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We Have A New Forum for Bigfoot Conversation – Please Join Us!

As some of you know, we’ve been thinking about creating a forum here at Bigfoot Evidence blog for a while. So, what's holding us back? We've just been too busy. We are already trying to do too many things at the moment-- some of you pointed out how much work maintaining a forum can be, and we agree.

Having said that, we went ahead created a simple forum anyway and we are just going to leave it out there for our readers to use. We understand that news on our page moves fast and it's a shame to see good conversations / articles disappear into the great abyss. This is our solution to that problem:

If We Filmed Bigfoot, Would You Believe Us?

Next week, Team Tazer Bigfoot, Justin Smeja and a whole bunch of other people will be conducting an investigation of the Sierra Kills site. Carl Olinselot, who will be there to update his over 6,000 YouTube followers on our findings, posed a good question: What if we actually filmed a Bigfoot? Would anyone believe us?

Listen To: Inspired by “Bigfoot!” With Guest Lori Simmons Tonight At 7PM Central

Bill Lee of Inspired By "Bigfoot!" is doing a radio show tonight and Lori Simmons will be his guest. Lori has written a Book titled "TRACKING BIGFOOT", in memory of her father Donald Wallace. Here's a short summary from her book:

Loren Coleman Talks About The Possibility Of Bigfoot In Maine

Does the state of Maine support a breeding population of Bigfoot? Loren Coleman thinks it's quite possible. The state is 320 miles long and 210 miles wide, and has a total area of approximately 33,215 square miles. It has 436,064 acres of state and national parks, including the 92-mile Allagash Wilderness Waterway in northern Maine. There's enough land, but what about food sources? Well, we all know that Bigfoots like berries, and it so happens that Maine is also one of America's largest blueberry growing states, raising 90% of the low-bush blueberries in North America.

M.K. Davis Gets Bored And Releases Footage Of Horse's Eye

Look-- There's a point where we gotta stop, take a step back and call it like it is. Footage like the White Bigfoot riding a bicycle, ice chest moving Bigfoot, and tree peeking Bigfoot are cool and all, but this latest one is obviously a cow or a horse.

Rick Dyer Tracks Down The Sierra Kills Site [Humor]

Bigfoot hoaxer and failed Florida Bigfoot researcher, Rick Dyer recently discovered what happened to the Bigfoot that Justin Smeja shot.

Chick Swears On Her Family That She Just Saw Bigfoot, Three Of Them!

I don't know what it is about her, but I believe this woman. The woman had just seen a light-brown figure  standing next to the trees and she believes there were at least three Bigfoots around their campsite. (Update: The area they were camping at was somewhere in Yakima, WA). Listen to what she has to say:

SnowWalkerPrime Sums Up Bigfoot News In 8 Minutes

Team Tazer Bigfoot's Michael Merchant sums up the entire week's Bigfoot news in 8 minutes.

Topics: Ketchum's DNA Paper, Justin Smeja's 300 Deer Kill, Maine Sasquatch Foot Print Hoax, The Sierra Kills Documentary Project.

Kids Who Grow Up In The Wild

Editor's Note:This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence intern Melloney TheEriduserpent. She lives in southern Spain and her various interests are herpetology, mythology, and ufology. Basically, everything supernatural. She's also a healer of animals.

Since Roman times stories of feral children have been told, children found isolated from human civilisation.

Some to reappear as beast like in appearance, others found simply traumatised and confused. Children who have merely been lost or abandoned who have then been looked upon kindly by creatures of the forest, prairie or jungle.

Farmer In Orick, California Claims He Shot A Bigfoot

Image writer, Stephen Wagner received a report from a farmer named Jeff S. who claims he probably shot a Bigfoot on his farm near the town of Orick, California back in May 30,2007. According to Jeff, the trespasser came onto his property at night while he was watching TV:

Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA Paper Coming Soon...

The DNA samples and the data are amazing and beautiful. The results will be made public soon...

Matt Moneymaker: Bigfoots Stop Prey By Zapping Them With EMF

The theory that Bigfoots manipulate their EMF (electromagnetic field) to zap animals isn't too far fetched for some Bigfoot researchers. All animals have an EMF that they give off and the theory is that some animals have a very strong EMF. Before an encounter, some researchers report experiencing a sort of calm where everything goes quiet in the woods and all the animals nearby take off. The researchers will sometimes feel disoriented when it happens.

Hideous Wild Man Terrorizes NY Town (1869)

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are commited to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. Assuming that Bigfoots exist, they want to help ensure their surival and hope for an opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat. You can visit their blog at

An extremely detailed account of a sighting in New York state in 1869. It is interesting to note that the creature was reported as wearing "soldier pants". This is not the first account of a sighting where a creature was seen wearing some sort of clothing. As they are said to be covered with fur all over their bodies, I have to wonder about the wearing of clothing. Are they concerned about modesty? If so, that would indicate a higher, and very human level of thinking in these beings...

Blonde Chick Tries To Find Sierra Kills Location [Video]

Our field reporters Betty and Bart drove up to Haskell Peak, California last week looking for the Sierra "Kill site". They weren't sure exactly where to look, but they knew it was somewhere southwest (1.2 miles SW) of Haskell Peak. Although we weren't able to give them the exact coordinates (Justin's request), we told them they were probably a mile off.

The Bigfoot Whisperer - The Powers Of Sasquatch

There can be no describing what you are about to see in this video. God help this man. His powers are too POWERFUL!

Listen To The EXTINCT? Podcast - Episode #19 At 4PM PST/ 7PM EST (Update: Show Archived)

Tonight's Extinct Podcast is going to be awesome, you do not want to miss it. We're going to shake things up a bit and let Team Tazer Bigfoot member Phil Poling host the show while Ro Sahebi and Michael Merchant man the chatroom. It's going to be fun ladies and gentlemen.

Ohio Bigfoot Hunters Radio Show To Feature Former Law Enforcement Officer Tonight At 6PM PST / 9PM EST

Our friend Tim Stover will have on a special guest named Ed Wiland tonight on his radio show, Ohio Bigfoot Hunters. "Ed was a former Law Enforcement Officer and a Animal Control Officer. After pursuing his dreams he is now pursuing something else. Find out tonight what Ed will share with us."

M.K. Davis Releases Video Of Two Bigfoots With Mustaches Tree Peeking

Holy-Matt-Moneymaker-On-A-Pogo-Stick! Check this out. Here's another spectacular footage from M.K. Davis that shows at least two Bigfoots tree peeking. According to Davis, the enhanced version of the video shows the Bigfoots have mustache-like facial hair. The Erickson Project also claims to have footage of a female Bigfoot named Matilda having this same feature, like a "Wookie" from Star Wars.

Rick Dyer Accuses TeamTazerBigfoot Of Coaching Justin Smeja To Appear Smarter

The 2008 Bigfoot hoaxer, Rick Dyer, just released a video suggesting that TeamTazerBigfoot is coaching Justin Smeja (the guy who shot two Bigfoots) to sound smarter when telling the "Sierra Kills" story. Dyer believes that Justin is taking the Bigfoot community for a ride and urges everyone to listen to Justin's interview on Steve Kull's radio show to hear what he's talking about:

In Bigfoot limbo

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Florida Skunk Ape Hunter Tim Fasano. You can visit his blog, Seminole Project.

I have spent the last few weeks thinking hard about what direction I am headed in. Do I start hyping things up like I used to or continue on the straight and narrow? It seems that as Bigfoot becomes more a part of pop culture, there are more people getting involved, and making videos. That is my dilemma ...they are ALL. hoaxing.

New Footage: Video Suggests Bigfoot Likes To Watch People Fish

In April, we posted an article about a purported Bigfoot that was filmed at a lake in northern Minnesota. The people were ice fishing and spotted  in the distance, a dark figure running in the fog. The video lasted less than 40 seconds.

This new video from another lake in Minnesota is even worse. The fisherman was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the figure (2 pixels wide) before it moved away. The total length of the film?: A whole 8 seconds!

Add Dan Baker As Friend On Facebook If You Want One Of These Sculptures

Our friend Dan Baker, a very talented artist, just posted a photo of a sculpture of an albino female Sasquatch named "Cotton" he's been working. One important thing that's missing from the sculpture is her baby "Skookum", which he will be adding very soon. According to Dan, the project will take another 6 weeks to complete. "It's a very slow and tedious process once you start to put the hair on because I individually cut, roll, and place each hair on it," he said.

Rhettman Mullis Brags On C2C About Knowing The Results Of Bigfoot DNA Study

Last night's interview with Bigfootology's Rhettman Mullis didn't reveal much about the ongoing DNA study at the University of Oxford, but one interesting statement he made was that he is confident in some of the results. Mullis believes that the conclusion is going to be in the history books once it's out:

Photos: 2012 Bluff Creek/Munns Project With Bobo, Cliff, Bart, Steven Streufert And Other Important People

We understand Bluff Creek, Patterson-Gimlin and all that can be an extremely boring subject-- but it doesn't always have to be that way. Check out all these celebrity photos of Cliff Barackman and Bobo at the Patterson-Gimlin film site. Also, here's a world exclusive summary by our friend who just got back from the site, Bart Cutino:

FB/FB Confirms Bigfoot On 7 Points With Just One Still Photo (Update: added uncropped photo)

The masters of Bigfoot footage authentication, FB/FB, just released a photo of a Sasquatch moving between trees and tree peeking. It's purportedly a frame grab from a YouTube video (no source).

The FB/FB guys confirmed that it might be a sasquatch on 7 points including: coned head, auburn hair, high shoulders, long arms, and ducking.

Researchers Now 100% Certain Of Patterson-Gimlin Film Site Location

Steven Streufert announced last night that they have finally confirmed the exact location of the Patterson-Gimlin film site. On July 26th, 2012, a couple of ambitious guys got together at Bluff Creek and through some geeky math calculations (and asking Bobo to do his famous recreation walk), were able to verify the site where the P/G creature was last filmed. According to Streufert, Bill Munns said he's now 100% certain that they have the real location and he believes that he can determine Patty's trackway.

Someone Please Turn This Story Into a TV Movie (Syfy Can Pass On This One)

When we're not up scouring the internet looking for Bigfoot footage, we spend a lot of time reading Bigfoot reports on the BFRO's website. One report that popped up on our radar caught our attention mainly because the follow-up report by BFRO investigator R. Monteith was really well written.

Next greatest footage of Sasqman... if its real?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Beer-Man aka Paul, Shawn's best friend in Canada.

A friend of mine had a great quote to deal with the "coined" term "believer" in the bigfoot world.

"In all honesty I never had a word in mind regarding the "belief" in Bigfoot. To me, the word believer conjures up a blind acceptance of any and all evidence presented to an individual, which is simply not true in my case." - SasquaiNation

Rhettman Mullis To Talk About Oxford DNA Testing Project Tonight On Coast To Coast AM

Tonight on Coast To Coast AM, Bigfootology's Rhettman Mullis will talk about Bigfoot sightings, and give us an update on the Oxford Bigfoot DNA project.

TeamTazerBigfoot: Ketchum Update "Inside Scoop"

A message from our chicken loving overlord Michael Merchant concerning Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA Project:

Rick Dyers Mercedes "For Sale" in Antlers, Oklahoma

Thanks to Bill for forwarding these photos to us from Larry Parks.

This morning, MABRC team member Larry Park, while on his way to the MABRC Picnic and Expedition Weekend, spotted Rick Dyer's BigfootTracker-mobile at a used car lot.

If Gorillas Can Do This, Imagine What Bigfoot Can Do

Editor’s Note: I'm Joe Murray. I'm interested in anything & everything Bigfoot. If you're a researcher, a believer, or merely interested in the subject, please follow me on Twitter@BigfootStudent

About 7 months ago (November 19, 2011), this Blog posted an article, a portion of which discussed a Bigfoot who allegedly had destroyed a 330 conibear trap. Whether or not this actually occurred, it does beg the question, “Could it happen?”

Melba Ketchum Update: I am blown away by all of the knowledge we have gleaned from this project

Dr. Melba Ketchum does not speak out much, and when she does, she always makes it sound like her Bigfoot DNA paper is coming out "soon". This latest update is no different. Ketchum tells us things are going "exceedingly" well and that her co-authors are just wonderful people.

Watch This: Three New Snackin' with Sasquatch Ads

Woo hoo! Check out these brand new commercials from Jack Link's Beef Jerky Messin' With Sasquatch advertising campaign.

M.K. Davis Releases New Bigfoot Vocalization Audio That Nearly Made His Speakers Fall Off The Table

"Hello, I'm M.K. Davis and I thank you for your time."-- We never get tired of that, and certainly we never get tired of all the videos M.K. Davis has been releasing.

In this newest footage, we're treated to pitch black visual with just the audio (because it was recorded on an old VHS tape). In the video, we can hear some dogs barking in the distance, followed by some weird guttural sounds that seem to be very close to the camera. When Davis first played back the audio, he was caught off-guard by a "forceful outcry" in the middle of the audio.

Eight Guys In Arizona Just Got The Crap Scared Out Of Them Last Weekend, And They Had Guns Too [Video]

Last weekend, Carlton Mercer and eight of his buddies had one of the spookiest moments of their lives while camping up in northern Arizona. The guys with him were mostly gun toting rednecks and their plan was to do nothing but target shoot all weekend. They had fun shooting off their guns during the day, but it was the nights that bothered them the most.

Strange Wild Animal Kills 63 People

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are commited to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. Assuming that Bigfoots exist, they want to help ensure their surival and hope for an opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat. You can visit their blog at

Interesting article that dates back to 1765, France. It is the tale of the Beast of Gevaudan. An aggressive creature that terrorized the country side for nine months and was allegedly responsible for the deaths of 63 men, women and children. The description of the creature calls to mind images of the dogman or werewolf, but what I found interesting was an eyewitness saying it had the head of a man. Could it be an aggressive primate?? Or is it the legendary "Dogman"??

Rick Dyer Buys Lie Detector Machine And Goes To Win $10,000 In Reno

Rick Dyer is just minutes from the California border. How do we know this? He had updated his Facebook status last night claiming that he had just "won $10,000 in Reno" at the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino. Reno, also known as The Biggest Little City in the World, is only an hour away from the "Sierra Kills" site.

Photos Of The Day: Non-Bigfoot Hands

These are paw photos of different creatures found in typical Bigfoot habitat. The photo above is a paw that was mistaken for a Bigfoot hand-- courtesy of Dr. Jeff Meldrum.
Can you guess what animals these belong to?

How Wally Hersom, The Most Powerful Man In Bigfoot Made His Money

Wallace N. Hersom, or Wally Hersom is the man behind the scenes. He has funded the BFRO and is credited with getting the organization off the ground. According to reports, Hersom pays the salary of Matt Moneymaker, the BFRO’s director. Hersom has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars outfitting the BFRO with expensive thermal imaging cameras, video recorders, and night-vision devices.

This Bear Cub Rescue Will Make You Smile, Justin Smeja Agrees

Three Baby bears got stuck in a dumpster over night. Mama bear sat by the dumpster all night listening to her cubs cry. Shirley and Tom Schenk, help three bear cubs escape from a dumpster in Ruidoso, N.M.

This is so awesome that it makes me want to go rescue a bear.

Justin Smeja Gets Grilled By Sasquatch Scoop

In this interview, Steve Sasquatch Scoop sent some questions to Justin Smeja and asked him to answer some lingering questions from his recent interview with Ro Sahebi:

Watch This Awesome Promo For An Awesome Bigfoot Documentary: Truth In The Mountains

Anytime someone asks us to spread the word on a new Bigfoot documentary, you can always bet your bloody Sierra Kills boots that we'll do a post in it. Filmmaker Jacob Stark says he's trying to produce a visually striking documentary about a cryptozoology expedition, through the eyes of true believers. All he needs is a little bit of help from the Bigfoot community to pull it off.

Here's Your Chance To Meet Guy Edwards: Sasquatch Sunday at Dig A Pony

Here's some news for folks near the Portland area from our friend Guy Edwards of

The day after Dig A Pony's 1st birthday we've got the perfect hangover cure...

Bigfoot Lunch Club ( will be hosting an afternoon of Bigfoot in the bar.

Watch Tenacious D's Jack Black Play One Of Their Greatest Hits: Sasquatch [WTF]

Tenacious D, is a TV series that ran on HBO in 1997, 1999, and 2000. It featured the fictional accounts of the real band Tenacious D, which is composed of members Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Critics refer to their fusion of vulgar absurdist comedy with rock music as "mock rock".