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Humor: Bigfoot has a little fun with someone's trail camera and provides a glimpse of how he spends his spare time.

Uploaded by tnoutdoors9 on Apr 29, 2011 The big hairy creature, or at least one of them, has migrated to Tennessee in an effort to hone his shooting skills. Watch BIGFOOT test his skills with the Glock 19 and 22, Colt 1911 .45 ACP, an M1 Carbine, Ruger 10/22, and some AR15's. BIGFOOT has also has a little fun with someone's trail camera and provides a glimpse of how he spends his spare time. And what a surprise at the ending! Some genuine, unscripted wildlife! With regard to safety, I am the only person "on the set" during all segments of the video. If I am not holding the camera, it's mounted on a tripod. This is typically the case with my videos. Filmed entirely on a large track of extremely rural private property with safe backstops. I have been wanting to make another "Supports the 2nd Amendment" video, and BIGFOOT was the chosen character for the latest release. Alot of fun, target shooting, parody, whatever you want to call it. I think mos

The only real Bigfoot trap in the country

Volunteer Dave Enge, left, and forest archaeologist Jeff LaLande working on the Bigfoot trap  Located a half-mile west of Applegate Lake, the Collings Mountain Trail leads to a Bigfoot trap. The trap was built in 1974 by the North American Wildlife Research Team (NAWRT), a defunct organization based in Eugene, Oregon, that was inspired by Perry Lovell, a miner who lived near the Applegate River, who claimed to have found 18-inch-long human-like tracks in his garden. NAWRT operated the trap, keeping it baited with carcasses for six years, but caught only bears. In 1980 the Forest Service permanently bolted open the welded steel door due to safety hazards. Since then, the Forest Service has made some repairs to it now that it's become a popular hiking destination.

Fireside Chat: Firefighters experienced "huge beasts throwing logs and rocks at them"

A conversation about Bigfoot... Date: Unknown Location:  Northern California coast near the Oregon border Witnesses: Firefighters Context:  During a wildfire, firefighters encountered huge beasts throwing logs and rocks at them. Source: [snippet] . . . Crap, just got back from there, told my hubby, and now I have to take him. Maybe we'll catch a glimpse with the two of us . . . I've known a few people who've seen them, lotso them in one case. I used to work for the USFS inland 20 miles from the No. Cal coast near the Oregon border. Sorry I'm sketchy on the details was decades ago, the FS office was also the fire camp for the summer fire seasons. Many locals worked their summers as firefighters. There was a fire high in the mountains in an area unusual in the thichness of the forest, and also for the amount of water in an otherwise alpine/desert chapperal. During a fire in one of the trough

Al Hodgson Interview with Bigfoot Books, Willow Creek, PART TWO

This is the SECOND part of an over two-hour interview with Al Hodgson, conducted at his home in Willow Creek by Steven Streufert of Bigfoot Books and "C.I." Hodgson is the one who made the phone call to Roger Patterson which led to he and Bob Gimlin coming to the area and eventually capturing their famous Bigfoot film. Issues covered here concern the nature of Bigfoot, human or animal, and the events in Bluff Creek surrounding the filming of the Patterson-Gimlin Film (PGF). Where is the PG film site? What route did the old-timers take to get there? Was the 2003 International Bigfoot Symposium group in the right spot?

How Stuff Works, a Bigfoot Conspiracy

Is Bigfoot a conspiracy? Watch the clip from "" and we'll let you decide.

Video Breakdown of the Myakka City Florida Sasquatch

Three Clips of Sasquatch Myakka City Florida, Palmetto Grove Uploaded by SasquatchWatcher on Apr 29, 2011 Compilation of three short BF videos, showing one or two Sasquatch. No full body image is seen but many views of clearly non-human functional hands and feet. Why this is important: Videos show hair detail of shoulder, armpit and inside of plam. Shows slow lumbering walk and a tip toe walk. It shows BF rise from a sitting position without the use of the hands. Albert Ostman marveled at this. Extremely long hands with lots of function that bend fully at the wrist, cup, splay and grab. Profile is seen: neck is present but is tilted forward which gives impression it is set on shoulders. Typical BF behavior. Stalk, observe intruders, leave.

Video Slideshow of Buddy Knox's Bigfoot Song

The Bigfoot Song By Buddy Knox Enjoy the lyrics: Way up in the north woods an' deep in the dark pines that blacken the mountains of the Cascade Range, They still tell the tales of an Indian legend, Sasquatch is the legend, Bigfoot is the name. The Indians claim he's the missing link that fits in the gap of the evolution chain. You can make your mind up when you've heard the stories, Sasquatch is the story, bigfoot is the name. You can ride from Canada to Northern California, All up and down the Cascade Range, But if you go alone, friend, I'm here to warn you, Look out for the thing with the bigfoot name, Look out for the thing with the bigfoot name. From out of the Yakama Indian Reservation a young cowboy and an Indian came, To hunt in the mountains of Northern California, truth was the purpose, Bigfoot was the game. Now young Roger Patterson ran a small string of horses, And he lived in the foothills in a cabin with his wife, He knew that many secr

Fireside Chat: Two witnesses saw a hairy figure hurdled itself over a 4' fence

A random conversation... Just curious to see if anyone else has seen a bigfoot in the state of Washington ?? I did around the Failor Lake area in Grays Harbor County. It had to be around 1987 or so. Here's a quick rundown of what happened. I was riding in my step dads truck to Failor Lake to go fishing. My step dad had seen bigfoot before down in LA but not where we were though. We were riding on a dirt road heading north. It was a rainy day with some rays of sunshine coming down between the trees. On the right side of the truck (where i was sitting), there was a downward slope of a hill. To the left side, the down ward slope continued. Also on the right side was a barbwire fence that had 3 rows of barbwire. The top wire was about 4' from the ground. About 15' - 25' ahead of us came a very tall, 8'+, hairy figure running down the hill with giant strides. As it got closer to the barbwire fence, it hurdled itself right over the fence and the dirt road as wel

Watch Preview: Host of Adrenaline Hunter meets with BFRO Investigators

Bethy Rossos, host of Adrenaline Hunter, Travels up to Olympic National Forest and meets with BFRO Investigators. BFRO is an acronym for Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Could Bigfoot be a Hybrid Humanzee?

No... Oliver isn't 8' tall and doesn't have big feet.

Royal Canadian Mint Presents: 25-Cent Coloured Coin - Sasquatch (2011)

Get yours today! While Supplies Last. Shipping Begins May 2 First issue in the 3-coin series. A terrific collectible for kids of all ages! Highlights: Children of all ages will be captivated by this large coloured coin and its mysterious theme. It’s presented in a full-colour folder that tells the fascinating story of Sasquatch and includes a pull-out map showing where it was last seen—let the intrigue begin! Coin design: A surprising aerial perspective of Sasquatch walking among snow covered trees, leaving behind a trail of large footprints in the snow. Tracking a mysterious creature from Canada’s North. Is Sasquatch myth or missing link? First Nations legends abound with haunting tales of a giant, human-like creature lurking in the mountain forests of Canada’s Yukon, British Columbia and northern Ontario. They are not alone. In Asia, people claim to have seen Yeti, and in the western United States, witnesses describe a very similar Bigfoot—a very fast, very hairy and

Fireside Chat: California Fish and Game Warden saw a large upright "man" walking on a snowfield

A random conversation... Date: Unknown Location: Desolate lake on the Eastern side of the Sierra Witnesses:   California Fish and Game Warden Context: From boat, saw large a upright man walking in snow Source: [snippet] ... Eastern Sierra Nevada how do I explain things like this: My friend who is a California Fish and Game Warden says that he saw a large upright "man" walking on a snowfield a few thousand feet above a desolate lake on the Eastern side of the Sierra. He was on the lake in a small boat, and he saw it. He said that it was walking paralell to the mountain just above treeline, and gaining altitude slowly. He broke out his binoculars and said that it was dark and looked hairy. He said that it was covering ground at a rapid pace, although watching it move, it was not running. And it never stopped to catch its breath. He watched it until it vanished over a saddle. Total time elapsed,

Jeff Meldrum: 500-750 Sasquatch Living Today

Dr. Jeff Meldrum By ROB JEPSON / The Utah Statesman Story Created: Apr 27, 2011 at 11:57 AM MDT "My goal is not to convince, my goal is to open minds,"said Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. Meldrum has been researching the specimen of Sasquatch for more than 15 years and has received national attention for his work, both positive and negative. His research examines various evidences which suggest that the mythical creature Sasquatch may, in fact, be real. In particular, he hypothesizes there may be not only one creature living today, but as many as 500-750 of the Sasquatch species. "People have been so conditioned that this isn't possible that when they finally see it, it upsets their whole equilibrium," he said. Meldrum said many people, both inside and outside of academia, don't believe that Sasquatch could be real. "Some of the naysayers adapt that position because such a creature, such a speci

Fireside Chat: Young sergeant and his team spooked by the most blood curdling scream they ever heard

A random conversation... [snippet] My true story:  Back in '82 I, as a young sergeant, was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington with an infantry company. The army LOVES the night, so most of our field training was done during that time. On one particular mission, things got a bit wierd.  Mount Rainier from Fort Lewis After placing my teams into position, I took up the far left spot on the squirmish line and we started to advance. After we took only a few steps, the most blood curdling scream I had ever heard (before or since) came from a very large depression on our left. It was high pitched and slightly warbling, and gave us all the heebee jeebees. I gathered everyone together, calmed them all down, and got on with the task at hand.  After the evaluator called an end to hostilities we all got together, friends and foes, and all anyone could talk about was that scream. A small grass fire was burning a hundreds yards away from a wayward flare, and I had to send half a dozen

Best Evidence for the Existence of Bigfoot: Footprints

There is plenty of evidence attesting to the existence of the sasquatch. The Patterson footage on its own is very convincing, as it has never been proven to be a fake. The creature that is filmed has muscle movement, at one point one can even see that it has an injury, possibly a hernia on its thigh, or it may be a healed over scar. But don't take it from me, take it from these experts, this video does a great job in showing how the Patterson footage could never have been faked today, let alone 44 years ago. The best evidence continues to be the footprints. Here's another great video explaining how/why legitimate sasquatch footprint casts can not be faked.

Jason Valenti's Bigfoot Experience

Jason is a Sasquatch eyewitness and hominid researcher who is an outstanding articulate speaker and has a lot to share. Listen to him and I promise that you will be glad you did. Listen to Jason's testimony: Listen Here is another interview with Jason Valenti on BlogTalkRadio about his Bigfoot Experience: Listen Jason Valenti is a resident of Bellingham, WA. He was introduced to the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon in 1996 one spring morning at 4 a.m. in the Appalachicola National Forest near Tallahassee, Florida. Since that moment he has been driven to find out more about this elusive species. He moved from Largo, FL to Bellingham, WA in 1999. In the 8 years of residency he has discovered some very interesting areas in the Pacific Northwest that he frequents with several other researchers. His research has led him into the same areas that Lloyd Pye has tapped into and he is in the process of writing a book and developing a foundation called Hominoid Research Group for the further

Fireside Chat: Random conversation about a man being tracked by something "bipedal"

[snippet] ive heard the cats but still havnt seen one. ive walked from echo lake on 50 to sodasprings on 80 the long way through desolation wilderness, ive walked from tahoe to oxbow just below foresthill crisscrossing paths through desolation wilderness and never seen anything but 1 bear and he was running fast and we were lucky just to get a glimpse of him. i did work at blue lakes of hwy 88 at 8000' for 3 years and there were a few freaky things happened up there but i didnt see anything and have no proof but i was a ranger with this chico state runner who was one of there top runners and he ran through the woods at dusk. he came to the cabin one night white as a ghost and very shaken up and he didnt want top talk about it but i kept at him and all i could get out of him was that something bipedal was tracking him in the woods when he was on a trail and it was playing cat and nouse with him. the next day you could not get a peep out of the guy. my first question was, was i

Is this Bigfoot's House? Jim think it's possible

Found Bigfoot's House ??? Another great video Jim taken a few days ago on April 24. Looks like someone or something set up a nice little shelter, and it wasn't there 2 months ago when Jim checked out the area. Could this be Bigfoot's house? Jim: This is from this morning April 24 2011 I found some interesting things and one very important thing . That being the shelter that was not in the location about two months ago . Update: A close-up of the shelter Jim found. Jim: This is the shelter found today april 24 2011 . I had the feeling of being watched for a short time while there around it . The footprints were found a short distance from it in an area that I found prints in more than ten years ago

Repost: Bipedal Bear, Bear Enjoys Walking

Video shows an adult bear that has adapted to walking upright. Watch closely and you will notice that she is missing a paw.

Repost: Backyard Bigfoot

A user YouTube user who calls himself Loadbrecht shot this footage in his backyard. It does not appear to be a bear. You can see the creature walking up and down the hill.

Bigfoots and UFOs, Bigfoots can levitate?

Bigfoot Researchers found some footprints in the snow and decided to take measurements. It was a typical Bigfoot Research video until someone mentioned Bigfoot and Levitation in the same sentence. This immediately made things more interesting. Fast-forward the video to 1:30 seconds to hear a woman entertain the idea that Bigfoots are inter-dimensional and have the power to levitate. Yeap, Bigfoot can levitate. How else can you explain the disappearance of footprints in snow? We understand this is a very controversial and sensitive subject to some Bigfoot people, so we really have no comment on the whole Bigfoot levitation and UFOs thing. We don't believe in that non-sense. However, Bigfoot does exist! Just believe us =)

Video of Sasquatch sighting in New Brunswick Canada, Woman doesn't scream

This latest video from New Brunswick Canada is questionable and probably a hoax.  We're just going to put it out there for you to see. The person filming doesn't make any attempt to show us the full details of the creature. The woman stayed pretty calm while filming behind a tree. No apparent signs of trembling, no camera shaking, none of the usual stuff that happens to people when filming a Sasquatch creature.

Sasquatch Summit - Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Believe It Tour was at Sasquatch Summit a Tribute to John Green in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. Here is Dr. Jeff Meldrum giving his presentation "On the Track of Sasquatch with John Green" to the crowd.

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film (PGF) in Full Frame View

Here is a full-frame version of the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film, from the "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" bonus features. It shows an non-stabilized view, retaining original camera motion, of a decent-quality but scratchy copy of the PGF. A few very early frames are sadly missing.

Animal X searches for the Texas Bigfoot

Animal X Natural Mystery Unit: Texas Bigfoot The Animal X crew, Daniel and Natalie join Bigfoot researcher Chester Moore, who says he's found the home of an elusive non-human primate at a secret location in Texas.

Sasquatch Between Trees? Where?

Sometimes, we're not sure what we're really looking at. Two people telling us there is a Bigfoot between some trees, but we're not seeing it. Do you? Video Description: Uploaded by SasquatchResearchUSA on Mar 24, 2011 Hello everyone, This video is one that isn't making it to my Documentary in progress, but it still is quite interesting. I have no doubt of what it is mind you, because that's the reason we are stopped there at that spot...I had just witnessed a large creature cross in between the trees that the head eventually bobs out of. I guess he/she is seeing if I went down to inverstigate further. The video unfortunately was shot by my wife's digital camera's video setting, so the video at 640x480 was grainy to say the least. If someone can clarify it for me and get a better look at what it is peeking around the tree, please let me know. Thanks. P.S. Watch for more video that I'll be releasing as my research furthers this year. Most of the

The Crypto Hunters Exposed Popular Bigfoot video as a Fake

The break down Here at Bigfoot Evidence, we love break downs. The Crypto Hunters just released a breakdown of a popular Bigfoot video that was taken in the Sequoia National Forest in east California. The original footage was captured in 2005 during a hiking/photo expedition. The Crypto Hunters has concluded that it's a hoax. You can watch the original below: The original

Al Hodgson of Willow Creek, Interview with Bigfoot Books

This is the first part of an over two-hour interview with Al Hodgson, conducted at his home in Willow Creek by Steven Streufert of Bigfoot Books and "C.I." Hodgson is the one who made the phone call to Roger Patterson which led to he and Bob Gimlin coming to the area and eventually capturing their famous Bigfoot film. Issues covered here concern the nature of Bigfoot, human or animal, and the events in Bluff Creek surrounding the filming of the Patterson-Gimlin Film (PGF). Was Bob Titmus there? Was there really a "slaughter" of a Bigfoot family?

Bigfoot's body, why can't we find them?

Well said!

Time Warp: In Search Of... Bigfoot, from 1977

In Search Of... Bigfoot (Part 1 of 3) Click here to watch Part 2 of 3 Click here to watch Part 3 of 3 Very old but goodie show from the late 70s. Almost 35 years later and we're still looking for the ever so elusive Bigfoot. Let the search continue. Show Description: This episode investigates the Native American Legend of Bigfoot or "Sasquatch" as the Native Americans call it. A large, hairy beast, resembling a man. Scientists and Cryptozoologist discuss the possibility that this creature may inhabit the thousands of square miles of uninhabited timberland in the American Northwest. The legend of Bigfoot dates back may centuries and sightings have been reported continuously since before the white man came to this region of America and they continue today. Archival footage of a suspected Bigfoot is shown and discussed with both witnesses and scientists evaluating the film.

Bigfoot Fun Fact: Sasquatch

The term "Sasquatch" is an anglicized derivative of the word "Sésquac" which means "wild man" in a Salish Native American language.

Bigfootology interviews Dr. Jeff Meldrum, FB/FB very pleased with interview

Rhettman Mullis PHD is the primary driver behind Bigfootology and  FBFB has been partnered with since last year. Bigfootology goes beyound the "if" Bigfoot exists and focuses on the "How" they exist. Watch Bigfootology's Rhettman Mullis interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, an expert on foot morphology and locomotion in primates. WARNING: Audio needs a lot of work.

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter - Shocking events unfold at a Horse Ranch

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter - Shocking events unfold at a Horse Ranch. (Godspeed) Success or good fortune. My hard work is paying off. - Tim What ever it is, good luck Tim! Tim Stover Jr. notes: Horses breaking thru fence. Ducks de-feathered Turkey heads and necks with no bodies to be found Thermal Image capture with three witnesses To Be Continued... Update: Ohio Bigfoot Hunter - Horse Ranch Investigation - Part 2 (Thermal Picture) This photo was taken on a Flir i3 with two witnesses (Land Owners) standing next to me. It happened so fast that there wasn't any time to get the Sony and record the display. The bright area you see on the bottom is ground fog. We were all sitting around talking after we had a cookout and watching the field with the thermal. I will admit that when I first noticed the heat signature my heart started racing and I just couldn't believe what was happening. The only thing I remember is her saying "Oh my god! What is that!" The fear in h

Dancing Bear, Not Bigfoot

Dancing babies, dancing cats, dancing bears. All we need is a dancing bigfoot now.

Vermont Trail Cam Bigfoot, What people are saying

On April 17, Steve Kulls on his radio show publicly unveiled a photo of Bigfoot captured on a man's trail cam. The trail cam had been set up to see who or what was eating all the apples off his tree. Many people think it's a Sasquatch, and others believe it to be something else. Maybe it's a barn owl or a person in a ghille suit bent over. As far as we know, nobody can agree on what it is, granted you can't get people to agree on anything these days (or ever). Sasquatch, Owl, or Man in Ghille Suit What non-skeptics are saying: "Either that is Bigfoot with the mange or a really old costume." "From what I am seeing, and based upon 16 years of having worked with great apes, that is a primate, and not someone wearing a suit." " the biggest one is the Eagle Owl body length of nearly 2ft 6in and 6ft wingspan... jum don't think can be an owl." " I don't think this is a hoax. While there's no proof as to what it is, it'

Listen to Interview With Dave Archere about his sighting of Orang Pendek

Orang Pendek Adam Davies is a first-class investigator of all-things cryptozoological and monster-themed, and the author of the book Extreme Expeditions. Graham Inglis interviews Dave Archer about his sighting of Orang Pendek on the recent CFZ expedition to Sumatra.

Nolan Canova speaks on the Patterson film, Still Insist Patterson Was a Fraud

Nolan Canova (famed paranormal and pop culture expert) explains how the modern Patterson film has digitally artifacts that have created an illusion and captured the imagination of many. This allows exploitation for profit for a lifetime because the question is without answer. Related Posts: Nolan Canova speaks on the Patterson film, says Patterson had the best costume ever

Bigfoot Fun Fact: Orang Pendek

Click Here Breaking News: Orang Pendek Declared New Primate Species Orang Pendek Orang Pendek is also sometimes called "The Sumatra Bigfoot." "Orang Pendek" literally means "short person" in Indonesian. This is the name given to an animal that people have been seeing for hundreds of years in and around Kerinci-Seblat National Park in central Sumatra. Related Posts: Orang Pendek Declared New Primate Species

Watch Orang Pendek "Ape-Man" Home Invasion, NatGeo's Beast Hunter Investigates

Ape-Man Home Invasion Pat meets an eyewitness whose house was raided by orang pendek . Show description: In the vast jungles of mystical Sumatra, locals have reported seeing a creature that looks something like an ape, yet it walks just like us. They've named it "Orang Pendek" - the little man of the forest. A recent scientific discovery proposes that another species of humans - nicknamed 'hobbits' - did once live in Indonesia. So could there be a new great ape waiting to be discovered? Or is it possible we're not the only human species living on earth? Biologist and beast hunter Pat Spain investigates. Read more: Related Posts: Orang Pendek Declared New Primate Species

Orang Pendek Declared New Primate Species

Orang Pendek on the cover of EdgeScience, published by the Society for Scientific Exploration EdgeScience recently declared Orang Pendek as a new primate species. Adam Davies has published an article making the case for the orang-pendek of Sumatra and neighboring regions as a new species of primate. In the EdgeScience magazine #7, Adam writes: "But a serious consideration of the scientific evidence for the orang-pendek points in two directions at once. The structural analysis of the hair suggests either an orangutan, or something very closely related to an orangutan. The DNA analysis, on the other hand, points to a human or something very closely related to humans. But why can’t it be both?" Some details about the Orang Pendek: The DNA says "human" but the structure says "orang-utan." Local witnesses and legends describe Orang Pendek an ape About one meter (~ three feet) tall Strong chest and arms Short hair covering its body Walks bipedally