Is it scientifically possible for Bigfoot to exist? [Reddit]

Once in a while it's nice to see get involved in the discussion of Bigfoot. Here's one post we found that was right up our alley.
"I know there are thousands of theories out there on the subject, but how is it possible that such a big creatures has never been killed or captured that we know of? Is it possible that primates evolved into such an elusive creature?" -  jpircy8022

There was a pretty good discussion about this. Read below. (We caution that you not even try to pronounce their usernames)

Its always possible but as a species they needs a larger base for its survival. There have to be more of them, to not genetically degenerate. As these would be big animals, larger groups leave more evidence. Thus is very very unlikely we have not spotted any of the big food 'herd'.

good point. I know there are numerous programs out there that offer "proof" of bigfoot but some are very easily dismissed as false, but some give some valid point to counteract the idea that they do not exist. Are any of these points valid enough to perhaps suggest that they once existed?

All it would require is a large mountain ape...

There is a tenet of biology known as the "Rule of 50", which basically says that for a species to be able to survive in the wild, you need at least 50 randomly breeding individuals in order to maintain sufficient genetic variability. If the population drops below that, then there simply won't be enough individuals left to breed, nor enough genetic variability among the surviving individuals, to enable the species to survive big events.

So, if bigfoot does exist (and I really do want him to exist!!), it means that there would have to be a breeding population of at least 50 of them existing out in the wild. It really sucks to have to say this, but if there were at least 50 examples of an animal that big living in the wild, it is highly, highly unlikely that we wouldn't have found a carcass, bones, fur, direct video evidence (that ISN'T a hoax), or some other direct piece of evidence by now. So, if they do exist, then it means that they are actively making an effort to conceal their existence from us. And if they have the intelligence to do so, it means that it is only a matter of time before we have to kneel before our Sasquatch overlords (only that last sentence was a joke!!)



  1. That old "where's the bones?" routine really gets me.
    There are hundreds and hundreds of square miles of forest in the province I live in.That's but a tiny corner of the planet.
    Bones have either been scattered by animals,covered with dirt,had trees and plants grow over them or are some where deep in the forests or caves undiscovered.
    I seriously doubt any human has covered every square inch of thick forest looking for Bigfoot bones.
    This rationale that is used by some skeptics does not make a good argument against the existence of Bigfoot.

    1. Remains are in burial mounds which have a law enforcing major fines for those that excavate a "mound."
      Mound excavation must be Fed-governmentally supervised. Remains have been found, just forgotten.

  2. Let's look at the okapi--deer that looks part zebra--there's probably 10K of them, but they were completely unknown until the last century. Same with the great ape. Locals reported the Mountain Gorilla a long time before it was "officially" discovered in the early 1900s. If you take a creature that is obviously very close to humans in intelligence because of its upright life and obviously DNA similarities, then you have something that can live in communities deep within those same forests of places like Washington where dozens of planes have gone down and never been seen.

  3. As always, a disclaimer: I don't believe in bigfoot. :)


    I live in California and we have tons and tons of mountain lions. I've lived here my entire life and the only mountain lion I ever saw was one treed by hounds.

    When mountain lions ate farm animals or pets, my father was granted depredation permits to track down the big cats and kill them. I don't think he ever saw a mountain lion his dogs hadn't treed.

    Mountain lions are smart enough to conceal themselves from people, but I often found their tracks. As a large primate, sasquatch might be smart enough to both hide AND conceal tracks. Of course, I would need evidence of this before accepting it as true. Mostly, I'm just responding to the idea an animal couldn't be that elusive. Mountain lions very nearly are.

  4. Only a capture or kill will protect them. Contrary to what some people on this site and others seem to believe, the sasquatch population must be very low in order for them to continue to not be detected. If that's the case, then the very low population needs to be protected. The only thing that will protect them is if one is capture or killed. That would provide the only proof that would result in government regulations and money to protect them. Government funded conservation management has proven to be successful in bringing back highly endangered animals from the brink of extinction. The people who are against a capture/kill don't seem to care that the species may well die out if not protected. As others have pointed out on this site, all other forms of evidence collecting is a waste of time and will convince no one except those who already believe that sasquatch exist. That is why a capture or kill is needed. For those of you who say that bigfoot doesn't need protection, how do you know that?

  5. Taken from Wikipedia:

    "Even so, the statistics don’t measure afforestation and such deforestation as is occurring is a fraction of the boreal’s 3,100,000 square kilometres[contradicts earlier citation stating boreal forest covers 60% of Canada's land]. Canada as a whole has 91% of the forest cover that existed at the dawn of European settlement. "

    From Natural Resources Canada:

    "Draped like a green scarf across the shoulders of North America, the boreal or "northern" forest is Canada's largest biome or environmental community. It occupies 35% of the total Canadian land area and 77% of Canada's total forest land"...

    From MongaBay:

    "In 2005, the US had some 1.17 million square miles (303 million hectares) of forest"...

    From Greenpeace:

    "Russia has more forests than any other country on the planet. In total Russia's forests cover over one thousand million hectares, or 22% of the world's forest cover, an area larger than the continental USA."

    As you can see Anonymous,there are plenty of forests for Bigfoot to inhabit.
    So how do we know that Bigfoot is possibly endangered?We don't.
    Many people don't think Bigfoot is real,so who are we protecting them from?
    IF discovered,then yes I agree they will need protection.
    IF a Bigfoot was sedated in it's environment and the necessary DNA samples were taken,along with photos and measurements I would be okay with that.The BF would then have to be released immediately.
    I am completely against a deliberate kill and/or long term confinement of a live Bigfoot for the purpose of study.

  6. How hard is to hide if no one is looking for you or when you are seen most do not say anything for fear of ridicule? Based on my personal experience I think they number in the thousands. They live close to civilization and have a symbiotic relationship with us just as they did with the Native Americans. In fact I look at them as a reclusive tribe of Native Americans.

    The anecdotal evidence is growing that many Federal agencies are aware of their existence and go to great lengths to keep this from the general public.

    The current Scientific community is driven by politics and money, the quest for truth takes a back seat to what will get you a long term research grant.

    I say all that to say I do not trust Scientist, but I do trust science. I think there is more than enough empirical evidence to demonstrate that the Bigfoot exist. Unfortunately we have a culture where Scientist and Federal agencies have a vested interest in keeping the existence of Bigfoot from the public and discrediting anyone that comes forth with solid evidence they exist.

  7. For crying out loud. After decades of bigfoot idiocy (exhibit A: much of what can be found on this site), it's about time for a capture or kill. The reason that it won't happen is because it can't happen. Bigfoot is folklore pure and simple. Some will argue, "But I've seen one." Well, some people claim to have been abducted by aliens too. If they are lying or sincerely mistaken, then you could also be lying or sincerely mistaken (when it comes to bigfoot, there certainly is a lot of hoaxing going on). Bigfoot is no more real now than 50 years ago. You people who say that you're against a kill crack me up. Why am I on this site. I stumbled on it and enjoy a laugh. You people who are trying to prove bigfoot's existence need to provide a body for science and stop the idiocy. That's it. End of story. Don't you think that it's a bit difficult to accept that, after 50+ years of people looking for proof, thousands of 8 to 10 feet tall 800 lb primates living in North America would still be elusive to science?

  8. Agreed as well. And as for a previous comment: Why would scientists and federal agencies want to hide an animal from the general public? It is a fact that there are undiscovered organisms, but it's all but certain that there are no 800 Ib apes in North America.

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