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Tim Fasano: Photo of sleeping Bigfoot released by Erickson Project is just a puppy dog

Rest little puppy - Tim Fasano The Florida Skunk Ape hunter Tim Fasano is on a rampage this week. First, he accuses Todd Standing and Matt Moneymaker of being hoaxers (that's if Matt is shown to be too nice to Todd and decides to let him off the hook). Now, he thinks the Erickson Project photo released earlier this month is not a Sasquatch at all. He says the creature in the photo shows "an animal that's appears to be no bigger then a medium to small dog!" "The tree limbs in the foreground are frail and thin meaning the shooter was VERY close... Bigfoot weights about 50 lbs! Get real. This is as bad as bad gets. Adrian Erickson must of gone to the local dog park for this photo. How can you people not see this?" said Fasano. Read the rest of the "Sleeping Bigfoot" breakdown by Tim Fasano below: Tim Fasano, Florida Skunk Ape Hunter

Highest Quality / Digital Copy of Sleeping Sasquatch now available online

Digital version of Sleeping Sasquatch Click on image to enlarge This is the original frame grab that was featured in the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News online, published on August 17, 2011. Previous photos of the sleeping sasquatch were just hard copy reproductions. This one found in the digital version of the newspaper is probably the best one you'll get to see until Adrian Erickson decides to show us the money shot. Source:

New Footage: Utah Bigfoot caught on tape by target shooters

Bigfoot walking behind some trees Update: Click here to watch the breakdown video by The Crypto Hunters . This YouTube video was sent to us an hour ago from a reader name Paul who wanted to share this with us. What's interesting about this footage is how quiet these guys were when filming the giant hairy creature as it walks away. The friends were probably spooked and wasn't sure what they were filming at the time. It's obvious to us the creature is bipedal, and it definitely couldn't have been a bear.

Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot forum at Camp Horizon in Alberta, Canada this Wednesday

Camp Horizon Finding Bigfoot is holding a forum Wednesday at 6 p.m. to be filmed at Camp Horizon near Bragg Creek, where people are invited to share Bigfoot stories, meet the cast, or, simply listen in on the action. Source:

How popular is Todd Standing?

Todd Standing is becoming Mr. Popular all of a sudden. In an interview with the CALGARY HERALD, Todd says Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot is not the only television show to express interest in him. Two months ago he spoke with the National Geographic Channel, for a program that has yet to air, and he’s also sat down with the producers of the program Call Out Search and Rescue, which airs on such channels as Sun TV and Access. Standing also says he’s been in talks with Les Stroud, host of the television series Survivorman and Beyond Survival, seen on OLN. No matter what his critics have said about him, it seems people are buying his stories after all. Todd claims to know where these Bigfoots live (in a secret valley, which the natives called Sylvanic), and said he's been attack by a sasquatch before. In one terrifying encounter he reports that a male charged at him. “He was crashing an 80 pound boulder into the mountain as he approached me ... until I submitted to him,” Sta

Finding Bigfoot gets some comic strip love!

Finding Bigfoot Click on image to enlarge.

Tim Fasano tells Matt Moneymaker not to go to Sylvanic, claims the Todd Standing Bigfoot photo is fake

"Todd Standing And Matt Moneymaker Are Working Together To Fake Bigfoot Research" - Tim Fasano Video capture image of what a Calgary researcher claims is Bigfoot. He claims to have taken the video in the spring of 2011, three hours from his home in Calgary in the Banff/Kootenay area. Photo courtesy Todd Standing Tim Fasano, our favorite Bigfoot hunter from Florida just posted an attack piece today on the Sylvanic episode of Finding Bigfoot before any filming even started. Fasano tells Matt to stay away from Todd Standing at all cost. "Matt Moneymaker may be charming and all that but Standing is a known hoaxer. By associating with him, and having him on your show, you are now a hoaxer as well. There is no other conclusion that can be drawn," said Fasano. Read the entire post below:

Banff Sasquatch Petition

To have Parks Canada recognize the existence of the Sasquatch as a species and to protect it as being endangered. Join the fight to get Parks Canada to legally recognize Banff-Kootney Bigfoot as a protected species, sign the petition. Yep. You read that right. It's not clear who is behind this e-petition, but last time we checked, the Sylvanic Group was in the forefront of getting Canada to recognize the existence of the Sasquatch. Click here to sign petition. Update: It looks like we know who's behind this petition after all. It was probably Simon Syncliar, A.K.A Sasquatch Simon! The petition was setup 4 days before this YouTube video was uploaded: Sasquatch Simon talking about protecting bigfoot in Banff Sylvanic Petition Video: Species Protection: On March 5/ 2007 Alberta native Todd Standing and his team received confirmation from Danielle Lessard of the Clerk of Petitions for Canada (613-992-9511), that our second submission to get protec

zombietom69: Bigfoot in Grizzly Gulch Montana Breakdown

It's only been a few days since we posted the Grizzly Gulch Bigfoot footage and here's the first of many breakdown videos to come. The consensus on this footage seems to point to a hoax or a prank. Youtube user zombietom69 thinks it could be a man in a monkey-suit like the picture below:

20 million-year-old ape skull discovered in Uganda

Ugandan and French scientists discovered the fossil of a skull of a tree-climbing ape from about 20 million years ago in Uganda's Karamoja region. The scientists found the remains on July 18 while looking for fossils in the remnants of an extinct volcano in Karamoja, a semi-arid region in Uganda's northeastern corner. (AP) Ugandan and French scientists have discovered a fossil of a skull of a tree-climbing ape from about 20 million years ago in Uganda's Karamoja region, the team said. The scientists discovered the remains on July 18 while looking for fossils in the remnants of an extinct volcano in Karamoja, a semi-arid region in Uganda's northeastern corner. "This is the first time that the complete skull of an ape of this age has been found. It is a highly important fossil," Martin Pickford, a paleontologist from the College de France in Paris, told a news conference. Pickford said preliminary studies of the fossil showed that the tree-climbing

Humor: Monkey With A Gun

A while back in southern Senegal, West Africa, a bunch of dumb soldiers thought to give a gun to a monkey and see what it does with it. Well, let's say they expected the least.

Finding Bigfoot: Filming of Sylvanic Bigfoot episode starts this week, DNA results by October said Todd Standing

Video capture image of what a Calgary researcher claims is Bigfoot. He claims to have taken the video in the spring of 2011, three hours from his home in Calgary in the Banff/Kootenay area. Photo courtesy Todd Standing This week, crews from “Finding Bigfoot,” a hit show on Discovery’s Animal Planet channel, are filming in the Calgary area, and Todd Standing can't wait show them where to find Sasquatch. Standing says the upcoming episode will be centered upon the Sylvanic group’s discoveries. His group also expects to have results of the DNA analysis by October. Here's the news from Canada's CALGARY SUN:

Michael Rugg stars in student mini-documentary about Bigfoot

Bigfoot: A Deeper Look WARNING: Adult language. If you don't mind one "F" word, then you should watch. Watch Bigfoot Discovery Museum's Mike Rugg interview about the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot footage. Uploaded by IanBerry234 on Aug 28, 2011: My first attempt at a Bigfoot documentary. Came out more like a mockumentary...not what I wanted, but still here it is. Future plans: legit 90 min documentary. I do not own the Patterson/Gimlin Film.

Human mating with Neanderthals made our immune system stronger

A replica of an old Neanderthal man at the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, Germany A study has suggested that had it not been for the Neanderthals the human race would not have survived or developed a strong immune system.

Tim Fasano: Hurricane Irene Disrupts Bigfoot Operations

Tim's last video before the hurricane If you're a fan of Tim Fasano and his skunk ape videos, then we are sorry to inform you that he will not have any new videos for this week. It looks like the large amount of rain and wind from Hurricane Irene has put a stop to the operation this weekend. This means that Tim will have to wait for the weather to dry up a bit before he goes back into the field again. Latest update from Fasano posted on Sunday, August 28:

Two nurses from Elizabthtown preparing for trip to the Uwharrie National Forest near Asheboro to search for Bigfoot

Linda Durden, left, and Janette Skinner, right study a map as they prepare for their trip to the Uwharrie National Forest near Asheboro to search for Bigfoot in September. ERIN SMITH/Bladen Journal Looking for Bigfoot: Two local nurses are planning quite an adventure by Erin Smith, ELIZABETHTOWN — Two enterprising Bladen County women have devised a plan to search for Bigfoot, a.k.a. Sasquatch. Linda Durden and her friend, co-worker Janette Skinner plan to spend some time in September in the Uwharrie National Forest near Asheboro on a mission to gather concrete proof Bigfoot exists. Why Uwharrie? According to Skinner, Animal Planet did a special in February called Finding Bigfoot. The special mentioned sightings in the Uwharrie National Forest, said Skinner. “She’s always talked about it and watched the movies,” said Skinner of her friend Durden. “We never heard about it (the sightings in North Carolina).” Durden and Skinner have been fishing a

Pictures of the Day: Comparing Human and Gorilla’s Skeleton

Notice the huge "dents" on either side of the Gorilla's skull behind the eyes. There are massive jaw muscles that are located here, giving the gorilla an immensely strong bite. Some scientists believe the evolution of these jaw muscles has limited the size that the cranial cavity could grow to, thus limiting the gorilla's ability to evolve a human like intelligence.

Tale of giant upright-walking, fish-catching, lion-killing Chimps in Congo called “BILI”

Bili caught by local people The gigantic-sized of the chimpanzee, discovered in the deep in the Congolose jungle. They are called “BILI”. According to the local people, the species is bigger, stronger, and fiercer than the normal chimpanzee. Why? This type of gigantic-sized chimpanzee catch fish, kill lions, and even howl at the moon. WOW! That is scary. Some people believe that BILI is a hybrid of gorilla and chimpanzee. Gigantic-sized chimpanzee  Compare with these chimpanzees! Smaller and tamer Closer to human Source:

Andre the Giant as Bigfoot

The Six Million Dollar Man The Secret Of Bigfoot The star of The Big Valley and The Six Million Dollar Man shared fond memories at 17th annual Fan Expo in Toronto. On August 27, 2011, Lee Majors entertained devoted fans in a half-hour question-and-answer session at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Lee Majors said that probably the most popular Six Million Dollar Man episode with fans is Steve's meeting with Bigfoot, the seven-foot robot alien whose arm gets ripped off by our bionic hero during their scrap. Majors had nothing but praise for Bigfoot's portrayer - wrestler Andre the Giant. Majors said Andre would be sitting waiting in the hot sun in his hairy Bigfoot costume, guzzle six beers at once, crush the cans, get up and do a scene without even being fazed. "It was different. And it was a lot of fun," Majors said. He said he was somewhat concerned when the scene called for Andre to take a flying leap onto him. "He was such a wonderful wrestle

Knobby Bigfoot 5 Months later

Thomas Byers’ sighting in March of 2011 is the most recent sighting in the area around Cleveland County. His grainy recording of a mysterious figure that some believe to be a sasquatch has more than 2 million views on YouTube. Five months later, the Shelby Star newspaper caught up with Mr. Byers to ask him what he's been up to lately.

The Bigfoot Hunter: A Sighting In The Pines

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming "WF? 'Zine" documentary "The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching", Sasquatch hunters Tim Holmes and Becky Sawyer lead the intrepid young paranormal investigators of GHI into 'The Pines'. When Becky gives chase to a mysterious figure, the gang stumbles upon some familiar footprints. 'The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching' is coming Fall 2011! For more information on the release, the subjects, and, of course, Bigfoot, visit the 'net's favorite independent 'zine about weird stuff at Read more from : Behind the Scenes of “The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching”, Becky Sawyer shows evidence to GHI. Almost a month after we made the announcement that we were deep within post production editing on our new documentary film “The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching”, we’re finally able to report that the movie is complete! It took roughly four months of constant

Say hello to a brand new species of monkey

(Image: Julio Dalponte/WWF) Say hello to a brand new species of monkey. This reddish primate doesn't have a name yet, but belongs to the Callicebus genus, also known as titi monkeys.

Finding Bigfoot: Minnesota Town Hall Meeting in Carlton County drew largest crowd ever, Ranae Holland now hotter than Angelina Jolie

Ranae Holland of “Finding Bigfoot” talks with fans outside the Lakeside Community Club near Wright. (Jana Peterson / ) Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot show just wrapped up their town hall interview session in Minnesota this week. A few weeks ago, the cast was in Minnesota near the St. Croix river area possibly investigating the recent Bigfoot sighting where a farmer and his wife caught a Sasquatch on tape . According to Duluth News Tribune , the cast and crew all agreed that the town hall meeting in Carlton County, Minnesota drew the largest crowd they've seen yet for the program’s signature meeting. Generally, the cast use town hall meetings as a platform to hear as many stories as people want to tell before they head out to do more field research in order to track down the elusive creature. Read the rest of the story below from Duluth News Tribune:

Utah Bigfoot: Huntsville Interviews

Utah Bigfoot - Huntsville Interviews from Michael Slade on Vimeo . Watch this awesome interview piece by Michael Slade from Utah Bigfoot Blog . It's about two women from Huntsville, Utah relating experiences they had with the "elusive one" known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. From MICHAEL SLADE : Last night I went up to Huntsville, Utah with Dave Carver and a bunch of other folks to listen to two women relate some experiences they have had. I shot over 90 minutes of video, but I had to distill it down into something that would 'tease' the viewer. I will go and make photographs at the locations these two women have described. Source:

New Footage: Bigfoot sighting in Montana up Grizzly Gulch, multiple camera angles

Brand new video just posted today showing an auburn color Sasquatch crossing the road near Grizzly Gulch in Montana.  The driver, while showing-off the new FLIR night vision system on his “Ultimate Tow Rig” picked up a signature showing something on the side of the road.  “…What’s that on the right side dude?” said the driver.  This was when the Bigfoot is caught on tape striding across the road on multiple cameras. The person in the back of the tow truck, while attempting to hop off the moving vehicle managed to catch a few seconds of the creature on video as it strides across the road and made its way into the trees.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show: Bigfoot stealing chickens?

In this episode, Mike talks about some local Bigfoot reports including reports of missing chickens.

Pictures of the Day: The cutest baby gorilla ever!

Baby gorilla 'fro I've seen a lot of baby gorilla pictures but this is by far the cutest! The hair, the mouth, the eyes... adorable!

Bigfoot Hunters: Cheap Easy Way to Record Bigfoot Sounds

Mike Hall from Texla Cryptozoological Research Group demonstrates a cheap, weatherproof, non-invasive way to record bigfoot sounds using a digital audio recorder. Anybody can gather audio evidence for around $40.

Mormon folk tales regarding Cain / Bigfoot

Cain leads Abel to death, by James Tissot. Mormons believe in a lot of things, and according to historical references, they also believe in Bigfoot. In the 1920s, missionaries in Mexico encountered a large, dark, hairy creature who said he was Cain. Later in the 20th century, missionaries in Georgia were attacked by “a huge black negro,” who chased them away. They were told by their mission president it was Cain. In every version of the Bible, Cain is a crop farmer and his younger brother Abel is a shepherd. Cain is portrayed as sinful, committing the first murder by killing his brother, after God has rejected his offerings of produce but accepted the animal sacrifices brought by Abel. Accordingly, Abel was the first human to ever die. Cain is mentioned as Adam and Eve's first child; thus, Cain, according to Scripture, was the first human ever born.

Why humans and other primates are freaked out by The Polar Express movie

The Uncanny Valley – Scary Dental Training Robot Monkeys are freaked out by almost-but-not-quite-real depictions of themselves. That tendency is well documented in humans, but has never before been seen in another species. This behavior is called the "uncanny valley" hypothesis. The “uncanny valley” was identified in 1970 by Japanese roboticist Masahito Mori, who noticed that people presented with likenesses of increasing realism respond with increasing empathy, right up to the point where the likenesses are almost real. At that point, people are repulsed. The sudden dip in graphs describing their response gave the phenomenon its name.

Erickson-Lindsay Project: More on Sierra kills, Robert's take on Sleeping Bigfoot photo, thinks Dr. Melba Ketchum is hot

Sleeping Bigfoot / Sasquatch Here's another Erickson Project update from Robert Lindsay just posted an hour ago. Robert chimes in on the Sleeping Bigfoot photo recently released by Adrian Erickson. He thinks it's the real deal. Robert said at the end of the 4-5 minute video, the Bigfoot does wake up for some reason, possibly because she realized that she was being photographed. It also looks like Robert Lindsay might be a little "friendlier" to Dr. Ketchum from now on. In the caption underneath Dr. Ketchum's new Facebook photo, to put it nicely, Robert wrote: "A new photo of Melba Ketchum, looking very beautiful indeed."

MidnightWalkers Radio: Accounts of sasquatch on Creepy Mountain, Listen live at 6 PM PST

This evening at 6 PM California time, listen to MidnightWalkers Radio live. Expect to hear some incredible audio recordings of Bigfoot captured by Adam aka Websquatch from Alabama. Look for ShawnEvidence in the chat-room (That's us!). Click here to listen live (start time at 6 PST) Show notes: Adam from Alabama will be on the show to share his accounts of the sasquatch on Creepy Mountain. Adam has been interacting with his local sasquatch clan for close to 2 years. He has captured some exceptional audio in that time. We'll discuss one of his areas where an alleged shooting occurred as well as accounts from various areas. This is the same location where we've heard growls, indian screams and seen the glowing eyes.  Adam has also seen other things out in the woods that he can't explain. We'll be discussing them as well.

Turkey hunter afraid to go back after making eye contact with Bigfoot near Shimek State Forest

This report was recently posted on the BFRO's website on Thursday, April 14, 2011. A turkey hunter recounted his experience as though it were yesterday. The hunter was well hidden behind a brush pile with only his head showing when he heard the footsteps of this creature a full 2 to 3 minutes before seeing what it was. "The sound of it walking was rhythmic," said the hunter. While watching the creature walk 'gracefully' through the valley it would occasionally stop next to a tree and touch the leaves of the tree, as though examining it. It did this two or three times. BFRO Report below: YEAR: 2007 SEASON: Spring MONTH: April DATE: 15-21 STATE: Iowa COUNTY: Lee County LOCATION DETAILS: I was hunting private property near Shimeck state forest Croton Unit. NEAREST TOWN: Argyle NEAREST ROAD: IA Highway 27 OBSERVED: I do not know what I saw. But I do know it was something that should not have been there and it will remain with me the rest of my life.

Rabbit's Bigfoot Hunting Story, How often does this happen to other Bigfoot researchers?

This is a re-post from JUNE 26, 2011 This was originally posted on OCCULT SKEPTIC, a skeptic blog "fascinated by the occult". The story is well written, and hopefully you'll get a kick out of it. The author said it was a true story from a friend's Facebook note. Enjoy!

Celebrate Bigfoot Days in Willow Creek, Sept. 3-5, 2011

Willow Creek celebrates the illusive Sasquatch (photos by Shelly Baldy/Hoopa Two Rivers Tribune) Bigfoot Days (9/3/2011 - 9/5/2011) The Willow Creek China Flat Museum will host its annual Bigfoot Days celebration on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-5. This year’s theme is “River Fun in the Mountain Sun with Bigfoot.”

8.8 million species exist on Earth, Sasquai and 6.9 million others yet to be discovered

The new Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum, London. Photograph: Linda Nylind For centuries scientists have pondered a central question: How many species exist on Earth? Now, a group of researchers has offered an answer: ~8.8 million. This latest number is billed as the most accurate yet, but only a tiny proportion is known to science. Here's an article by the AP:

FB/FB: Bigfoot originally migrated from North America to Asia, not the other way around

FB/FB Part II: discussion on Smart Ape Theory Facebook Find Bigfoot , the group known for breaking down blurry Bigfoot videos just released part 2 of their discussion on Smart Ape Theory. The discussion ranges from the Smart Ape Theory, to the Aquatic Ape Theory and beyond. The aquatic ape theory or AAT is the idea that humans went through a semi-aquatic stage in their evolutionary history. According to some scientists, AAT can help explain why humans lost their body hair or why we feel a strong affinity for water and expensive oceanfront property. At the end of the discussion, they touched on the possibility that Bigfoot might have migrated from North American through Asia. This is contrary to the belief that these great apes (if you believe they're apes) migrated from Asia across the Bering land bridge along with humans and many other species.

Bigfoot locked on thermal, BFRO’s July 2011 Bluff Creek area expedition notes

Sketch approximation of thermal image viewed by participants in the July 2011 BFRO expedition to the Bluff Creek area. Drawn by witness Robert C. Kicking yourself because you weren't invited to the BFRO Expedition at Bluff Creek last month? If you're not kicking yourself, then you should because of what the team experienced that weekend. On the nights before their big encounter, the expedition team took notes of broken tree branches and animal sounds in the area. On Friday, the night before the sighting, the team reported hearing one possible “whoop” return call. About an hour into their visit three of the participants reported heading what they describe as “female voices” coming from the about 40-50 feet below them in the scrub. They were described as being “overtly female, murmuring in nature, and conversational”. The voices lasted approximately 45 seconds and were never heard again. What they saw on Saturday  night at the Bluff Creek area was something to write

Wildlife Biologist John Bindernagel feels proof of Bigfoot is nigh, won't go down without a fight

Canada's online newspaper The Globe and Mail recently published an article about Dr. John Bindernagel and his quest to spark scientific debate about Sasquatch. Bindernagel is a wildlife biologist with a PhD who has become a world-renowned expert on the elusive Sasquatch. He has more than 40 years of Sasquatch experience. He says he's actually seen one. Dr. Bindernagel is turning 70 this fall and he believes we are at the brink of a major scientific discovery. Bindernagel hopes the DNA research data coming out this year (or next year) will provide the hard scientific evidence that scientists are looking for. He hopes the results will encourage scientists to "scrutinize the evidence" instead of dismissing the evidence as “tabloid material” not worthy of discussion.

A Bigfoot Capture in 19th Century Florida??! - Story of the Ocheesee Pond "Wild Man"

Ocheesee Pond The capture of a "wild man" here during the late 19th century is one of the most overlooked yet intriguing Bigfoot incidents in American history. This story about a Florida Bigfoot that captured in 19th Century was originally posted on a blog by Florida author and historian Dale Cox on August 22, 2011. One of the most overlooked yet potentially most important Bigfoot related stories in American history took place in 1884 at Ocheesee Pond, a vast swamp in Jackson County, Florida. Swamps of Ocheesee Pond The story of the Ocheesee Pond Wild Man, a strange hair-covered creature captured by a local search party in August of 1884 is one of the most bizarre in the long history of American sightings of the monster that most today call Bigfoot, Sasquatch of - in Florida - the Skunk Ape. Ocheesee Pond is a vast wetland in the southeast corner of Jackson County. Measuring more than 3 miles long and nearly that distance wide, the shallow pond fills a h

Finding Bigfoot doing an episode on Sylvanic, Todd Standing's eyes start to twinkle

sylvanic   Todd Standing   Finding Bigfoot is coming to do an Episode on sylvanic.… 1 hour ago Interesting tidbit from Todd Standings, a self proclaimed Bigfoot skeptic and operator of, the group that's offering a 2 Million dollar reward "to anyone that discovers a body that has expired due to natural causes." Todd Standing is a filmmaker and bigfoot researcher from Western Canada. He claims to have had at least three encounters with bigfoot and to be in possession of two videos of these creatures. In 2007 he got worldwide media attention for his submission to get bigfoot protected in Canada. Just about an hour ago, Todd posted on Twitter that Animal Planet and the Finding Bigfoot crew are going to do an episode on Sylvanic. Todd has been saying for years that he knows of a secret valley which lies somewhere in the border of the United States and Canada called “Sylvanic”, a name given by t

Missouri deer hunter encounters suspicious activity near deer trail

A deer hunter from Missouri is not sure what to think of the "road block" or the strange arches found near his deer stands. Some Bigfoot researchers believe arches made by Bigfoot serve as way-points, or directional/territorial markers. Other researchers have pointed out that most odd arched-branch structures in the woods are probably not made by Bigfoot. The hunter and his kids also discovered "weird" structures that resembled a nest near the road block. While looking around the property, they heard "two whistles" which prompted the kids to ask "Who was that?". In a notable percentage of sightings reports, "whistles" are often heard around the time of a sighting, and then subsequently associated with it. According to some researchers, Sasquatch is adept at utilizing a large variety of other bird sounds. "It is fairly well documented, and it is not uncommon to hear a witness say he/she heard the sounds of 'day' birds

Bigfoot Hunters: How to Make Fire from Ice

Save this one for next winter or in case you get lost in the tundra without a lighter: Pick up some ice from a creek and polish it until you make a lens capable of igniting some foliage. Video Description: How to make Fire by ice from the creek , clear ice is almost as much of a challenge as making an ice lens! It is interesting that ice wants to be clear. When water molecules freeze, they like to form a regular crystal lattice, Put a little black powder in by tender bundle, to see fast flame, you don't need black powder it will still work, Basic Wilderness survival bushcraft. via: The Daily What

Bigfoot Fun Fact: Dermal Ridges

Many of the plaster casts of Bigfoot have been looked at by professionals and are said to contain dermal ridges. Dermal ridges are are similar to fingerprints, and all known primates have them. They are also found only on primates. Some argue that these dermal ridges can be easily faked. In 2005, Matt Crowley reported that under certain conditions plaster casts will form to resemble having dermal ridges.

Exclusive: Matt Moneymaker's rebuttal to a Bigfoot skeptic's rant

When I stumbled upon a question posted on Yahoo Answers asking about whether or not humans descended from Bigfoot, a skeptic who calls himself Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods used the opportunity to write an essay against the existence of a large bipedal human-like ape roaming the Pacific Northwest. The skeptic made some interesting points, and claims it's "flat-out impossible" to maintain a viable population due to nutritional requirements these creatures would need to survive. We figured the claims made by the skeptic needs a fair rebuttal, so I contacted Matt Moneymaker. Moneymaker is president of the BFRO or the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. He's also a frequent visitor of Bigfoot Evidence. We decided to shoot the skeptic’s rant to Moneymaker and ask if he can write a comment refuting each paragraph. We would like to thank Matt Moneymaker for taking the time to write us back. Here's the question posted on Yahoo Answers: Did we descend from the