Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bigfoot Expeditions: Who's the cheapest?

We've heard some amazing stories from recent BFRO expeditions and we wondered how much it would cost to join in on the fun. After searching around, we discovered how much the BFRO currently charges compared to others. We also discovered some alternative Bigfoot groups you may be interested in if you believe Matt Moneymaker is overcharging.

Here are some rates that we found, starting from most expensive to the cheapest.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO)

Info: Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) is a research organization that gathers and distributes data about the cryptid Bigfoot. The organization was founded in 1995 by Matt Moneymaker, a Sasquatch researcher. BFRO has thirty curators who investigate sightings and interview witnesses. Another 300 junior associates do field work. The BFRO conducted the field research which led to the discovery of the Skookum Cast. Their database of Bigfoot sightings is the largest on the internet.They have catalogued 4120 sightings of the Bigfoot creature worldwide. BFRO investigations are the subject of an entire television series called Finding Bigfoot which is on Animal Planet channel.

What you'll learn on the expedition:
An expedition with the BFRO is an opportunity to learn and see and hear many things that cannot easily be seen, or heard or learned with anywhere else. 

Not unlike a long weekend spent with a professional fishing guide, a long weekend with the BFRO will allow you to learn what would take years to learn on your own, and would cost you a whole lot more than $300 in the process.

Mike Green's Expedition

Info: Michael Greene, the man who captured footage of a 7-foot Bigfoot on his thermal imager in 2009. A few months ago, Greene hosted a Bigfoot expedition where he lead a four-day Bigfoot hunt through the woods south of Uwharrie National Forest. Last time, the tickets sold like hotcakes!

  • Fee: $300 (according to last expedition)
  • Pro: You'll have a chance to bang on trees with baseball bats, hoping nature's bashful giant will prick up an ear. And you may also get to see the full version of Mike Greene's Squeaky thermal video, valued at $2.00 US dollars.
  • Con: Mike may still charge you $2.00 to see Squeaky.
  • More Info:

What you'll learn on the expedition:
Even if the woods reveal nothing wilder than a squirrel, Green promises fun with expensive Sasquatch-detecting equipment - which makes stealth even less possible.

So Greene's motto, by inviting hordes into the forest with him, by tramping and stomping through their hidden Eden, is let the furries know you're there. If they whoop, whoop back. Let them know modern man, with his clothing and his cars and his soap, means no harm.

If Bigfoot want come, Bigfoot come.

Rick Dyer's Expedition (

Info from their website: "Since late 2008, Rick Dyer and the team at have been on a worldwide search to finally prove or disprove the legand of Bigfoot to the public. They have set up camp in some of the most extensive and deepest forests of the world. From Saratov, Russia, to making their way through the deep forest Yucatan Mexico, their experience in Unquestionable. The Team at doesn't know what awaits for them in the woods."

  • Fee: Last expedition hosted October near Tulsa, OK was FREE. December 2011 expedition already sold out.
  • Pro: A chance to finally meet one of the Georgia Boys who admitted to pulling off the dead-Bigfoot-in-a-freezer hoax.
  • Con: There is no guarantree that you will or will not see a dead Bigfoot in a freezer.
  • More Info:

What you'll learn on the expedition:

From their website: "A long weekend with the BFT will allow you to learn what would take years to learn on your own. The BFT has identified many potential habitat zones after collecting thousands of sighting reports for more than 3 years. The expeditions target these habitat zones.

The expeditions are scientific in nature, but you will only understand where these efforts fall in the scientific process once you have experienced it for yourself. No other scientific efforts will happen with respect to these animals unless these expeditions happen first, because the BFT is figuring out how these animals can be studied.

One of the purposes of these expeditions is to show people how these animals operate, so more people can help us identify other habitat areas Worldwide

At this stage, many previous expedition attendees have managed to encounter these animals in other areas, after learning our techniques for identifying habitat zones and provoking an encounter there."


  1. This was a great post! Haha. I gotta say, though, that possibly meeting Matt Moneymaker would not be an incentive for me. I would want a guarantee he's NOT on my expedition. I'd like to see you do a post about how much the equipment costs.

    1. I go into remote areas of the Cascades but not looking for the our "friend". However I have run into them on several trips, spoke in "Salish" to them and left them food. It's taken 4 years to earn their trust. Some have gone with me and seen them also. The ones that go with me and have seen them will not go with me again?? I would NEVER even think of charging anyone to go with me. I am a former state police officer and a US Army veteran and believe in doing things right and protecting the living. These "forest people" look and sound human to me. I have a rule if it doesn't bother me I don't bother it. Leave them alone.

    2. Matt Moneymaker is a former "attorney" do I need to say more??

    3. i was thinking about joining the bfro but i don't wont do that now is there any australian
      bigfoot group

  2. You can always go out on your own and hunt, knock on trees or whatever. You probably won't get the same effect though without somebody from whatever group you would have gone with to throw rocks or call out 'vocalazations'. It would be alot cheaper though.

  3. Great post Shawn.

    When I read this, I can't help but think about what the future holds for the Sasquatch. If there are this many people searching for him now, what's gonna happen when the species is recognized? I'm scared for the creature as too how many entrepeneurs are gonna come out of nowhere and start invading their territory. Are people gonna start capturing and relocating for the purpose of profit. Are people gonna try and creat their own "jurrasic park" for people to go on a wild tours in a massive fenced in area so they can see the "giant". Don't think its gonna be to good for them. (Sasquatch)

    Humans are definately an interesting bunch. At least we will always keep an exciting future on the horizon, not just with the "big fella", but in everything we do.

    Anyways, just a few thoughts.

  4. "Expedition" was stupid to begin with... so now everyone says expedition. It's a freaking camping trip.

  5. I think I'll stick to my own thing,I prefer it that way.
    It will probably take me longer,but I'll enjoy it more.
    I tend to colour outside the lines so I probably wouldn't be a good fit for something like this.
    I'm sure other people would thoroughly enjoy it.

  6. Guess how tall Mike Green is 7 ft tall wow same size as the creature in his video. hmmm Now that doesn't make it fake but experts in thermal have a real prolem withthe video.

  7. Mike Green is more like 6'6ish.

  8. True about Mike Green. I have seen the entire thermal video. He does a height comparison (the creature to himself) by standing in the exact same area and he uses the overlay of the thermal video and a video of himself standing in the exact same location as the creature in the thermal imager. He uses different trees that the creature stood beside of as reference points. The creature looks to be atleast a 1/2 foot taller than Green.

  9. Maybe Green is just hunched over. Better yet, the thermal image of the tall figure could be a very lanky, homeless, washed up NBA basketball player who was living in the forest. The homeless BB player seized the opportunity to get a free candy bar, not realizing that he was being videoed. No way that could be a real "unknown" creature in the video. We are way to intelligent as a race of people to let something as large as the creature in Green's video to go undetected in our modern world. We have essentially discovered all there is to discovere when it comes to large species of animals. Everyone is wrong. The mainstream scientific community is right. Those of you who keep seeing things that aren't there need to realize that people with a much greater education level than you have already discussed the topic of Bigfoot, and we have came to our humble conclusion that bigfoot, unicorns, fairies, etc. are all figments of your simple minded imaginations. Sorry for the reality check.

  10. How the heck did Rick Dyer magically regain credibility? For anyone that does not know who he is, he was the co-perpetrator of the "Georgia Bigfoot body hoax". Shameless attempt by him, his partner and possibly Tom Biscardi and company to exploit the news media and the public.
    Now he is leading expeditions and has his own research organization now? Just like nothing ever happened?

    Do you guys actually care about ethics? Why would you represent him as a legitimate operator?

  11. There is an alternative expedition I started running 2 summers ago. For the past ten years we have a one week family reunion at my sister and brother in law's cabin in the Sand Lake area of the Huron National Forest in Michigan, during the Fourth of July. My sisters come from Michigan, Florida, and California with their families. Two years ago I started a Bigfoot overnight camping trip with my nephews who are in their very early 20s, in a secluded area of the Huron National Forest. We whoop and bang on trees, but mostly we consume huge quantities of beer, and get silly, and listen to my sisters call every half and hour to see if their boys are OK. Like the high price expeditions there is no guarantee to encounter any bigfoot, however it is a hell of a bonding excursion. And summer of 2010 we did have a handful of rocks thrown at us which freaked a couple of my nephews. Incidentally there is no cost for this expedition, only the cost of beer and food to cook.

    Chuck in Ohio

  12. WTF, pay some one to do what you can on your own???? Its like bottled water, what is the point?

  13. Because you can't do it on your own. Sure you can run around and bang trees any ole place in the forest but you won't get the same results as the BFRO. There are reasons for this.

  14. I would think that you'd have a greater chance of successfully encountering a bigfoot by entering the forest alone. When you walk in with a group, the sasquatches are likely already aware of your presence and long gone shortly thereafter.

    In his bigfoot book, the late Dr. Grover Krantz put forth the idea that a lone, experienced big game hunter would perhaps have the best chance of bagging a squatch. This may be the most feasible way to take one out.

  15. What about the expedition group BagSquatch. They provide automatic weapons to all the participants and instruct them to shoot at anything that looks like a bigfoot. I've read that, on their last two expeditions, less participants came out than went in.

  16. Anonymous-I don't know how you can assume people can't do it on their own.
    Not everyone walks around banging on any old tree and wanders aimlessly in the forest.
    If the group thing works for the BFRO,then that's great,but it's not everybody's thing.
    I'm curious.When people sign on for one of these "expeditions" do they waive their rights to any evidence found,or does the finder retain the rights?
    I'm not singling out the BFRO,I'm including all expedition hosts.

  17. The advantage the BFRO has is simply experience. They know how to locate the areas which have the best chances of sasquatches living in them. Are all expeditions screaming successes with Class A sightings? Of course not but chances are that on an expedition you will have things occur which other people on many other expeditions have also experienced. The idea of the expeditions is to learn to be a researcher and gain the experience doing so.

    And no, the BFRO does not claim your evidence. You own any video or photo's you take.

  18. Anonymous-Thanks for the reply.Your comments were very informative.

  19. DesertBigfoot : Never a fee, but invitation only.

    We are just a bunch of guys that are not looking for fame or fortune. We just have something in common, the passion for bigfoot....And we seem to get lucky. :) We just want to make sure someone "fits" into the group before we invite them out. Can't have crazies out there with us.

  20. The BFRO knows bupkiss about finding BF. They go to areas that have sighting histories, then they take dozens of people in and make a crap load of noise. Then they start to plant the idea that BF is around, getting everyone excited. Sometimes they start to indicate that common forest sounds are "them".
    Anyone can go to areas that have sightings and go in quietly to see what happens. There are mountains of data on the web to learn how to look for sign and find good local areas to check out. Much of it is just common sense.
    Apart from the BFRO sighting database, they are next to useless at actually finding anything. They do have some good people that do find stuff, but not with 30 novices trailing them through the forest. Their expeditions are a fairly profitable business for Matt.

  21. Based on the above post it is pretty clear you've never been on a BFRO expedition and understand very very little about what really goes on at them.

  22. Actually I have been on one. I was on the 2005 Pennsylvania expedition, an audio clip of which can be heard on their website. Matt actively encouraged a girl to believe there was a Sasquatch in the bushes right next to her car. I was within sight of her car the entire time and could see there was nothing there. Listen to the clip. It's a bunch of nonsense that Matt created.

    BTW - is that you, Matt?? Or a minion perhaps?

  23. There is also the monkey suit in Matt's rental car during an expedition debacle. That one's been forgotten for quite some time now since it was several years ago...

  24. If you were on the 2005 expedition and were that close to her car then you are calling her a liar. Why don't you go to the BFRO forum and create a thread on that exact topic using your REAL NAME and everyone who was on the '05 expedition can discuss. Should be easy enough to verify your story. Get back to us with that link k ?

  25. Matt - I am not calling that expedition participant a liar at all. She never claimed to see anything specific. You blew up the shadows in the bushes and the sticks breaking in the woods into a full scale Sasquatch visitation. How about you post the link to the clip here, since it seems to have been taken down from the BFRO site? And BTW - I highly doubt that the other expedition participants give 2 shits whether anyone claims that "incident" was fabricated or not. The lady in question was a sheriff's deputy somewhere and I'm sure she isn't interested in publicly backing a claim to have had friendly Sasquatches come visit her car out in the woods with a bunch of other BF nuts,right?

  26. Yeah, I remember reading about that monkey suit in the car story some years ago. If there's any reality to that story, it wouldn't surprise me if the rock throwing at expedition participants isn't also part of the package. As someone posted above, to make the participants feel like they're getting their money's worth.

  27. LOL - go throw 500 bucks to Matt and see for yourself! Let me be clear, there are some quality people working with the BFRO. If you can put up with Matt's crap, they do have great resources available to use for your own research. Anything that the BFRO curators have discovered was found by individuals or small groups of dedicated people. Maybe they have run across some Sasquatches on a few expeditions. Again because they strategically use sighting reports to zero in on an area. But charging hundreds of dollars for you to come along is obviously profiteering, right? Why would you need them to go find an active sighting area? If you want a wealth of info on finding BF, go to the Bigfoot Forums and start reading. This is not a really specialized field at all. The biggest challenge is the nature of the creature you're looking for. For the most part, they do not want to be seen and you will not see them if that is the case. Sometimes, depending on where you are and various other conditions, they will allow themselves to be "recognized" or even seen. The BFRO has a great database. That is the only reason anyone would want to be part of it. They experts are no more knowledgeable than anyone else that reads up and gets out in the woods.

  28. PA 2005 person ... The link to that PA recording with Matt hasn't been taken down. It's in the same place it has been since 2005.

    And when I listen to that recording, it really makes me wonder how someone could claim that Matt was "blowing it up in her mind" rather than just trying to calm her down, as he listens to her (a sheriff deputy) reacting to what she was seeing. SHE said she was seeing something large approaching her. The other people in the woods near her, including you, apparently, were confirming that also.

    And so, what else are you tripping about? And why? ... Did you get banned from attending more BFRO expeditions because you make ridiculous claims like that? You really sounds like someone who is grabbing at phony straws trying to diminish the rep of a club he's been excluded from permanently. Is that what happened to you?


    One guy who was banned from BFRO expeditions in that era was a complete nutcase in West Virginia who came to the base camp one night and bragged about his sidearm while telling insane stories to people who became increasingly afraid of him. One of the participants eventually called the cops on that guy (no weapons were allowed in the campground) but he left before they arrived on scene. A few days later that same crazy guy got on open forums and claimed someone called the sheriff because he got in a fight with Matt after catching Matt unpacking a bigfoot costume from a vehicle. Fortunately there were at least 20 witnesses who saw what really happened with this gun-toting crazy person. They know why the police were called. Only the nutcase liar ever claimed to have seen Matt with a costume at an expedition. This rumor from WV was investigated, however, by an ESPN reporter years ago (Don Barone). He asked the local police about the incident and they confirmed the BFRO's side of the story, adding that the person in question is indeed deranged and is well known by area residents for making up wild stories off the cuff.

    The sort of people who bring up those rumors ... rumors of alleged shenanigans on BFRO expeditions ... things that were looked into and completely debunked years ago (because there were always so many other witnesses who observed what really happened) ... those sorts of people are usually folks who were banned from BFRO expeditions ... One of the reasons people will get banned from BFRO expeditions is if they make up stories a lot, or push bogus rumors they know to be untrue. Is that what happened to you?


  29. Matt - First of all, why are YOU posting here as Anonymous, referring to yourself in the third person, then signing the post as MM?

    Are you stoned right now?

    Secondly, I invite anyone to listen to that clip and decide whether you led that girl on or not. I haven't heard it in quite a while, but from what I remember, you guided her nicely through the entire event.

    Thirdly, I think it is amusing that you are here on this blog defending the BFRO from alleged "reports of shenanigans" personally. I guess it makes sense, but now that you're a popular TV personality, it seems funny. Especially since anyone can watch the stupid show and see first hand how you operate in the woods!!

    Anyone else care to chime in on this? How does everyone enjoy the show and how Matt conducts himself? A real gas, eh??

    In any case, who can blame you for making a profit off anyone that wants to piggy back off of your experiences? If I didn't want to go out alone and search for BF, what better way than a guided tour by experts, right? Except for the fact that you guys provide nothing except a location and some handholding. Along with strategic orchestrated excitement of course. Would you care to describe for everyone here exactly what they get for 500 bucks?

    Cheers to you, my man! You will go down in history as one of many profiteers that made a living off of BF. Until they are actually revealed to mainstream science of course. Then you and your organization become pretty unnecessary unfortunately.

  30. One more little item. Believe it or not, there are many, many people that have hated the BFRO for years because of the way you guys have treated other researchers and f-ed up their research areas. You guys think you are the one and only BF authorities and anything others are doing is to be belittled, compromised, and criticized at all costs. I am aware of instances where BFRO people have aggressively kicked others out of camping areas where you wanted to set up for an expedition, as well as coordinated attempts to discredit perfectly legitimate researchers that happen to have stumbled onto an area you are interested in. You guys are less than legitimate and I hope others will chime in with their real world experience with the BFRO.

  31. Some of the people who speak up for the BFRO and MM anonymously (on this web site especially), sign it as MM ... if you haven't noticed. It's been a running joke.

  32. Nope. Assumed it was him. If it's interesting enough, he'll get around to reading it hopefully. That makes it even more entertaining. There are people in a volunteer BF research organization that are so brainwashed (or well paid) by Matt, that they will argue for him on weblogs.

    Too cool

  33. There's nothing wrong with someone trying to make a buck. That's what business is. As long as people are willing to pay $500 a trip, then you have a business with paying customers.

    I'm sure if there was major issues with the organization (BFRO), they would have been out of business a long time ago. But they aren't, and they still sell out every expedtion.

    Sounds more like a personality confflict. Maybe people have issues with Matt (the owner), but nothing wrong with that. That's why you try and surround yourself with other good people to make a successful business.

    I'm in business, and I don't like all the owners I deal with. But most of the time I don't have to deal with them, they have other people below them to talk with that are paid to keep the business moving forward. It what makes a successfull business. Surround yourself with people that make up for your defficiencies.


  34. Well put.

    Let me ask you this then. Is your business built on misrepresentation? Matt's is. He and the BFRO purposely misrepresent what is going on during those expeditions. Do you aggressively use libel and slander to try and put your competition out of the business?? Matt does.

    If you think that is just fine and Matt is just another guy out to put food on the table, it would be great if you'd publish your business's name and location, so we can avoid it...

  35. That's what he does. But when any volunteer group grows and takes in more members, there will occasionally be a new person who must be ejected, because of something they do that bothers other people. If that never happens then eventually there will be people in the group who turn off and repel all the other group members. Someone needs to be the bad guy sometimes, and apparently that is Matt himself. Yes, his character seems to facilitate playing the bad guy ... but there's also no way to avoid it in his situation.

  36. "He and the BFRO purposely misrepresent what is going on during those expeditions."

    So only BFRO members contribute to the expedition reports? Aren't all the participants encouraged to write up what they observed, including their honest opinions about what happened, as long as they don't reveal exactly WHERE it happened? That's what I see on the BFRO's public forum.

    Usually it is a new participant who writes up the post-expedition report. Are you saying that new people are instructed (and/or threatened) by someone(s)in the BFRO to misrepresent what happened on an expedition? Were you ever encouraged by Matt to misrepresent things that happened on an expedition? Can you cite a specific instance of that ... or are you the one misrepresenting things here??

  37. To this idiot who challenges anyone to listen the audio and see how Matt led her through the event take a listen:

    Matt does NOTHING but ask her questions about what she is experiencing and tries to reassure her about her fears. There is not even the slightest evidence of Matt guiding or leading her on her on.

    - BRFO Expedition Attendee (BFROEA)

  38. Not sure if you're trying to imply that I am a former BFRO member? I am not. I am friends with some current and former members though. What I am, is someone who has been doing this crazy stuff for many years, and I have seen how charlatans are drawn like flies to it. Matt was the first.

    I'll say it again, but I think some here are unaware of ethical considerations altogether...

    Matt and the BFRO are purposely misrepresenting their "product", and their primary mission is to MAKE MONEY. That being said, here is their "mission statement"...

    Anything in there about profit generating activities? Do YOU think it's worth 500 bucks to go in the woods with some people and play "Find the hairy guys"? Whether people are stupid enough to do it is irrelevant.

    As PT Barnum said...

  39. Thanks to the person who provided the audio link.
    I just listened to it and didn't hear anything out of line.
    The woman was obviously frightened and Matt tried to calm her and help her overcome the fear.
    If people want to shell out money for a BFRO expedition,that is their choice.If they felt they were ripped off,they could take it up with the management.

    I wish all this animosity in the community was as elusive as Bigfoot.
    It's one of the many reasons I prefer to work alone.

  40. This anonymous poster sounds like someone who has done this sort of thing in the past.
    I'm not going to accuse or use his name,but the whole "MONEY" talk sure sounds like him.
    Why post as anonymous?
    So far no evidence has provided for these wild claims.
    I certainly am not part of the BFRO,I just despise this mudslinging.

  41. Go ahead and register on the BFRO public forum and just try and post something challenging BFRO findings. Go ahead and try.

  42. So the BFRO people who post and sign MM for Matt Moneymaker. Is that like V for Vendetta with the Guy Falkes masks?

  43. Most companies would not let people be slanderous on their website. Not good for business. Commen sense.

    Go away!

  44. Hey Go Away!

    Learn to spell. The BFRO is supposed to be scientific clearing house for BF information. Not a company that doesn't tolerate "slander" on their public forum.


  45. I was on the expedition in question and will tell everyone what I have told many others in the past. There was never any suit and the entire sordid allegation is ridiculous. Like it or not like him or not Matt Moneymaker has always been one of the best at what he does- he would not be within a mile of any suit.

    The situation was not handled well though and the whole thing should not have happened. You all saw Jim LeBus on this blog. He is harmless and does not mean to cause any trouble. He kept telling people to give him their belt knives so he could throw them away and then talk about why you should carry a bunch of different knives. The pistol remained holstered and he eventually left. It was the same night of his BigFoot story- he just said private property instead of park when he talked about the location and that and the fact he thought it may have been someone from the party is why he did not fire.

    Read the rules of the BFRO Forums- you only get banned when you use offensive language. As far as trying to control what is said this is simply not true. This site is owned by the BFRO and people often criticize them. Look at the Finding Bigfoot Banner above negative comments about the BFRO are not just taken down. The only comments ever removed involve the use of profanity.

  46. Moneymaker doesn't even attend most of those expeditions now. He works on the TV show. There's a different organizer for every state -- locals who know their very areas well. A lot of people come away from BFRO expeditions saying they heard or saw a bigfoot. Maybe they did. Maybe those locals know where to go, so it doesn't even involve Moneymaker anymore. Do you think he directs them all to fake things on the expeditions? That makes all those organizers total phonies. Do you really think they're all phonies? C'mon ...

  47. I like the SquatchBag group posted above. They're the only ones with the right idea. Although, I'm not sure that giving each participant a gun is a safe idea. All of these other groups don't seem to be interested in a capture or kill. A specimen is needed. Nothing else will prove that bigfoot exists.

  48. Dumb ass! There is no SquatchBag or BagSquatch expedition group. Someone is trying to be funny.

  49. Anon from BFRO here. Like stated above, MM is busy with several other projects so these trips are managed by members in their respective states. No one claims to be a "guru" or "BF whisperer". We explain basic concepts to the participants and expected behavior from them. We typically break up into smaller groups over a large area. Sometimes we are sucessfil, sometimes not.

    We encourage participants to take away the skills/methods demonstrated to them and "hit the woods" with friends in the future applying what they have learned.

    It's an experience... We aren't LeBus, or Tom, or Rick...

    You get what you pay for.

  50. Mr. Dyer was on our Expedition in Paris,TX..Fun Guy..

  51. I love watching Finding Bigfoot on TV. What a laugh! These idiots do things that absolutely contradict EVERYTHING they say. It is VERY obvious they have never hunted, nor spend any time in the woods, save for a couple of hours with a film crew. None of them could track a rabbit in the snow, let alone an animal that knows they are hunting them. Does anyone really think an animal that has ANIMAL senses would go anywhere near them. They need to spend a few thousand hours hunting whitetails so they know what SHY means. They all act like twelve year olds in the woods, and I wouldn't take a one of them into the wilderness for fear of being sued for their stupid mistakes.
    IF Bigfoot exists then it needs to be hunted and tracked by professional hunters, not loudmouth amateurs that haven't got a clue how to act in the woods.

  52. I have looked in to some of these things in the past. and I could see charging if they were taking the people to places that they could not get in to on their own, but it seems most of the trips are to public places like state parks. So if you want to look for bigfoot just go. Plus what do you thing the chances are of seeing or finding any thing with a group of 50 or 60 people, really. Let us not forget what the difference is between an amateur and a professional, a pro. gets paid. Most of these people that claim to be professionals or experts are self proclaimed as such. 300-500 bucks seems like a lot just to meat some one the likes of moneymaker. or any one else for that fact. Oh I almost forgot, how to pick a place to go by listening to eye witness accounts. try this get a map and spend some time on the net reading accounts, so we read the account we put a pin in the map, we read the account we put a pin in the map. I don't know for sure and it may seem kind of old school, but I think it just might work.