Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look out, Logan, Utah here they come! This is how 'Finding Bigfoot' TV tell people their coming to town.

Finding Bigfoot coming to
Logan, Utah, Nov. 25th

Last week, Finding Bigfoot was investigating some sightings in New Mexico. No word yet if they found anything.

Before filming investigations, they always start with a town hall meeting. The meetings are a way to get to know the people who live around the area, and it's also a way for witnesses to share their encounters. Sharon Lee has a great write up of what it's like to attend these meetings, click here.

If you see one of these flyers around your neighbor, you may want to check it out. It could be your chance to meet Matt Moneymaker and the rest of the crew. We hear Cliff Barackman is a pretty down to earth kinda guy.

This flyer is for Logan, Utah and the town hall meeting is set for Friday, November 25th at 6:00PM. They start taping no later than 7:00pm, so you don't want to be late, especially if you have a good story to tell. The location is at the Historic Cache County Courthouse on 199 North Main Street.

Here are a few videos of witnesses from Utah talking about their encounter. Don't miss Dave Carver's White Bigfoot story. Watch below.



  1. I'm intrigued by the Utah episode, but I'd almost like to see them do a whole episode just on the supposed Bigfoot creatures associated with the Skinwalker Ranch "study." BTW, that book was my very favorite "supposedly nonfiction" book I've ever read. It was so uber creepy and threw around a lot of theories. I don't think I believed much of it, but it was brilliantly horrifying.

  2. As someone posted with a different article on this site:

    Unless a bigfoot is captured or killed, all of this useless, inconclusive "evidence" collecting will continue to go on as it has been for decades. If you're trying to prove the existence of bigfoot, foot prints, photos, footage, thermal imaging, DNA testing, hair samples, scat, etc. etc. are all a useless waste of time. They have proved nothing (except to those who already believe), and they will continue to prove nothing to skeptics. Skeptics will always have a way to refute evidence. The only thing that science/skeptics will not be able to refute is a sasquatch body, live or dead. The late Dr. Grover Krantz was 100% correct when he said that a bigfoot needs to be taken out. Of course, those who make money from the bigfoot mystery don't want the existence of bigfoot confirmed; otherwise, they'd lose their source of income. If you sincerely want to prove the existence of bigfoot, a capture or kill is the only way it's going to happen.

    This is so true. These Finding Bigfoot guys and others like them are entertainers who make a buck from peoples' interest in the bigfoot mystery. Are they really trying to find and prove bigfoot's existence, or are they acting like they are trying to prove the existence in order to keep their schtick going?

    After all of these decades of collecting evidence that has done nothing (nothing that is except make money for some people and keep the mystery going), the idea that, by now, a capture or kill is the only thing that will prove bigfoot's existence is so obvious that I (and probably many others) don't understand why anyone would refute it. Okay, so the sasquatch is a noble, intelligent creature (yada yada yada). Personally, I'm also with Dr. Krantz on this one. Take one out. However, if you can't stomach the idea, then don't kill one. If they exist, figure out a way to capture one in a manner that won't harm it. Sedate it, study it, photograph it, take measurements, perhaps tag it, and let it go.

    The fact that these Finding Bigfoot guys and other entertainers aren't make a serious effort to capture or kill "a squatch in these woods" leads me to believe that they really don't want to prove bigfoot's existence. That would end their adventerous gravy train.

    I believe that there's something to the sasquatch mystery. I lean more to the belief that they exist. I'm tired (as are others) of the useless "evidence" collecting that, while perhaps entertaining to many, is just that, useless in proving the existence of bigfoot.

    As the previous poster indicated, if you have the money and the time and are actually serious about proving the existence of bigfoot, you will spend your money, time, and efforts trying to capture or kill one. If you are only seeking to entertain, you will continue to prove the existence of bigfoot in the ftuitless ways that have been tried for years on end.

  3. @Anonymous

    You said, "These Finding Bigfoot guys and others like them are entertainers who make a buck from peoples' interest in the bigfoot mystery. Are they really trying to find and prove bigfoot's existence, or are they acting like they are trying to prove the existence in order to keep their schtick going?"

    This also works very well if there's no such thing as a sasquatch. You're never going to kill one and you're never going to capture one.

  4. I don't take Finding Bigfoot that seriously.It's entertainment and it's formulated the same way as all the other cryptid/monster/ghost programs.
    Yes,people are making money because other people watch the shows.
    I'm a no kill advocate and would much rather have them not discovered.It makes little difference to me if skeptics don't accept the existence of Bigfoot.Killing one just to satisfy curiosity is ludicrous.
    Capturing one live would most likely be worse for Bigfoot.
    I'll be content to search for them and if I'm lucky enough to spot one and get a few good pictures or video,then that would be enough for me.

  5. Forgot to mention that I'm posting under a different user name.

  6. @Sasquai I agree!
    And, it is presumptive in this particular situation, i.e. a potentially rare and/or new species of hominid, to state killing or capturing "is the only way to prove."
    Not so with today's modern genomics.
    Our efforts better spent organizing the BF enthusiasts into achieving appropriate methods and standards and begin to form as a professional society, for not just biological evidence but also the more meaningful data about culture and behaviors.

    As far as I can tell there are at least 2 dead BF's out three and we aren't getting that proof!

    You know you are over the line with Bigfoot when...
    you are here instead of rolling out some pies!

    Happy Day ALL!

  7. Skepitc/critics will always find a way to refute any evidence that doesn't involve a specimen. All the genomics information in the world won't prove anything. Skeptics/science will refute it or at best label it as inconclusive. I agree 100% with the above comments regarding a capture or kill. This is a no brainer. The species may be dying off, nearly extinct, and we don't even know it. A capture or kill is the only way to protect the species because that's the only way that efforts will be made to protect their habitat.

  8. @apehuman-if anyone could right a code of conduct and ethics, it would be you.
    I understand where the capture/kill camp is coming from,I honestly do.
    To me it's simply wrong and I will never waiver from my stance.

  9. I should clarify my last comment.

    I meant killing BF is wrong, not the pro kill people.
    As much as I disagree with them, it would be arrogant to say they are wrong.

  10. The comments above from the capture/kill camp are spot on. If you are content with all things bigfoot as they've been going on for decades (in other words more of the same proving nothing), by all means, voice your opposition to a capture/kill. There are those who seem to be content with not proving their existence. I, however, am not one of them. I'm all for a capture/kill. Who knows? It may be the only way to save the species before it's too late.

  11. @Anonymous-We have no idea if they're even endangered.
    I had my camcorder when I had an out of town job yesterday and wanted so badly to record what I was around.Unfortunately it was foggy,snowing and hardly a spot to pull over.
    What I was surrounded with was hundreds and hundreds of square miles of forest.It was going to be a response to a question that skeptics post over and over,but it fits with the 'endangered' justification from the pro kill/capture folks.
    This area was one small part of the province that is part of this massive country called Canada.
    I'll be trying to include the remote areas in future vids as I get a chance.
    It could give perspective to people who have not seen a forest or vastly wooded areas.
    My main focus right now is the Rockies.
    My point is: I believe Bigfoot is adaptable and will continue to survive.....unless we chop down every tree and pollute every waterway.
    I also think that the Bigfoot population is larger than theorized by experts.
    It's just an opinion.

  12. In relation to killing a sasquatch, a previous poster above wrote, "To me it's simply wrong and I will never waiver from my stance." Why is it wrong? There are many people who believe this. What's the difference between killing a sasquatch vs. a bear, moose, deer, etc.?

  13. @Anonymous-a bear,moose,deer etc. are killed for sustenance.
    I highly doubt a Bigfoot would be killed for food.
    These beings are highly intelligent and masters of their domain.
    Bigfoot is likely aware of itself and seems to have an understanding of humans.Evidence has been shown that it builds shelters,nests and is family oriented.
    It is more than a common animal.
    Many have suggested that they are closer to humans than animals.
    Would it be okay for me or someone else to kill one of your family for the sole purpose of proving they exist?Of course not.

    I'm so sick of mankind wanting to kill things for the sake of curiosity.There is more than one way to prove Bigfoot exists.Maybe Jane Goodall would have a better solution.
    She comes a time when people actually had patience and perseverance.

  14. Very few people in the U.S. and Canada need to kill anything when they go hunting because they need to hunt or they'll starve to death. The vast majority of these animals aren't killed primarily for the need of sustenance. They're killed first and foremost for the thrill of the hunt. The post above includes the words, "There is more than one way to prove Bigfoot exists." If there is more than one way to prove a bigfoot's existence (actually prove it to everyone, skeptics and science alike, not just those who already believe that bigfoot exists), what are they? What can be done besides a capture or kill to provide irrefutable proof that can't be labeled as inconclusive? The answer is absolutely nothing. If there's no need to prove the existence of bigfoot as some on this site have written, then this and all other bigfoot websites should be shut down. Get rid of the many TV shows, and forget all about bigfoot.

  15. Is it realy goin to happen that someone like Jan Goodall will walk into a bigfoot troop with cameras and gain their trust and confidence and prove thatthey exist. Com on. I could kill one if I could get my coon dog on a sent.

  16. I would like to see a capture or kill. That would finally end the decades of idiocy that goes with bigfoot.

  17. Anonymous-I don't know what kind of hunters you know,but the ones I know hunt for FOOD,and not some "thrill" as you stated.
    I never said there was no need to prove the existence of Bigfoot,I said I could care less or something of that nature.That was my personal opinion and feelings on the matter.
    The shows and websites exist because people are interested in the subject of Bigfoot.

    Not everyone believes in God or can prove God's existence,so I guess it's okay to burn down all the churches and shred the bible.

    Bigfoot could be tranquilized in the field,photographed,measured and DNA samples taken.Bigfoot would wake up in his environment pissed off,but unharmed.
    THAT is one idea.You said "The answer is absolutely nothing."

    Other Anonymous-I highly doubt anyone is just going to walk in to a Bigfoot clan.Something like what I suggested would take a huge amount of time.We appear to lack the attention span now so it's doubtful any other Jane Goodalls are around.
    I guess we'll agree to disagree.

  18. wouldm't tranqulizng a bigfoot and testing it be a capture?

  19. You people have serious issues,Your stupid and insane if you seriously think a sasquatch is actually going to let you photograph them,you think the sasquatch is going to be captured or killed? the answer is no,first of all nobody even knows anything about the creature. I dont see how anybody can think that something that is unknown or probably some type of hybrid wont rip their heads off their shoulders. I hate when scientist always feel the need to capture or find a dead body,examine it to find out about it's anatomy. That is not for no one to know,these things should be left alone and unbothered,that's another reason one will never be captured. All animals and creatures are smart so if anybody thinks a damn bigfoot is going to stand there and be slow think again,you don't know anything about it so how would you tranquilize it? impossible, some people need their skulls bashed in to leave nature alone and that goes the same for these other strange creatures,stop focusing on killing or capturing one. It's none of our business to find out,because if it was then don't you think by now we would see one locked in a cage at the zoo? limited amount of food it can eat daily,uncontrolable and untrainable. This is the problem with people today,always trying to train wild animals and catch things to make money off of it.

    Just look at the idiot trying to ressurrect the sabor tooth tiger,why would someone bring back an animal that will grow to be gigantic? that animal had it's time and died for a reason,these creatures are just bad experiments gone wrong and escaped or set free. Still should be left alone,they are not bothering us so why are people bothering them?.

  20. I have no problem describing the encounter I had with a creature in Northern Utah. I was driving back to Washington state in the late part of the year back in 06. I was in the aftermath of a snow storm and the roads were completely covered with snow. I was driving with my bright lights on in my 83 chevy bubble top van. I had 15 minutes or so earlier gotten gasoline at a station and also had a fresh coffee. It was approx 2am and I was traveling at a rate of 15mph or so. It was still barely snowing but and I rounded a bend on the highway and there it was. Let me describe in detain of what I saw. Since I was traveling at such a low rate of speed it immediately became a very scary situation. I saw a creature sitting on his behind with one leg bent at the knee and it looked like he was grooming his loin area. I could not see the other leg like it was laying on the ground in the snow also bent at the knee. The leg I could see was at least the height of an entire human sitting in the same position. The creature was white and not from the snow. When my lights hit the creature its eyes gleamed red and I could see the face clearly. Its snout was long and with very large canine teeth. It opened its mouth as if it were growling. I was so terrified and still remember all the profanity that was coming out of my mouth when I saw this. I could only get my van to 30mph and was exclaiming what the f is that what the f is that. Holly sh.. this thing could and probably would catch up with me and I was completely freaking out until I was down the road a ways. I have drawn this creature couple of times and people think I am a lunatic. It really does not phase me as I know that I saw this unreal creature. I am not going to go look for this creature because it clearly was something that you should not pursue. To give an estimate of his leg height, from the ground to his knee where he was sitting was about 3 1/2 feet tall. The creature was thinner and covered with hair. I surprise it and this resulted in what looked like a cat hiss look, I didn't hear his gesture. It was about 10 feet from the road and I was at one point 20 feet away from the creature, I was basically driving down the middle of the road because of the snow in the first place. I can still see the animals face and what it looked like after all these years. Now would anyone consider this as a sighting? I was up close and personal with this freaky thing and it scared the s..t out of me. If I could estimate the length of time I saw this thing would be approx 30 seconds. It did not get up and I do not know what it did after I went by, I was not interested in sticking around. contact me if you want to hear my live version, it is more vivid.