Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Something is Taking People in National Parks

From the Swamp Dweller youtube channel:

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Crypto PTSD Shares the Best Bigfoot Stories and More from 2018

From Crypto PTSD:

Witness Talks About His Bigfoot Encounter

PacWest Bigfoot sits down with Michael, as he shares his hair-raising bigfoot encounter from northern Minnesota.

British Bigfoot Clan

From the British Bigfoot Report:

Hiker Snags Photo of Sleeping Bigfoot

Norm Christopherson had no idea that he had captured a photo that would instantly go viral. Just like the real thing, a bigfoot had been right under his nose the entire time. When he got home he was amazed to see that he had captured a "sleeping bigfoot" at the base of a tree.

The Sighting

From Sasquatch Central on youtube. A woman's life is changed forever after she has an encounter with sasquatch near Silverdale, Washington.

True Scary Stories from the Middle of Nowhere

Swamp Dweller on youtube shares some true and frightening stories about strange things that happen in the middle of nowhere.

Monday, March 19, 2018

They Stumbled Across a Bigfoot Camp

From the Tri-State Squatchers youtube channel:

Man Gets Too Close to Bigfoot, Records Yell

There's something in the woods nearby. A man records as he gets close to some creature making a creepy vocalization in the woods. It almost sounds mournful.

Narrow Escape From a Bigfoot Attack

This encounter story comes from William Jevening. Not all bigfoot encounters are with big, hairy, peaceful giants. Sometimes you realize that bigfoot is actually an apex predator.

Is This Man Hoaxing?

For some reason, people enjoy hoaxing in the bigfoot community. It happens constantly. Bigfoot Tony made this video exposing another bigfooter that has a moving scar.

Photographer Captures Image of Bigfoot Group in Cave

A photographer trips on a large track in the woods. They follow the track to a cave. Inside the cave they snap a photo. What they capture is startling.

Large Black Cat Spotted in the UK

A man spotted a large black cat near some gravel pits in the UK. Tales of encounters with large felines are common in the UK, and most people think they exist. What they are however, is unknown.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Oklahoma Casino Bigfoot Video

From Sasquatch Central

Bigfoot Nest Video Breakdown

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at a reported bigfoot nest in this breakdown video. I don't remember a breakdown video on a bigfoot nest before.

Bigfoot on Thermal

Alabama Bigfoot posted this collection of thermal footage to see if anyone could find something interesting on the footage they may have missed. Check it out.

A Bigfoot In Derbyshire, England

From the British Bigfoot Reports youtube channel

Camping With Bigfoot

Jonathan Odom takes us along into one of his research areas. In this video Jonathan camps out with some enthusiasts, his own family.

Scary Encounters With Cryptids

Check out this collection of scary and true encounters with cryptids from the Swamp Dweller youtube channel.