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Original version of Ukrainian Bigfoot?

This video was uploaded by user SDNikitin on March 18, 2011. This appears to be the earliest clip available on YouTube.  Out there somewhere is the original and it would be nice if we have the original "cell phone" clip to dissect. Currently, all there is out there are fuzzy YouTube-filtered clips. Important artifacts could have gotten lost during the video decoding/coding compression process. We are currently working on stabilizing this clip (0:16 seconds). Stay tune!

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Search for Bigfoot George Noory is broadcasting Search for Bigfoot as we speak. Three experts in the field of cryptozoology will discuss the latest findings and technology in the search for Bigfoot. In order of appearance: Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Daniel Perez, Loren Coleman. Show Notes Also see: Search for Bigfoot Audio Posted

Bill Dranginis featured interview for

Bill: I was able to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon with David Pierce, the local multimedia reporter for INSIDENOVA.COM. We talked about local Bigfoot sightings and even had time to demonstrate some of the EyeGotcha camera systems. David was curious how people conduct research on a creature that the scientific community says does not exist. I think we had a very productive day!

Breaking news: Ukrainian bigfoot video breakdown

Click Here Breaking News: Orang Pendek Declared New Primate Species Stabilized version: Breaking news from the people at The Crypto Hunters. Here is a break down of the video. Looks pretty good in our opinion. Looks like "Patty", walks like Patty. It was filmed in Ukrainian forest in the mountains near Yalta this spring. The Crypto Hunters: I have made contact with the person who filmed this and here is a little more info. It was filmed in Ukrainian forest ( in the mountains near Yalta this spring)/ So its actually Ukrainian bigfoot. I hope to get more info soon. Source: Related posts: How much is a second of bigfoot footage worth? Bigfoot in Patterson-Gimlin footage had breasts [NSFW]

Fathom Frontiers Possible Sasquatch Whoops in Northeast Ohio Bigfoot Grassman

Clip Description: Uploaded by FathomFrontiers on Mar 26, 2011 We hiked into a location we had not previously researched before and spent over an hour in this area looking for evidence of a Sasquatch. As we made our way out of that area, heading back to the car, we heard a series of "whoops" coming directly from the location we had just left. We quickly returned to that area and sat just inside the wood line very still and quiet for about twenty minutes or so. In that time we heard no sounds, none, the woods were completely silent. The sounds we heard did not sound like anything we had ever heard before, at least not in person. You will need to turn your audio up most of the way to hear the sounds in the background. The first series of "whoops" starts at 1:04 then it continues at 1:16 with the final one at 1:21. Source: FathomFrontiers

Animal Planet uses Brammo Enertias to sneak up on Bigfoot!

Animal Planet borrowed a couple of Brammo Enertias for a special that they shot on people Squatchin’ in the Mckennzie River Rainforest. The Brammo Enertia is perfect for Squatchin’ because it’s very quiet and stealthy.   Another plus is that the Enertia does not emit fumes, so Bigfoot could not smell you coming. The bikes that were used in the shoot also were camouflage green, thus making them difficult to see in the trees and old forest growth. Can't wait for the special to air! To learn more about Brammo, visit Source: Brammo

NC claims he has video of Bigfoot

A man in Shelby, NC claims he has video of Bigfoot. I don't know about this video. Looks more like Blob Squatch to me. Thomas Byers' 5-second video shows a large creature walking across the road. Source:

Debunking the Bigfoot footage from the Applachians

This video shows that the video claimed by Tom Biscardi as the real deal is nothing more than a leaf type object and not a Bigfoot.

Lone woman searching for bigfoot tracks in Oregon, USA

Photo: Bigfoot Spotted In Wenatchee

Okay, so its not THAT Bigfoot. This one resides just off the Loop Trail on the Wenatchee side of the Columbia River. There are lots of great art pieces placed all over the town and getting out to see them is very easy.

Recent Sighting Report: Illinois River in southwestern Oregon

Click Here Breaking News: Orang Pendek Declared New Primate Species Persons : Ralph and friend. Location : Illinois River in southwestern Oregon Context : Fishing with friend and rocks being thrown in their direction Source : Bigfoot Ballyhoo

‘Bigfoot’ lawsuit accuses state of stomping on civil liberties

What? A guy can’t dress up as Bigfoot & have a good time? Come on! CONCORD, N.H. – A performance artist who dressed as Bigfoot says state park rangers didn’t have the right to kick him off a mountain where he had been scaring, or at least amusing, hikers while friends videotaped him. When Doyle returned with a small band of costumed friends to film “The Capture of Bigfoot,” they were captured themselves, sort of. Monadnock park manager Patrick Hummel interrupted the skit and barred them from filming, saying Doyle needed a permit.

Does rock throwing mean there's bigfoot?

G12P went to do some ghost hunting and take EVP recordings. Instead, rocks were thrown at them. Interesting night it was. Hit the link to see the source. G12P Bigfoot Hunt

Bigfoot hunted by helicopter, helicopter disappears off radar

My husband and I took our kids target shooting. A helicopter was over our heads the entire time annoying us. We thought at first they were curious of why and what we were shooting. Later when we watched the video we noticed something that looked like bigfoot running in the trees. We assume now the helicopter was hunting the bigfoot. Scary! Hmmm...