The Bigfoot Hunter: A Sighting In The Pines

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming "WF? 'Zine" documentary "The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching", Sasquatch hunters Tim Holmes and Becky Sawyer lead the intrepid young paranormal investigators of GHI into 'The Pines'. When Becky gives chase to a mysterious figure, the gang stumbles upon some familiar footprints.

'The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching' is coming Fall 2011! For more information on the release, the subjects, and, of course, Bigfoot, visit the 'net's favorite independent 'zine about weird stuff at

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Behind the Scenes of “The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching”,
Becky Sawyer shows evidence to GHI.
Almost a month after we made the announcement that we were deep within post production editing on our new documentary film “The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching”, we’re finally able to report that the movie is complete! It took roughly four months of constant editing (and five years of procrastination), but our biggest project yet has finally been finished. All that’s left to do is get it signed, sealed, and delivered to screenings at a theater, festival, or convention near you.

To celebrate, and hopefully pique everyone’s curiosity, we’ve selected a clip from the film that we think everyone might enjoy. While the film is most definitely a humorous jaunt through the world of two Sasquatch researchers with big personalities, we think it’s worth noting that there are some genuinely strange things happening on Connecticut Hill, the site of the film. We think this clip manages to portray that adequately without giving too much away. If you haven’t seen the official trailer yet, you can watch it right here. Let us know what you think!

For more information about “The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching”, including up to date information about screenings, exclusive clips and outtakes, revealing interviews with the cast and crew, and plenty of other surprises, you can keep your eyes peeled to future editions of the WF? News, or for all that and more, come be our friend on Facebook.


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