MidnightWalkers Radio: Accounts of sasquatch on Creepy Mountain, Listen live at 6 PM PST

This evening at 6 PM California time, listen to MidnightWalkers Radio live. Expect to hear some incredible audio recordings of Bigfoot captured by Adam aka Websquatch from Alabama. Look for ShawnEvidence in the chat-room (That's us!).

Show notes:
Adam from Alabama will be on the show to share his accounts of the sasquatch on Creepy Mountain. Adam has been interacting with his local sasquatch clan for close to 2 years. He has captured some exceptional audio in that time. We'll discuss one of his areas where an alleged shooting occurred as well as accounts from various areas.

This is the same location where we've heard growls, indian screams and seen the glowing eyes.  Adam has also seen other things out in the woods that he can't explain. We'll be discussing them as well.


  1. what is an indian scream? and please don't say it's an indian screaming in the woods. is it some sort of bigfoot call? help me out with this knowledge. also i love this site!! keep up the good work ok!!

  2. What is an indian scream? An indian Scream is when you take a hammer and slam it down on their big toe. That is what you would call, an Indian scream.


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