Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bigfoot Is A Cannibal?

Did you know that in a lot of Native American Bigfoot stories, Bigfoot is widely believed to be a cannibal? According to anthropologist Kathy Strain, the most common story is that it roamed around with a basket on its back and a sticky substance on its hands, snatching children to take home and eat. While there are several instances of stories involving Native Americans going to war with the creature, she observed that there are also tales of face-to-face trading between Bigfoot and various tribes. The legends, originating from the Oklahoma and Arkansas area, saw the Sasquatch receiving woven items like baskets and blankets in exchange for fish and obsidian.

On October 20th in Felton CA, Mike Rugg Will Turn The Bigfoot Skeptic World Upside Down

Mark your calendars and please plan to attend the October 20th Bigfoot Discovery Days V with Mike Rugg, Lenny Green, Bill Munns and the recently unearthed: Roger Patterson Reel One touring film along with the FULL Patterson/Gimlin footage. The reel hasn't been viewed publicly since the 1970s and it supposedly contains gems like witness interviews and Patterson pouring Bigfoot cast. It has now been converted to DVD and will officially be revealed.

Watch: Skateboarder Hits A Deer At 40mph

Not a Bigfoot, but still fun to watch. This video shows a skateboarder hitting a deer at 40mph during practice at a race in Colorado.

Matt Moneymaker On "Camper" Footage

If anyone knows anything about Bigfoot, that would be BFRO President/Finding Bigfoot star Matt Moneymaker. We all know from Finding Bigfoot that he can recognize a Bigfoot from a mile away. The "Camper" video was sent to Moneymaker via Twitter and this is what he tweeted back:

Watch "Skunk Ape Hunt Live Start Today" On YouTube

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Florida Skunk Ape Hunter Tim Fasano. You can visit his blog, Seminole Project.

Go to to follow live Twitter feed and live video and photos of this historical event. Be there!

Who Remember's This Movie?

"A chillin' new comedy in full Neandervision."

Brendan Fraser played a Neanderthal in this 1992 movie.

Here's The GPS Coordinates To Where You Can Find At Least 3 Bigfoots In Iowa

The following report is the reason why we believe there's a 9' tall hairy bipedal hominid in North America. A father and his son were out fishing 9 days ago (September 21) when they were visited by three Bigfoots. One Bigfoot got as close as 50ft from the fishermen and another one stopped to watch them at a distance of about 75ft. According to the fishermen, the figures started to scream and grunt and it sounded like more were on their way to the location.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Camper" Video Takes #9 Spot In FB/FB's Top 10 Best Bigfoot Videos

FB/FB believes the camper video is so good that they decided to make it #9 on their list of top Bigfoot videos. Being #9 is a big deal and somewhat validates the video as being authentic. #1 on their list is the "Anatomy of Patty of the PG film" by Bill Munns.

Sasquatch Scoop: Rick Dyer responds to Tent Video hoax

At the same time that Rick Dyer was in Las Vegas gambling his life away (he owns property in Vegas), FB/FB released a statement claiming they had nothing to do with the filming of the "Camper" video. Dyer received a message from Steve Alcorn at SasquatchScoop concerning the possible hoax and this was the response:

FB/FB Releases Public Statement Regarding Camper Video, Says It Looks Too Real To Be A Hoax

Don't expect any retraction from FB/FB folks because even if the footage is proven to be fake or a hoax, the morphology of the creature in the "Camper" footage is real. In other words, it doesn't matter if it's Bob Gimlin or Rick Dyer in a monkeysuit, as long as it moves like a Bigfoot, it's most likely real. There you have it, from the good folks at FB/FB. Here's an official statement posting on their wall an hour ago:

Tim Fasano: Florida Bigfoot Expedition Live On Twitter And Blog This Sunday, Monday

I have a blue tent. I wonder what I can shoot from inside of it!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Florida Skunk Ape Hunter Tim Fasano. You can visit his blog, Seminole Project.

You will be able to best follow our Florida Bigfoot Organization expedition. On the right sidebar on our blog,, there is a link to my Twitter feed where you will be updated live from the field with photos and text. The blog will also give you updates with text and video. We will start on Sundayafternoon and should go on til Monday.

Breaking: Was Cliff Barackman The Target Of An Elaborate Hoax? [Elbe Trackway]

According to nearly everyone who's involved with the Elbe Trackway investigation in WA, the tracks are probably faked. Initial opinions were mixed, but it is now without a doubt an elaborate hoax. The most disturbing part about this hoax was the suspicious email noticed that was first sent to Finding Bigfoot TV star Cliff Barackman, who was filming an episode for season 4. Due to his busy schedule, Barackman was unable to respond to the email, so instead, the witness decided to send another email out-- this time, to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) about a significant line of possible Bigfoot tracks near Barackman's home town in Portland, OR.

Listen To The Most Vocal Bigfoots In The U.S.

Are the most vocal Bigfoots in America from Isabella county? BFRO President Matt Moneymaker seems to think so. Bigfoot researcher / school principal Jim Sherman has been on a roll lately with at least one awesome wood knock response recorded on tape. But that's not all. He's got what he believes is evidence of vocalization.

FB/FB Where Possible Hoaxers Send their Videos to be Authenticated? [Humor]

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Team Tazer Bigfoot member Cot a.k.a the Chicken of Truth.

I COT am just a simple chicken with extra super heroic powers, one of my favorite powers to use is my bullcrap detection power. When FB/FB decided to post the now infamous camper video, they authenticated the video as being the real deal. Jack Barnes the fearless leader of FB/FB and by what I am told, one of the smart humans on this planet earth recently made a statement that was forwarded to Shawn on his Blog Bigfoot Evidence. The arrogant Barns and the FB/FB team believe that "this video had to be done by expert, for it to be so realistic he even mentions they have on film an anatomically correct Sasquatch."

Friday, September 28, 2012

If You Have A Piece Of Bigfoot Flesh, You Will Probably Be Required To Sign This Paper [Ketchum DNA]

Thanks to Steven Streufert and The Bigfoot Field Reporter for posting this copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement Dr. Melba Ketchum hands out to sample submitters. Once signed, submitters are purportedly prohibited from sharing samples with other labs and forced to not talk about the samples submitted to the Ketchum's lab.

TheZaskman: Sign This Petition For The Scientific Investigation and Disclosure of North American Native Species

TheZaskman is back and he has some more convincing to do. They need over 24,000 more signatures by October 25, 2012 to move things forward. It's a long shot and they probably won't reach their goal of 25,000, but at least they're trying, right?

Glenn Soutter's Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Photo Recreation

In early 2008 Melissa Hovey was contacted via email by a person claiming to have photographed a Bigfoot. Hovey sat on it for 4 years until she finally decided to release in February 2012. Since the release of the photograph, it has been analyzed by M.K. Davis and numerous other Bigfoot researchers like Bill Munns, who noticed some problems with the photo. Munns concluded that the figure seems suspicious, and while it cannot be called an outright fake, it could easily be faked. "If it is fake, it does represent a fair amount of both skill and expense on the part of the fabricator," Munns said.

FB/FB Believes The "Camper" Video Is Not A Hoax Because The Hoaxer Swears It's Real

Almost everyone is familiar with the genesis of the phrase, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" The Wizard of Oz, who uttered this famous phrase. Some people need to see the actual person pulling the levers to be convinced of what's going on. FB/FB is standing firm on their "Camper" authentication video. To pull off something so real-- they believe it would have taken an expert to know the correct anatomical details of a Sasquatch. In an email response to Tim Mitchel, FB/FB's Jack Barnes aka "The smartest man in the world" wrote that it would have been "a tall order" to orchestrate such a thing:

A Real Life Dragon, Not a Werewolf

There's other stuff out there to read about besides Bigfoot you know. Like real dragons! This little gal was discovered back in 2009 in Indonesia.

Thom Powell: I'm inclined to say that the Elbe trackway looks fake

When the Elbe, WA trackway was first discovered by Scott Taylor last week, Thom Powell was one of the first investigators to show up at the scene. According to early reports, the tracks were real and showed some incredible details such as visible signs of dermal ridges. Powell thought the first tracks collected by investigator Rick Noll and others were some of the most detailed tracks he had ever seen. The trackway is one of the longest in history, with 150 footprints; it easily surpasses the "London Trackway" from early this year by about 30 prints.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is FB/FB (FACEBOOK FINDBLOBSQUATCH) Eager To Help Hoaxers Get Confirmation On Their Videos As Factual Bigfoot Evidence?

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor, Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

This is a long time coming… When the self-appointed know-it-alls of Bigfoot research, FB/FB, confirms the video of a hoaxer, could it be that they are part of the hoax and we just do not know about it? Rumor has it that they have a lot of cash to fling around and may have paid people off to keep them quiet. Jack Barnes, the supposed genius and head leader of FB/FB, must be trying to do some damage control right now, or not-- they seem to never retract anything they do.

Steve Kulls Calls It: Tent video is from Rick Dyer…

"Notice the tent, as seen of"
- Steve Kulls

TheSquatchDetective, Steve Kulls is now 100% certain that tent shown on Rick Dyer's website, is the same one used in the "camper" video. Kulls wrote this on his blog just moments ago:

Sharon Lee On Cell Phone Video Hoax And Facebook Find Bigfoot

Here's an excerpt from the Bigfoot Field Reporter, Sharon Lee regarding the latest development concerning the "Camper" video that was recently confirmed by Facebook Find Bigfoot as the real deal:

Breaking: Is Rick Dyer Behind The Camper/Tent Hoax?

Carl Olinselot posted this photo showing a blue tent belonging to Rick Dyer, the infamous Georgia 2008 Bigfoot hoaxer. The blue tent appears to be an exact match of the one in the "camper" footage. Credit goes to Steve Alcorn SasquatchScoop and Steve Kulls for breaking this.

Behold: 1,000,000 Imaginary Bucks If You Can List The People In This Drawing

"The Last Bigfoot", after 2,000 years in the making-- it is finally complete! Rictor Riolo da Vinci has put all his blood, sweat and tears into this masterpiece and we can't be more impressed.

This was quite the project. And I want to thank everyone involved in supporting me and having faith in me for doing this. This Last Supper portrait is dedicated to everyone in the online Bigfoot community. Everyone has a part to play and this is their moment. - Rictor Riolo

Enhanced Images Of The Alleged Camper/Tent Bigfoot Footage

"I see big sunglasses and a Groucho Marx nose and mustache. What about you?"
- Steven Streufert

We just got off the phone with TheSquatchDetective, Steve Kulls and he says he definitely on the case now. We've also spoken with Steve Alcorn of SasquatchScoop and he tells us he will be working with Kulls to uncover the truth about the video camper/tent video. On the surface, everything about it appears bogus, and seems to play to the same tune as other hoaxes we've seen in the past. Extraordinary claims, delays and setbacks are typically what see before something materializes into a hoax. While we're waiting for the two Steves to break things down for us, here are some enhanced photos showing a Patty look-alike and what looks like a man with sunglasses.

Here It Is: The Bigfoot Camper/Tent Video In Color, Still Sucks Really Bad

It looks like there's more to this story than originally thought. Could a serial hoaxer be behind all this? What does FB/FB have to do with this? Are they being hoaxed? Why the reference to Steve Kulls? So many questions, people. So many questions...

Here's the video we dubbed "FB/FB's Camper Bigfoot Video" in FULL COLOR:

Is It Wrong To Charge For A Bigfoot Expedition?

The BFRO has often been criticized for charging people to go on expeditions. Participants generally pay around $300 and "newbies" sometimes pay a one-time fee of up to $500. The exorbitant fees for participation have caused former members and some critics to wonder whether the organization is doing it all for money or are they doing it for a higher cause. To be fair, BFRO expedition organizer, Matt Pruit (who gets a 50% cut of the revenue) claims he really doesn't make a dime after all the expenses are paid.

Report of Bigfoot (Neanderthal-looking man) Slinging Mud at Frog Catcher In Florida

A man in Florida just submitted a report to the BFRO after watching Finding Bigfoot and wrote about an encounter he had with Bigfoot while frogging the day after Thanksgiving (November 23, 1990). According to the report, the man's life changed forever when he locked eyes with a Neanderthal-looking man slinging mud at him in his airboat.

FB/FB's "Camper" Video Now Wrapped Up In Confidentiality-NDAs

We'll say it right now; the guys at FB/FB for are being taken for a ride. The owner of the video must have taken some cues from the Ketchum camp in how to keep people glued to their seats and turn everything into a waiting game. According to Steve Kulls aka TheSquatchdetective, the poster of the video ShootingSasquatch is now claiming that there was more than one camera and they are now "bound by Confidentially Non-disclosure Agreements" to not discuss the video.

Watch This Awesome: Searching for BIGFOOT Music Video

Here's a message from COT (The Chicken of Truth) about this awesome new music video produced by Harry Metz:

Joe Black Captures Bigfoot With iPhone, FB/FB's Samsung Note "Camper" Footage Now Feels A Lot Clearer

We don't know how Scott Carpenter (aka Joe Black) does it, but Bigfoot loves to make an appearance and pose for his camera no matter where he's at. During a camping trip in July 2011, Scott took a boating trip to his favorite research spot near the shore. According to Scott, the best way to get Bigfoot's attention is with a woman's voice, so he had his wife call out the Bigfoot asking them to come down to the shoreline to visit them. About five minutes later, the Bigfoots made themselves known and Scott was able to capture it with his iPhone.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Is An Alleged Yowie Hand, Not A Werewolf Claw

An alleged yowie hand was found lodged in a gate on a property near Casino, NSW, between 1986-88. According to newspaper reports, the property’s owners sent it to various experts, including multiple laboratories, but no-one knew what it belonged to. The hand measured 25cm in length. Eventually its smell became overwhelming and the owners threw it out!

Team Tazer Hunting Bigfoot in Ohio & Lizardman

Is the Lizardman a misidentified skunk ape or a real-life scaly bipedal lizard? If you've heard about it or seen one biting off your car bumper, please contact Michael Merchant on his YouTube channel.

FB/FB's Camper Video Was Filmed Using a "Galaxy Note" Not an iPhone-- Details of Bigfoot Eating, Walking, Running To Come

We want to apologize for saying the iPhone camera sucks. According to FB/FB's latest posting, the blurry "Camper" video was filmed using a Galaxy Note, an Android phone. This is straight from the horse's mouth, and yes, there will be a "full press conference" concerning the footage:

Petition: People for The Scientific Investigation and Disclosure of North American Native Species

Are you ready for a unified effort to validate the existence of Bigfoot? Are you ready for the full disclosure of the government cover-up of Bigfoot (if there's any)? If you said yes to all that, TheZaskman wants you to sign the following petition so we can hopefully get the attention of the Obama Administration:

Listen to Michael Merchant On Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio at 6 PM PST / 9 EST

Today at 6 PM PST / 9 EST - Michael Merchant spills the beans. Will it be Sharon Lee or Rictor Riolo he confesses his love to? Tune in to find out!

From Our Forum: Is Dr. Ketchum Part Of A Government Cover-up?

If Dr. Melba Ketchum ever decides to drop her Bigfoot DNA study and disappear, the conspiracy theories will surely follow. The recent fallout between Dr. Ketchum and publicist Sally Ramey has left some to wonder if the government had anything to do with it. The following was posted on the Bigfoot Evidence forum by member Tzieth. The thread ponders whether Ketchum may have gotten too close to proving the existence of Bigfoot and if the government is paying her to undo the discovery. There are a number of reasons why the government would want to cover-up the existence of Bigfoot, including the protection of the logging industry and religion.

New Footage: Indie Filmmaker Films Strange Figure In Woods

We're not sure what this strange figure is. In our opinion, it could just be a tree stump, but according to Jame Jones, an indie filmmaker, the dark figure just appeared out of nowhere and it wasn't there the day before. Here's what he wrote about the video:

Skookum - Donate Now!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are commited to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. You can visit their blog at


Listen: Sasquatch Live Radio Talks About "Bluff Creek Massacre" And The Elbe Trackway [Uncensored]

Here's Jaime Arcand again talking about the *#$%ing Bluff Creek Massacre and the purported Bigfoot tracks discovered outside Elbe, WA.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's The Best Phone For Taking Bigfoot Footage? iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920?

Let's face it-- For taking videos of Bigfoot standing by your tent, the iPhone sucks. We learned from two Bigfoot videos over the years that the iPhone's stabilization feature just isn't good enough to take those quick shots of Bigfoot running away. There's a better phone out there that could do a better job. According to reports, Nokia's new phone, the Lumia 920, packs the industry's best image stabilization. They say this phone is able to capture far smoother video than any iPhone or any non-Nokia phone that's currently out there. How good is this phone compared to the iPhone? Check out this side-by-side comparison video by Engadget:

The Bigfoot Field Reporter Wants Everyone To "Unlike" FB/FB's Fanpage Over Recent Video

It's getting bad out there folks. The backlash has begun. While the recent video released by FB/FB isn't all that bad compared to their other breakdown videos, it seems people are now fed-up with the "hype". Sharon Lee wrote this on her Facebook fanpage today urging everyone to remove Facebook Finding Bigfoot from their Facebook stream:

Did You Know That M.K. Davis Is an Amateur Astronomer and a Tornado Chaser?

Our friend Sharon Day at Autumn Forest Ghost Hunter blog recently did an extensive interview with M.K. Davis. The article goes deep into the world M.K. Davis and what he does on his free time. For example, did you know that Davis filmed "the largest tornado" ever caught on tape? Davis claims it was one of the most difficult things he'd ever done.

Don't Give Up On Facebook Find Bigfoot Yet, The FLIR Video Exists But You Can't See It

Look. We know many of you are disappointed with FB/FB's latest video. Steve Kulls took great offense to the hype they created and went as far as questioning whether the whole thing was a hoax. Let's be clear about this. The video released last night obviously wasn't the thermal footage we wrote about two weeks ago. According to Steve's conversation with FB/FB representative Adam Bird today, a thermal footage does exist, but they're not planning to release it anytime soon.

Wow!: Three New Abominable Snowmen Sightings In Row In Siberia

If you're looking for a Squatchy place to take your family to this year, Russia's remote Kemerovo region is where it's all happening right now. This region is home to about 30 "abominable snowmen" and the Daily Mail is reporting that there have been at least three new recent sightings in Siberia. "Officials" in Russia are dishing out some amazing reports lately from fishermen and government workers.

Check out these reports: