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R.W. Ridley talks about the Erickson Project, Dr. Melba Ketchum and Justin Smeja now household names

Only July 30, 2011, Author R.W. Ridley from wrote an interesting piece on Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Erickson Project. In it, he made mention of Robert Lindsay's "Sierra Bigfoot Kill" article and the alleged shooter Justin Smeja. In the closing paragraph, Ridley had this to say: One is left with several burning questions after hearing the twists and turns of this drama. The most prominent being is any part of it true? All of the major players are only talking through intermediaries so it’s hard to say for sure. The only thing that you could possibly take away from all this is that the people involved in the search for Bigfoot are potentially more interesting than even the very creature they are trying to prove exists. There is such a sense of conflict deeply rooted within the community from both skeptics and believers that one can’t help but get sucked into the fray. It’s truly a fascinating display of human behavior. The Mystery Over The Existence of B

Bigfoot Skull in Walla Walla turned out to be human

On July 23, 2011, Matt Moneymaker sent out an urgent tweet to his Twitter followers that read: URGNT: Need a phys.anthro'gist in Walla Walla 2 exam a skull found in mts. Photos avail. Def. primate, might B human.  And two days later, on July 25, Moneymaker sent out another tweet: Meldrum says Walla Walla skull is human, but possibly native. We've directed the finder to take it to the local sheriff's office.  At the time, there wasn't much information to go by and the messages gave little on the exact whereabouts and what the context was. A Google search on "Walla Walla Bigfoot Skull" didn't turn up any leads to what was going on in the Walla Walla area. That was a few week ago. Now we know what really went down in Walla Walla County earlier this month. According to the Seattle Times website, Authorities are investigating a human skull discovered by two hikers in the Umatilla National Forest earlier this month. The hikers initially thought was a skul

Pictures of the Day: Bigfoot's address

Big Foot Rd Only two Big Foot Roads exists in America: Big Foot Rd, Mountain Ranch, CA 95246 Big Foot Rd, Nampa, ID 83686

Amazing Rare Black Bear Cub Footage Caught on I-Phone, or is it?

No. It's not Bigfoot, but these bears are so cute! There is much debate and skepticism about false identification of Bigfoot. There are many that hold with the idea that Bigfoot sightings are nothing more than a bear that has been miss-identified by a person unfamiliar with wildlife. Looking at this footage, it seems unlikely a person could confuse Bigfoot with a bear. For bears, the ears stand straight up. In every instance, you see the ears clearly. Uploaded by BIGFOOTBUBBA on Jul 26, 2011 I apologize for not being able to edit this piece, but I was so proud of the Amazing Rare Black Bear Cub Footage I caught on my I- Phone in Eastern Tennessee I had to share it on Youtube. Hope you enjoy the Amazing Rare Black Bear Cub Footage I caught on my I-Phone

Bigfoot Roger Patterson film, Peter Brooke Analysis

Peter Brooke, Head of Jim Henson Animatronics Department analyzes the supposed "hoax" suit scenario.

Bigfoot and Fishing

Bigfooting is like fishing. Sometimes there's no activity, no responses, no signs, just dead silence. That's what happening here with the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters in this video. Uploaded by tcsjrbigfoot on Jul 27, 2011 Ohio Bigfoot Hunters: All advice comments will be a copy and paste to text messages to my team members. We will always admit when our research is at a stall and we have no idea what to try next. No activity - No responses - No signs - Dead silence. (BIGFOOT Missing In Action)

FB/FB: Blobsquatch watches kid do circles on ATV

BF watches Kid do circles on ATV. Stands up and lopes into woods  One of the blurriest break-down videos from Facebook Find Bigfoot . We put this in the blobsquatch category because there is no "brown" bigfoot in this footage. Uploaded by TeamYin on Jul 26, 2011 Another ATV video, this one with a kid. "like moths to a flame" Find a forest, with hills, streams and game. Then run a kid with an ATV and presto! a BF. This took a ton of effort to authenticate. We took many photo's of each step and enhanced them to determine if there was a pause at top. Yep. this is real. The term "blobsquatch" refers to any vaguely bigfoot-shaped mass seen (or not) in an otherwise unremarkable photograph of trees. This also means "blurry indistinct objects in photos that could either be a real, live Bigfoot or, well, a branch, a shadow, a rock, a tree stump, a smudge on the lens, etc."

Hoax Alert!: Bigfoot type creature near California river

This person has numerous videos showing Bigfootwalking along the beach. We've seen videos from this person trickling in week after week, probably hoping one of the videos go viral. As defenders of truth, we send you this caution. This one titled ""Bigfoot?" seen at Eel river" is also a hoax (from the same person):

Amazing Creatures: Fish Eating at 1,000 Frames-per-second

Uploaded by Wainwrightlab on Jul 14, 2011 High speed video of Inermia vitatta, or boga fish, feeding. Filmed at 1000 frames per second, played back at 10 frames per second.  One of the first ever recorded high-speed video sequences of Inermia vittata, a zooplanktivore from the tropical western Atlantic. We are using its first live appearance in the lab to see how the feeding kinematics of Inermia compare with that of other reef fishes. Watch how far that upper jaw projects forward! One common name for this fish is the bonnetmouth, named after the appearance of the protruded mouth. Like other reef zooplanktivores, Inermia appears qualitatively to be specialized at picking prey from the water column. As you can see in the video, the mouth reaches forward, closing the distance to the prey while preparing to pull the prey closer with suction. The evolutionary relationship of Inermia to other species has been tricky to resolve because it is very similar in appearance and behavior

Bigfoot Hunters: Adhoc folding canoe that fits in a backpack

When you're squatching in the middle of nowhere, and you need to get somewhere quick, it's easier to just canoe your way around the harsh terrain of the Pacific North West. Check out this canoe that fits in your backpack! From Gizmodo : Ori Levin designed a full sized canoe that's completely collapsable and can be stored in a bag that's only 5 x 9 x 28 inches big. Basically, you can have a boat in your backpack. Called the Adhoc Canoe, it only weighs 9 pounds and takes 5 minutes to assemble. The frame of the canoe is made with carbon fiber and the hull is made of aramid (a synthetic fabric used in racing sails). The boat comes together in a "double wishbone-like structure" formed using telescopic poles. Probably not comfy but certainly clever. Sadly, Levin has no plans to bring the Adhoc Canoe to the mass market. via:

Humor: Finding Bigfoot

Click on picture to enlarge From Seattle Times comic section (7/20)

Justin Smeja identified as Sierra Bigfoot shooter, Robert Lindsay confirms

A screenshot of the thread where it is suggested that Justin Smeja is the person who wrote the original Sierra Kills thread in November 2010. Robert Lindsay has been holding his tongue about the identity of the Bigfoot shooter for at least 3 weeks now, and he cannot hold it any longer. The word is out, and all the evidence is pointing towards Justin Smeja. Robert has been in contact with Justin and gotten him in touch with an attorney. Robert hopes that she can make a deal with him with the Feds for amnesty in case they are going to charge him over this incident. In defense of Justin Smeja, I say he was just an average bear hunter doing what hunters do. He didn't know what a Bigfoot was at the time of the shooting, and all that was on his mind he were bears. When he encountered a strange up-right creature waving it's arm in the air, he felt threaten and probably confused, so he simply shot and killed the creature. The evolving stories says that he had k

Watch Lex18 Investigates Kentucky Bluegrass Bigfoot, and Erickson Project

Local news station from Lexington, Kentucky (LEX 18) special about the Bluegrass Bigfoot. One Bigfoot Hunter says the truth about Bigfoot is near, and soon the world is going to witness the most important discovery of all time! The Bigfoot hunter made mention of the Erickson Project or Sasquatch the Quest documentary that's slated to release sometime this year (if ever). Word has it that the documentary is complete, and Nat Geo has been following the documentary. They're just waiting for Dr. Ketchum to finish up her DNA study . Peer review is the first step in a long and drawn-out process to prove once and for all, that Bigfoot exists. From : Bigfoot In Kentucky Myth? Monster? Misidentification? The search for the elusive beast known as Bigfoot spans decades. And some believe it lives right here in Kentucky. Phillip Spencer, known as the "Wildman of Kentucky" counts among the true believers. "I know it is here. No question.&quo

Clearest Photo of Female Sasquatch captured in Oregon Coast Range, if authentic

YouTube user davidjroot198 5 said he was camping in the Oregon Coast Range and captured this picture of a female Bigfoot. One skeptical commenter said "the nose is wrong, its not hooded, eyes are too small as well, fur distribution and density is also wrong and the mouth is wrong too.. better luck next time." In the response, David replied  "Have you been in a car accident and everything goes in slow motion, and every detail is very vivid. In this case i might have blocked the hole encounter out if i had not snapped this picture... Are there any experts out there to help answer my questions? This encounter realy freaked me out!" At first glance, the background looks a little fake. The woods in the back lacks any dept, and it looks like some sort of painting. We could be wrong since this photo was taken at night and the camera's focus was on the "ceature". It looks too good to be true in our opinion. Update:  Looks like we were right. Than

2011 Bigfoot Bash at the Michigan Magazine Museum in Comins, Michigan

Video streaming by Ustream - Highlights from 2010 event Bigfoot Bash brings investigators together from thru-out the state and is a serious inquiring into the presence of Bigfoot in Michigan. Members of the Michigan Bigfoot Research Organization as well as authors and other researchers will be on hand for presentations and to answer questions from the public. Among the Speakers are: Bob Daigle, Researcher from Warren Phill Shaw, Researcher from West Branch Lisa Shiel, author/researcher from Lake Linden Joe Stewart Mi. Bigfoot Researcher Don Peer, Researcher Houghton lake There will be others present who have experienced Bigfoot sightings and encounters. Excerpts from a recent visit to the museum by Dr. Igor Burtsev of Moscow Russia, BF researcher will be played during intermission. Bigfoot Bash is open to the public at no charge. FREE PARKING The 2011 event will be held July 30th and 31st, Sat and Sun from 10 a.m. til 4 p.m. each day. JULY 30TH AND 31ST AT THE MICHIGA

Dentist sees Virgin Mary on tooth, swears he does not believe in Bigfoot or weird things

The mysterious facelike image discovered by dentist on a tooth. Does believing in Bigfoot make you weird? This dentist thinks you're weird if you believe in that kind of thing. However, he was totally blown away after seeing the mother of Jesus on a patience's molar. July 28, 2011 in City Holy molar! Madonna sighted on a bicuspid by Doug Clark The Spokesman-Review Dr. Michael Trantow has seen plenty of the expected in his 30 years of peering into the mouths of patients. Cavities. Diseased gums. Abscessed teeth … Seeing the Virgin Mary staring back at him, however, was definitely a first. “I was so startled,” the Spokane Valley dentist said of what he witnessed earlier this month after removing a patient’s crown. “I told everyone in the office to come in and look at this.” The consensus, he said, fell pretty much into the category of shock and awe. The exposed surface of a tooth belonging to longtime patient Marilyn Blossom appeared to bear the face of a wo

Sacramento Fox40 News reports on Bigfoot sighting, man says he'll never forget his encounter

This latest report comes from our local station here in Sacramento, CA. Doesn't matter if we heard this kind of story a million times, it still makes us proud when a local reporter scoops up a Bigfoot story. "I've always wanted to report on Bigfoot, but never had the opportunity in the nearly 20 years I've been reporting," the reporter said. Watch the video. From FOX40 News Sacramento: Is Bigfoot Real? Several "Sightings" in Northern California Rowena Shaddox FOX40 News 4:55 p.m. PDT, July 27, 2011 Here we go Bigfoot real? Lots of so-called sightings....including some right here in northern California. Rowena Shaddox introduces us to a local man who says he'll never forget his encounter with the beast. Here's part 2 of the special report. We just realized this video was the Call Blasting video we posted earlier:

Oh noes! Bigfoot is now planking too!

Bigfoot Planking. Gizmodo gives an explanation about Planking : What Is Planking? Planking is blowing up the news these day. Old people would say it's another instance of why the youth is screwed. Kids would fire back that it's the most fun you can have being still. Who's right? And just what the hell is planking? It's a stupid internet sensation... Planking is the act of lying facedown for a photograph. The term planking originated from Australia but is actually just another name for 'the lying down game' (I'm not kidding). The specific instructions: to put your body face down to the ground (or table, or object, or anything) with your arms to the side. Yeah. ...that's really, really stupid... Again, the act itself is to lie down on the ground. Anybody can do that, right? That's why kids are getting crazier. You get creativity points for planking in odd places like trees branches. Or escalators. Or animals! Or balls. The more wild yo

The Bluegrass Bigfoot, Thursday at 7pm

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Is the mysterious creature in the Bluegrass? LEX 18's Nicole Pence- LEX 18 News investigates... Her story airs Thursday at 7PM on Evening Edition. Local news station from Lexington, Kentucky (LEX 18) will be showing a special about the Bluegrass Bigfoot this Thursday at 7pm. If you're in that neck of the woods, you might want to check it out. Update (11:51PM):  This just in. Watch the special below: There is little doubt that the state of Kentucky is one of the strangest places in the country. The “dark and bloody ground” of the Native Americans has given birth to accounts of UFO’s, flying creatures, Lizard Men and even werewolves. But one monster stands out above the rest – Bigfoot! There are so many sightings of these hairy giants in the Bluegrass State that it has come to be ranked as one of the most active for Bigfoot sightings east of the Mississippi River! Below is a report from 2009 about a "Bigfoot In Bluegrass" encounter: B

Wood Devil (Bigfoot) Derry Fairy (The Grays?) Lake Monster ??? New Hampshire

Famous cryptids packaged into one report. From Bigfoot to Fairies to Lake Monsters, you name it. Uploaded by DustyPawPaws on Jul 26, 2011 Of course I have heard more sightings than this. Like the Sas that rescued a dog from a Pond in the winter, that fell through the ice !!!!

Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film, Bill Munns Analysis

Bill Munns restoration and analysis of the Roger Patterson film footage as seen on National Geographic channel.

Finding Bigfoot: Follow crew on Twitter

As far as we know, there are currently two people from Finding Bigfoot on Twitter. Matt Moneymaker (@MattMoneymaker1)  created his twitter account a couple of weeks ago, and at just about the same time Ranae Holland  (@SkeptiScientist) also hopped on the Twitter bandwagon. FYI: You can follow  @BigfootEvidence  on Twitter as well. We're still trying decide which social networking platform is best, so bare with us on the updates.

Recordings of Bigfoot Call Gives Reporter Goosebumps

Watch the latest video at <a href=""></a> Calling Bigfoot A California couple, the wife an anthropologist and the husband a retired firefight shows a reporter how call blasting works by spooking her out. The call blasting started early in the evening and went on throughout the night. It's amusing to watch how your minds can play tricks on you when you're expecting the unexpected. The reporter mentioned a shadow behind a boulder, wondering if anything is lurking behind it. Location: Stanislaus National Forest Call Blasting is the practice of playing recordings of alleged sasquatch vocalizations at high volume across wilderness areas in the anticipation of receiving a resp

Amazing Creatures: Tortoise Gets Chair Wheel Prosthesis to Replace Missing Leg

Courtesy WSU Vet Med College: A 12-year-old, African spur-thighed tortoise recently had its left front leg amputated at Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and is doing just fine with a swiveling wheel attached to his shell. Source:

Minnesota Bigfoot Sighting Near St. Croix River

Uploaded by TeamYin on Jul 25, 2011 Thanks to Andrew S. for bringing our attention to this one! "Minnesota Auburn in crouched run 30 miles east of Saint Paul" 7/6/11 Farmer and his wife film 5 seconds of an Auburn Sas with his new Iphone as he walked the woods next to his hayfield. They hear a low grunting sound. They actually thought it was a deer running until they looked on the computer a few days later. Found by Candy at SasquatchwatchCanada w/ 2 views, we saw it next w/ 7. Confirms All over Auburn hair, high shoulders, gray hands, Pigmentation line on hand, muscles move when right foot stomps.

Midnight Walkers BTR Welcomes Michael (Mikey) Johnson

This Wed, Jul 27, 2011 6:00PM PST, MidnightWalkers BlogTalkRadio will be broadcasting another Bigfoot show featuring Michael Johnson from Colorado. Click here to listen when it airs Show Notes: Mikey has also been lucky enough to have a Class 1 encounter (full visual) of a male Sasquatch at about 25 yards in daylight conditions while looking for more footprints. He is well known for his ability to establish encounter areas where the sasquatch will actually trade with them. He heads up a research organization known as Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (SIR), which is dedicated to documenting and interacting with the sasquatch people.  You won't want to miss Mikey's wonderful accounts and abilities to establish trading and friendships with the sasquatch people. SIR's website can be found at

Humor: Bigfoot Sightings

A Bigfoot expert walks into a bar...

Original Ivan Marx Bigfoot footage

This hoax was on of the many hoaxed Bigfoot movies by Ivan Marx. Ivan Marx (b. ???? d. 1999) was a well-known bigfoot researcher and film-maker who made several allegedly hoaxed films of bigfoot, most of which were gathered into 3 films, The Legend of Bigfoot (1976), In The Shadow of Bigfoot (1981) and Bigfoot Alive And Well In '82 (early or mid-'80's). Many bigfoot Researchers allege that Marx's films are nothing more than hoaxes, and that Marx's wife Peggy was in the gorilla suits filmed by Marx. Marx was involved in the Bossburg, Washington Cripple Foot track finds of November 1969, and in October 1970, claimed to have captured film footage of the crippled bigfoot, although he turned down an offer of $25,000 for the footage if he could confirm its authenticity. Marx was a mentor to controversial researcher Tom Biscardi. Original Ivan Marx Bigfoot footage, whether your a believer or a skeptic, you've got to see this! Read below for more on the Ivan Ma

Tim Fasano warns of the "Piltdown Man" effect, Erickson Project followers beware

Tim Fasano is cautiously optimistic about what the Erickson Project will unveil. For over a year now, we've been hearing "leaked" stories from people close to the Erickson Project about the results of the study being done on DNA samples taken from different Sasquais (yes, that's a new word first coined by Richard Stubstad). Here's a brief history of what has happened over the past months regarding the Bigfoot DNA samples and the shooting(s). Richard Substad leaks DNA Study, reveals "Bigfoots are halfway between Homo sapiens and Neandertal" - click here More Richard Substad leaks about the Bigfoot DNA study, "Sasquatch DNA Update, DNA Samples May Indicate 100% Human Race" - click here Leader of Bigfoot DNA research group responds to "leaked" results, "The Real Scoop On Dr. Melba’s DNA Study (David Paulides)" - click here Robert Lindsay reported Two Dead Bigfoot Bodies Being Used For DNA Test - click here Two Bigfoo