must be clear and taken during daylight, or in car headlights using a good dash-cam. The BFRO won't mind paying that much because they believe observations lasting more than a minute or two are exceedingly rare.

What's Thanksgiving without a few Thanksgiving weekend Bigfoot stories?

While you're stuffed with turkey, pie and anger towards your embarrassing family today, here are a few accounts of people who have had an encounter with Bigfoot around Thanksgiving. The first report was investigated by president of the BFRO, Matt Moneymaker.

Victor Oropeza's Arizona Bigfoot Footage

"You're looking at the eye of a bigfoot/sasquatch creature. No games, No Hoax, No Bull!" says Victor Oropeza from Gila County, Arizona. He's been hunting Bigfoot in those neck of the woods since 2008 and all the hard work and persistence is starting to show. "A clear head and a rabid passion, I knew that I could capture digital media of a bigfoot. None of this is done through luck." Oropeza wrote.

A Bigfoot Story Gone Mad [Free Streaming Movie]

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. Here's a free Bigfoot movie for the holiday, presented by UFOTV. "A Bigfoot Story Gone Mad" won the New York International Film Festival for Best Narrative Feature. Cult Movies Magazine gave it "Two Bloody Thumbs Up!"

According UFOTV, "This film is a story reenactment and as such was intended for a younger audience, just for fun. And the film does have allot of heart and shows a colorful sideof the deep south."

Watch it below.

Bigfoot Video Roundup: Nebraska Bigfoot, Bad video quality Bigfoot

We've been getting a lot of emails from readers sending us links to YouTube videos showing recent Bigfoot activities from around the world. A lot of times, there's not a lot going on or there's no Bigfoot in the video. Some are just obvious hoaxes. Sometimes there just isn't enough information to go by.

Here are a few videos that we've decided to pass up on if you're interested:

Watch this Jacobs Bigfoot creature clay replica showing things from a different perspective [Video]

In 2007, a media flurry ensued when Pennsylvania hunter Rick Jacobs released a recent photo of what some enthusiasts claim to be a Sasquatch. Jacobs obtained the photo by affixing a camera with an automatic trigger to a tree in the Allegheny National Forest. When he saw the photo, Jacobs contacted the Bigfoot Research Organization, which is dedicated to pursuing information about the legendary Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

The Jacobs creature holds a special place in the hearts of many Bigfoot enthusiasts. For the BFRO, the creature in the photo depict a juvenile sasquatch, and it's not a "mangey bear" like many have suggested. This clay animation someone named Galahdwhidbey1 put together on YouTube shows the creature from a whole new perspective.

Look out, Logan, Utah here they come! This is how 'Finding Bigfoot' TV tell people their coming to town.

Last week, Finding Bigfoot was investigating some sightings in New Mexico. No word yet if they found anything.

Before filming investigations, they always start with a town hall meeting. The meetings are a way to get to know the people who live around the area, and it's also a way for witnesses to share their encounters. Sharon Lee has a great write up of what it's like to attend these meetings, click here.

Looking for Bigfoot witnesses for your new documentary? See Craigslist

Film producers looking for Bigfoot witnesses... on Craigslist? In Hollywood, anything goes I guess. Just to be clear, there's nothing wrong with that. As long as no one is "acting" like they've seen a Bigfoot, they should be fine.

We were checking out gigs in Los Angeles and stumbled upon a Craiglist posting about a new documentary that will try to prove the existence of Bigfoot. They're looking for witnesses in the SoCal area who have had sightings or encounters with Bigfoot. They claimed to be a "professionally produced production," so if you got a real experience, then this gig is for you. See the posting below.

Man with biggest feet in Britain still has smaller feet than Robert Wadlow [Video]

A dude in Britain is bragging about how big his feet are and how many women he slept with. He can brag all he wants about how many women loves his feet, but you can't ignore the fact that it's still smaller than Robert Wadlow's feet.

The man we're talking about is Carl Griffiths, he's currently the world's second tallest man at 8ft 3inches. He claims to have slept with 30 women, and he thanks his big feet.

Since this is about big feet, here's how Griffiths measures up against other people with freakishly large feet.

Biologists need Cascade grizzly bear DNA sample to prove its existence

Bigfoots are safe for now because government funded Biologists aren't really looking for them... yet. Instead, they are looking for another elusive creature known as the Cascade Grizzly. has a story about biologists in Washington and their efforts to prove the creatures' existence in order to persuade the government to provide protection.

How do you know you're taking this Bigfoot thing way too far?

Inspired by Jeff Foxworthy's redneck routine, Autumn Forest came up with ways to tell if you're a Bigfoot Hunter. She starts off her sentences with "You might be a Bigfoot hunter if...":

New trailer for Bigfoot film makes us want to watch more [Video]

We have no idea why this new film trailer about Bigfoot makes us want to see more. Maybe it's the cheesiness that makes it interesting to watch. There is something about it that's captivating to the audience. If the trailer is any indication, this low budget documentary might be able pull it off.

Bigfoot Evidence Radio Show coming soon in 2012

Folks, we're going to take you for a ride. We're currently in talks with a few people in the industry to get the ball rolling to do an internet radio show. With that in mind, we've already decided who's going to be on our show. It may be a long shot, but we're going to try our best to get Justin Smeja on the line. He's got a book in the works and we hope he accepts our invitation to talk about what he's been up to since he shot two Bigfoots last November.

First preliminary data on Bigfoot nuclear DNA

Before you read any further, you must watch this talk by David Paulides. It explains what the Bigfoot DNA study is trying to prove. Click here. Also, you may want to check out "Homo sapiens hirsutii," the proposed scientific name for sasquatch.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the A-Bomb of DNA results. Robert Lindsay does not reveal his source, but we'll take his word for it. First, we want to say that we are not geneticists, so we'll need an expert to decipher what we actually have here. We can tell you that not even Robert himself understands what some of the results mean.

"The results from the MC1R gene tests were very confusing, and I do not understand the results very well, but I will just throw them out to you and let you try to make sense out of them. Sources told me that the MC1R gene in the three Bigfoots was exactly the same in each one, a shocking finding. The results were “within the human range, but just barely.”

BLM and Dept. of Interior involvement in early 1980's Bigfoot incident

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by William Jevning (@bukwas01), 38 year veteran sasquatch investigator, and author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch". Read more about Jevning at his Bigfoot blog, Bigfoot Researcher.

This story has been around for some time, it was from the late Richard Grumley director of the California Bigfoot Organization, it is yet another example of official involvement in the subject of Bigfoot, and if true as would seem, then it gives us a glimpse into motivations for government involvement in this issue:

Comment of the day: Retired archaeologist chimes in on the question of "Is Bigfoot Real?"

This latest "Comment of the Day" is from a previous blog post titled, "Kid asked distinguished professor of anthropology: Is Bigfoot Real?"

Due to fear of being ridiculed, the comment was posted anonymously. The author is happy to see serious research going into the subject of Bigfoot and explains how this wasn't something you would want to talk about if you were an "up and coming anthropologist."
"I've never voiced these thoughts before to anyone, much less to anyone in the field of anthropology fearing browbeating and ridicule. As someone who wanted to be taken seriously as an up and coming anthropologist and later as professional archaeologist with 30+ years of experience in the field, the answer that Dr. Little gave was very much along the lines of what I would have said in the same circumstance."

Americans have Thanksgiving, Hitler wants 'Bigfoot Day' [Video]

This new spoof is about Hitler wanting a special holiday to replace Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is an American holiday, Hitler wants to thwart it by creating 'Bigfoot Day,' but he learns that Berlin doesn't have such a creature.

Oregon Bigfoot Blog inviting you to pledge "Standing for Sasquatch", only if you're willing to send in a nice photo of yourself

How cool is this? The Oregon Bigfoot Blog is encouraging witnesses, researchers and aficionados to participate in a pledge to stand up for Sasquatch. Their mission is to get those interested in studying and interacting with Bigfoot to treat them in a kind, thoughtful and respectful way.

As a pledge, they are currently asking people to send in their names and photos of themselves along with a note about their interests on the subject of Bigfoot. You could write about anything thought-provoking or humorous, serious or lighthearted. If you're down with it, why not take the pledge below?

FB/FB is "No-Kill" when it comes to Bigfoot [Video]

FB/FB (Facebook Find Bigfoot) brings up an interesting observation of human intelligence versus animal. Some will disagree with their conclusion about shunning certain people with outdated or strange beliefs in regards to capturing a Bigfoot to study them. They believe capturing or killing an intelligent creature like Bigfoot would be arrogant and absurd.

A camper's account of Bigfoots whispering to each other

We've heard of 'Samurai Chatter', a series of sound clips from the 'Sierra Sounds' allegedly containing recordings of Sasquatch talking. R. Scott Nelson immediately recognized these recordings as language (since he was a Crypto Linguist) and was totally blown away. To us, their language sounded like forceful talking, but one wonders if it's possible for them to whisper.

Kid asked distinguished professor of anthropology: Is Bigfoot Real?

Binghamton University partnered with the Press & Sun Bulletin to provide “Ask a Scientist,” a section that appears Sundays on their website, where area school children could ask BU experts scientific questions. This week's question was answered by Michael A. Little, a distinguished professor of anthropology. Read below.

Robert Lindsay reveals information about Bigfoot caught in conibear trap incident and a breakdown of Larry Surface's Bigfoot footage, plus details about Bigfoot nuclear DNA results

Robert Lindsay has just revealed more details about the Erickson Project and the Bigfoot habituation sites they're currently researching.

Also, Lindsay reveals a breakdown of Larry's Surfaces Bigfoot footage provided by R.W. Ridley. Robert believes what Larry caught on tape was an actual Bigfoot and not an old man like some have suggested.

The Sierra Kills Bigfoot shooting incident is talked about in this latest update. Robert says Justin Smeja may have shot the adult Bigfoot from behind as it was trying to get away.

Who is Richard Stubstad and what does he know about Bigfoot DNA?

Who is Richard Stubstad? Where did he come from? How does he know so much about the Bigfoot DNA project? What did he learn while working with Dr. Melba Ketchum? All these questions are answered below in a bio written by Richard Stubstad himself.