Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween: Robert Lindsay Sympathizes With Dr. Ketchum Over Bigfoot Rape Rumor

Since today is Halloween, here's a special treat from our friend Robert Lindsay. Rumor has it that Dr. Ketchum had been zapped by infrasound on her property in Texas and that she woke up feeling achy and sore between her legs. According to Lindsay, Ketchum experienced "lost time" and wondered if she was possibly raped by Bigfoot.

How Long Does It Take To Say You Don't Have a Bigfoot Body?

Robert Lindsay just posted a bunch of news for us today. One news item talks about the recent MNBRT radio interview with guest, D.W. Lee, who publicly replied to Lindsay's rumor about a purported Bigfoot body with the statement: "We neither confirm nor deny that we have a body".

Dr. Sykes Bigfoot DNA Update: "My aim was to collect 20 samples with good provenance, and I now have exceeded this target"

In an email reply to Bobbie Kean, a member of the Team Tazer Bigfoot Facegook group, the Oxford-Lausanne Relic Hominid DNA Study, being led by Dr. Brian Sykes is on track. According to Sykes, he's got more than enough purported Bigfoot samples, and he is now ready to start testing. Here's the reply from Dr. Sykes in Oxford:

I Wish I Lived in the Same Neighborhood As Jeffrey Gonzalez, Who Knows What Halloween Is About

Anyone trick-or-treating tonight near Sunnyside, CA should make a stop by Jeffrey Gonzalez's place to check out his awesome Halloween decorations. It's not clear what else he has in store, but judging by the alien body and the disk shape saucer, he could be going all out this Halloween.

Paranormal Investigation Turned Into Bigfoot Investigation After Hearing This Sound

A group of ghost hunters from Columbiana County, Ohio got more than what they bargained for the other day while investigating a ghost sighting. The following sounds captured on tape quickly turned their evening of paranormal activity to a night of Bigfoot investigation. Listen below:

Provo Canyon Utah Bigfoot Now In HD and 4K-3D (Just Kidding, There's No 3D Version)

The "Provo Canyon Utah Bigfoot Encounter" is getting a lot of media attention today. One thing the other media doesn't have is the HD version. Last night, Phil Poling and Bigfoot Evidence prodded around the YouTube settings and managed to successfully extract the full HD version of the original clip. Check it out:

Phil Breaks Down Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter

The "Provo Canyon Bigfoot" encounter is probably one of the better videos we've seen in a while. Eight hours after we posted the video, our old friend Phil Poling comes out with another awesome breakdown. Phil says the "Provo Canyon Bigfoot" video is "interesting" and it doesn't appear to be contrived in any way. Typically, young pranksters tend to overact for the camera, but this video is different-- the young people are relatively quiet.

Wild Man Goes For A Buggy Ride - Uninvited (1883)

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are committed to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. You can visit their blog at

Imagine driving yourself home in your buggy and you spot a "wild man". Completely scared out of your mind you whip that horse into action and flee. Just when you think you're safe, that "wild man" jumps up into the seat next to you!! Do you hand the reins to him?? What a ride!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Russian Bigfoot Researcher Dr. Igor Burtsev Downplays Yeti Hair DNA Results

We mentioned a few days ago that we have grown weary of anything Bigfoot related that comes out of Russia, especially if it's coming from the Russian government. Officials there have been known to make wild claims of Yeti evidence hoping that it would attract more tourists to the Siberia area. The latest claim they're making now is that their labs have confirmed that DNA tests of the Yeti hair found by Dr. Igor Burtsev have all come back as being from "a human-like creature which is not a Homosapien yet is more closely related to man than a monkey".

New Footage: Provo Canyon, Utah Bigfoot Encounter?

This latest footage uploaded earlier today by YouTube user Beard Card, was filmed in Provo Canyon, Utah. The explanation provided by the witnesses and their reaction to the creature when it stood seems pretty convincing. Watch below:

Hurricane Sandy Causing Sharks To Surface On Flooded New Jersey Street

We can't confirm if this photo is real or not, but a guy on Facebook named Kevin P. McCarty posted these images of sharks patrolling his neighborhood street in Brigantine, New Jersey. According to McCarty, the "real" photos were taken after the storm flooded his street. "This is a reality, sharks seek harbor in the safety corridors of streets during surges," he wrote in the comments.

What The Hell? Rainy Bigfoot Footage (Stabilized)

The video above titled, "New Bigfoot Evidence", was originally posted by Ghostsfootage. No information was given about the location or the context of when the video was taken. The footage begins with a woman filming an eagle saying, "What the hell?" as she pans to the left and sees a dark figure walking away in the rain.

Camos Must Be A Country Thang

Camo wear must be a southern thing or an east coast thing because I don't recall ever seeing sexy camos like this in California's convenience stores and probably never will. Bigfoot researcher, Dax Rushlow, posted the following message on Facebook:

The Apalachicola Sasquatch Study To Begin November 8th!

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Stacy Brown Jr., a Sasquatch enthusiast. are launching "The Apalachicola Sasquatch Study" on November 8th. It will be in remote areas along the Apalachicola river in Florida. We will be researching areas where there has been past sightings but most importantly, areas where we ourselves have found evidence or had activity. The project is scheduled to last three months. Having at least one member of our team in the woods everyday. From my experience last year I have come to the conclusion that this is the most active time for Sasquatch in this area. So we have decided to launch an all out effort to prove their existence to the world.

Mike Greene's Thermal Footage Brought Tears To The Eyes of Bob Gimlin

Mike Greene's famous thermal footage of Bigfoot was obtained on April 28, 2009 in central North Carolina. According to BFRO President, Matt Moneymaker, it is the most important footage of a Sasquatch since the Patterson/Gimlin. The full footage is about 3.5 minutes long and it shows a 7ft tall Bigfoot creeping up behind a tree stump to snatch a Zagnut candy bar. When Greene introduced his footage to the Bigfoot community back in 2009, it caught the imagination and excitement of Bigfoot enthusiasts from all over the world. To those who paid the two bucks to see it, the black-and-white thermal video clearly shows a Bigfoot.

The Sleeping Bag Bigfoot - A Treatment by Phil Poling

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Phil Poling, proud member of TeamTazerBigfoot. You can visit his YouTube channel at or his breakdown channel at

In regards to the fiasco now referred to by many as the sleeping bag Bigfoot, there has been much to do about the lack of information from the Extreme Expeditions camp. Regardless of what the ‘unknown creature’ might be, I had thought that the basis for the investigation would have been the confirmation from the source; this being the camera.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Grand Canyon Has A Wild Man (1903)

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are committed to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. You can visit their blog at

This is a fascinating account of a "wild man" that was observed for a length of time unnoticed. A full and detailed description is given of the creature's appearance and his behavior once he discovered he was being watched and the drama that unfolded thereafter.

Wolf vs. Doberman: Guess Who Wins?

This is exactly what it's like when I approach a beautiful woman-- Sometimes I just look down and walk away.

The wolf in this video doesn't even need to do the full tail raise or bark to tell the dog to back off. The dobie probably understood the wolf's nonverbal signs of aggression. According to one wolf expert, "full tail raise is trait of domesticated canines. Wolves and wolf dogs generally have to keep their tails down in both aggression and excitement. It may be difficult for a domesticated dog to understand a wolf's nonverbal social cues."

MABRC's D.W. Lee Will Either Confirm Or Deny Existence of Bigfoot Body On MN.B.R.T. Radio Tonight, 6:00PM PDT

Two weeks ago, the head of the MABRC (Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center), D.W. Lee made a cryptic statement regarding the possibility of a body in their possession.

The rumor was originally posted on Robert Lindsay's blog, but Lee's efforts to denounce it fell on deaf ears. This statement by Lee posted on Facebook on October 17th did little to stop the rumors from spreading: "We can neither confirm or deny the existence of a body. I will state this unequivocally that Ed Smith IS our friend."

Photo of The Day: Bigfoot with His Son – or lost souls trying to find their way home?

Photo credit: Laszlo Pusztai

"As night falls in the dark, mysterious forests of my homeland, one can see hideous creatures in the thick autumn fog. They are sometimes just frightening games our minds play with us, but they can be equally real." - Laszlo Pusztai, Photographer

Tim Fasano's Halloween Bigfoot Expedition Begins Today, Fasano Appears To Be Safe From Hurricane

Join Tim Fasano today with six other team members, including a skeptic from North Carolina, in a special Halloween Bigfoot Expedition. It's Monday and there probably isn't going to be anything on TV tonight besides hurricane Sandy. Judging by weather reports, it looks like Fasano is safe from Sandy right now as it barrels toward the Northeast part of the country.

M.K. Davis Enhances "Face In The Lens" Video

This latest enhancement by M.K. Davis supposedly shows a Bigfoot with its face pressed against the lens. Davis notes how much "enhancing" that was involved in making the clip (which was taken in the dark) visible.   While most commenters complained about not seeing anything, one person who viewed the video on her iPad noticed even greater details including a "fairly large" nose.

Bigfoot Terrorizes Beach Residents (1885)

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are committed to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. You can visit their blog at

This is the first account I have come across of an alleged Bigfoot at the beach. What I found interesting in this account was the number of eyewitnesses who said they saw the creature perform some type of "war dance". Not entirely sure what a "war dance" is - maybe he just had to pee?

Breaking: Father And Daughter Successfully Used Fake Glow-Stick Campfire To Attract Bigfoot During WA-BFRO Expedition

Last night, Matt Moneymaker sent out a series of tweets on Twitter confirming that a father and daughter had successfully attracted a Bigfoot using a fake campfire made of glow-sticks. The father, who's a Microsoft employee, and his daughter saw a Bigfoot belly-crawled up to examine a glow-stick just 20 ft away. According to Moneymaker, they saw the Bigfoot picked up the glow-stick and brought it to its face, illuminating its face enough for the father and daughter to see it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Watch: Eyewitness Account of Bigfoot Anatomy & Sexual Dimorphism

This unique account by Wayne Burton from the "Dallas & Wayne" Bigfoot documentary, goes into great details about the anatomy and sexual dimorphism of a Male Sasquatch.  It's one encounter he can never forget, especially since it was his first.

Russian News Website Reports: "Kuzbass Bigfoot DNA Is Similar To Human DNA"

It's not clear as to how recent or accurate this news article published today on the Russian website, is since it's in Russian and we don't trust the Russians to honestly report Bigfoot news. But, according to the article, local government officials near the Azass cave of Mt. Shoria are claiming that the DNA results of the purported "Yeti" hair samples collected there is turning out to be "unknown to science". Reportedly the DNA results from Russian and American labs have all confirmed that the hair is remarkably similar to humans.

Watch: Snake Committing Suicide

[Update] According to the owner of the reptile shop we mentioned in our original report, this video was not film in their store. "The snake has nothing to do with us, the person spreading the rumours clearly has a personal issue with some members of staff. The video was posted originally on liveleak by an American (obviously not the person spreading the rumours as he lives in England), and nothing in the video links to us at all."

This video of a snake (Female Albino Western Hognose ) eating itself alive was filmed inside ******, a reptile shop in Bournemouth, England. According to one visitor, every time he goes into this store, "the owners are rude and the shop is filthy. The animals are obviously hungry otherwise they wouldn't be eating themselves."

Listen To The EXTINCT? Podcast - Episode #28 At 3:00PM PDT/ 6:00PM EDT (Archived)

Tonight's Extinct Podcast is going to be awesome, you do not want to miss it. Extreme Expeditions team member Adam Davies and Lori Simmons will be our guests today to talk about the recent trail cam "creature" footage. It's going to be fun ladies and gentlemen, please join us.

Bigfoot: Cannibal or Spirit God?

Editor's Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor M. Strudwick, a Sasquatch enthusiast.

If I were to say to you the names “The Cannibal Demon, The Frightener, The Masked Being” what or who would you think of? Many would think they were names of characters from horror movies or books, but no they would be wrong, for in fact these are just three names from a long list, giving to Bigfoot by Native American tribes.

Watch This Special Documentary About Cliff Barackman

A filmmaker named Jesse Larson produced this awesome documentary featuring Cliff Barackman about two years ago, before Barackman became a TV star. "The Search For Sasquatch" is a short film that gives us a sense of what it is like to go Bigfooting with a hardcore Bigfoot researcher.

Photo of the day: Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko

Photo Credit: Piotr Naskrecki

First described in 1888 by George Albert Boulenger, this species of gecko are native to the island of Madagascar.

Colorado Bigfoot at Slumgullion Pass?

Louis B. posted this video on the BFRO's Facebook page the other day. At 0:14s, a dark figure can briefly be seen standing next to a tree. Louis claims they were not aware of the figure until later, when they returned home and viewed the tape. Watch it below and see if you can spot it.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Michael Merchant Really Doesn't Want To Believe Adam Davies Or Lori Simmons

Was it a mistake for the Extreme Expeditions team to release the trailcam photographs? Cryptozoologist, Adam Davies and researcher, Lori Simmons must feel extremely frustrated right now, and we don't blame them. Just this morning, Loren Coleman pulled an article from Cryptomundo titled, "Davies Expedition’s Alleged Hoax", suggesting the "creature" photo is fake: "Extreme Expedition's #Sasquatch is supposedly a FAKE! #Silliness #Stupidity". Coleman wrote the following as the reason why it was removed:

The Full Disclosure: Extreme Expeditions Photographs

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor, Damian Bravo. You can join his Facebook group, Sasquatch Lives?.

The Extreme Expeditions Group gives full disclosure and Exclusive of more Photos and Info from the Supposed Strange Figure Sighting on SEP 4th, 2012 to Bigfoot Evidence. (The Debate rages on)

You have already seen the many breakdowns and heated debates that has been generated by the Extreme Expeditions trail camera photos and one second video, and I want to add more information to what already has been decided by many groups as either inconclusive or even a hoax. The members from the Extreme Expeditions team gave me the exclusive opportunity to look at the rest of the evidence they have from the event independently from anyone else, so this analysis is solely my opinion and no one else’s.

Funny Man Rick Dyer Says He Turned Down Spike TV Offer At Least 15 Times

In this video, the attention Seeker / Bigfoot hoaxer / Repoman / Vegas gambler, Rick Dyer claims he turned down the chance to be a contestant in the new Spike TV show 15 to 16 times. Since Rick is a hoaxer, this claim that a big network TV show wanted him to be on their show might be a hoax as well. From the sound of it, it almost seems like he had to fight them off with a stick so they would stop calling him.

TimberGiantBigfoot Spoils Phil Poling's October Surprise By Teaming Up With Dr. Bindernagel

Well. That settles it. If Dr. John Bindernagel was involved in the recreation, we're not going to question TimberGiantBigfoot's "Bigfoot Behind The Bush" footage anymore. After getting blind sighting and ripped to shreds by Phil Poling, Mr. TimberGiantBigfoot decided to join forces with one of the granddaddies of Bigfoot, Dr. Bindernagel, a world-renowned Bigfoot expert. At this point, it really doesn't matter what Phil says about the the footage (now removed), since Bindernagel basically just blessed him.

Cowboys Encounter A Wild Man And Give Chase (1882)

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are committed to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. You can visit their blog at

This is the story of two young cowboys who, while retrieving lost cattle, run into what they believe is the legendary "Wild Man". They were terrified at the sight of him, but gathered the courage to go after the creature on foot. The description of the creature's appearance is slightly different from other accounts as they describe the wild man as having tusks, otherwise the appearance and behavior seem to be consistent with other sighting reports.

COT's Very Squatchy Halloween

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Team Tazer Bigfoot member Cot a.k.a the Chicken of Truth.

Doom closes in and even a super fowl like COT must face the evil that awaits!

Here is the full episode of COT's Very Squatchy Halloween Special, Cot once again must face a evil nemesis from his past but also a new one that just arrive to make his life difficult for Halloween.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Watch: How The States Got Their Shapes: Bigfoot vs. Aliens [Free Episode]

Depending on where they live, some Americans are more inclined to believe that Bigfoot lives in the West Coast mountains than other Americans. "How The States Got Their Shapes" is a show where contestants battle each other to win some cash by displaying their knowledge of U.S. geography.

The "Fence Climber" Bigfoot Aka "Junk Man" Has A Wang!

There's more to the "Fence Climber" video than meets the eye. Whether the footage is real or not, the "Fence Climber" or Junk Man, as M.K. Davis is now calling him, appears to be a male Bigfoot. How does he know this? Davis points out something that looks like a "male anatomy". Yes. That's right-- the Bigfoot has a wang!

Could Bigfoots secret weapon be the same as a tigers?

Editor's Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor M. Strudwick, a Sasquatch enthusiast.

Some people in the Bigfoot community believe that Bigfoot uses infrasound to freeze its prey, well it seems this might not be such a silly idea as it sounds after all. So much so, that research is now being made into using this as a weapon for riot control and such. In this video they look at the tigers possible ability to use infrasound as a way to paralyse its prey also.

Only 33 Hours Left To Fund The "Utah Bigfoot Documentary" Project

The fundraiser for the Indiegogo project, "Utah's Bigfoot-Documentary", is down to its last hours, and it does not look like it's going to get the funding it needs to kick start the project. With just under 33 hours to go, it has raised only $1,158 out of the goal of $150,000 that's needed to pay for things like traveling expenses, costumes, equipment, and distribution.

They Caught The Mystery Monkey, Tim Fasano Probably Smiled When He Heard The News [Video]

Four years after escaping from an animal sanctuary, a rhesus macaque named Cornelius is finally captured in Florida. Animal Control officials in Tampa stepped up their efforts to catch the monkey a few weeks ago after he reportedly bit 60-year-old woman named Shannon Fowler on the back. When they caught him on Wednesday, wildlife rescuers said Cornelius was living his life in the wild like Tom Hanks in the movie, "Castaway".