Monday, December 17, 2018

Person Goes Missing In Aggressive Bigfoot Territory

A man goes for a night time hike in an area known for its history of aggressive bigfoot encounters, and is never seen again. Listen to his relative tell the story, and talk about the other bigfoot stories they've heard from friends and family in the area.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Montana Bigfoot Encounters

From SCSO Sasquatch Org on youtube comes a terrifying encounter story about a bifoot ripping through a Montana home site.

The Redwoods Bigfoot Footage

Mountain Beast Mysteries on youtube takes a closer look at the famous piece of bigfoot evidence known as the Redwoods footage.

Sasquatch Up Close and Personal

Christopher Noel shares his insight and evidence from his multi-year bigfoot study in an area near his home. Check it out.

The Cowman of Copalis Beach

From Sasquatch Central and Bigfoot Case Files comes one of the best bigfoot stories out there. The terrifying tale of the Cowman of Copalis Beach.

Ohio Bigfoot Encounter

Jerry Cline of the Knox County Bigfoot Organization shares an eyewitness account from Perry County, Ohio.

UK Dogman Encounters

From Dogman Encounters Radio comes more exciting and terrifying encounters with the canine cryptid from the UK.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sasquatch, Ready Red, and Me

Dixie Cryptid shares another great encounter story on youtube. If youhaven't checked out this channel before, do so now. It's worth it.

Thinker Thunker Debunks Bigfoot Claim! Kind Of...

If you're keeping score at home, amateur film maker Thinker Thunker has never met a bigfoot video he didn't like. Until now. He doesn't go as far as claiming it's not real, but he does argue against it a bit. Unfortunately his target is a parody youtube channel that pretty much everyone is fully aware of how fake it is. But here it is anyway.

Todd Standing Offers Up Ultimate Sasquatch Challenge

After losing horribly in a court case to prove bigfoot's existence, Todd Standing has once again thrust himself into the spotlight. This time by challenging a US Senator to come see a bigfoot.

Mutant Pig Creature In Missouri

From the site comes a crazy story about a creature in Missouri, unlike anything we've ever heard before. Check it out.

Pit Bull Terrified By Juvie Bigfoot

From the fantastic bigfoot website, comes an encounter report about a juvenile bigfoot terrifying a pit bull and ransacking a piece of property.

On The Track Of Unknown Animals

Here's a bizarre but entertaining video from the CFZtv channel on youtube - On The Track (of Unknown Animals). Check it out.

Friday, December 14, 2018

True Scary Cryptid Stories

From the Swamp Dweller youtube channel:

PNW Bigfoot Chaos

The Trail To Bigfoot team out of Florida find themselves out of their swampy element in the Pacific Northwest. Check out the maze of fallen logs they come across, which may not be so natural.

Up Close and Personal with Sasquatch

Bigfoot Case Files shares another fantastic bigfoot encounter story. Sometimes those encounters can get a little too close for comfort.

Bigfoot During The Holidays

Bigfoot lore runs rampant. Here's an article about some movies you can find the big hairy fella in if you need to get your bigfoot fix this holiday season.

I was Followed Home by Sasquatch

From the bigfoot case files on youtube comes an encounter story that will shiver your timbers. It's one thing for bigfoot to be out in the woods, but imagine if one followed you home.

Stalked By A Sasquatch

In the summer of 1992, cousins find themselves stalked by an unseen creature in familiar woods. Check out the encounter presented by the Supernaturalist channel.

Thursday, December 13, 2018