Tim Fasano tells Matt Moneymaker not to go to Sylvanic, claims the Todd Standing Bigfoot photo is fake

"Todd Standing And Matt Moneymaker Are Working Together To Fake Bigfoot Research" - Tim Fasano

Video capture image of what a Calgary researcher claims is Bigfoot. He claims to have taken the video in the spring of 2011, three hours from his home in Calgary in the Banff/Kootenay area. Photo courtesy Todd Standing

Tim Fasano, our favorite Bigfoot hunter from Florida just posted an attack piece today on the Sylvanic episode of Finding Bigfoot before any filming even started. Fasano tells Matt to stay away from Todd Standing at all cost. "Matt Moneymaker may be charming and all that but Standing is a known hoaxer. By associating with him, and having him on your show, you are now a hoaxer as well. There is no other conclusion that can be drawn," said Fasano.

Read the entire post below:

Why is anyone giving this stupid photo any cred at all. I hear that the Finding Bigfoot crew is now working with Todd Standing. Whats next, Tom Biscardi? Tom is a friend of mine and he would never push something so lame as this. Matt Moneymaker may be charming and all that but Standing is a known hoaxer. By associating with him, and having him on your show, you are now a hoaxer as well. There is no other conclusion that can be drawn.

If you ever find your way back to Florida, and have at least one week to spend here. I will show you where the skunk ape is at. Your equipment will allow us to make a real discovery. You must have one week and be willing to work my way (20 hours a day). There are no Seminole Indians were we will go, only skunk ape.

Do people not see what a joke this Bigfoot stuff is becoming.

Again, anyone who wants to find Bigfoot and has the right equipment, I will show you where to look. If you have a month, we may capture the beast. At best, we will get great images of it.

If you think this photo taken by Standing (photo shoped) is real, then there is no hope anymore.

- Tim Fasano

Source: www.bigfootafterdark.com


  1. we see it, yes we do. but it's probably best for the species to be dismissed as a joke, if they exist. being made into a tourist attraction would likely be a fatal stressor, and that is ALL that would happen. the previous silvanic post contains a quotation to that effect.

    as for moneymaker and standing, they seem made for each other. any publicity is good publicity, right?

  2. Tim Fasano poops his pants.

  3. matt, please go there - the photo on top clearly shows a bigfoot!!!

  4. The photo above will never pass Ranae Holland's stink-o-meter. I hope she has the guts to tell it like it is this time around.

  5. Tim, you need therapy bud. Why is it that you lash out at so many fellow researchers? You obviously didn't learn anything from the whole TGBF debacle. In your own words, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it." If Standing is a hoaxer it will come out eventually. Until then, keep your mouth shut about others.

  6. Tim Fasano is correct! This is yet another fake Photo by Todd standing..this is either an air brush or some type of digital enhanced photo. Never trust Todd standing or his group. remember it's the same folks who was selling a really stupid video a few months back.Todd Standing has already been proven a hoaxer.
    Season 2 of finding bigfoot is not looking to hot so far.
    The crypto huhters

  7. I don't understand this sentence:

    FASANO: "I hear that the Finding Bigfoot crew is now working with Todd Standing. Whats next, Tom Biscardi? Tom is a friend of mine and he would never push something so lame as this."

    So ... he says that Biscardi is his friend, but at the same time is implying that Biscardi is a hoaxer as well as Standing -- because it would be MORE crazy for "Finding Bigfoot" to go work with Biscardi next after working with Standing ... right? Or, because they are friends, is he saying that he knows Biscardi is a slightly more sincere hoaxer than Standing? Because Tom would not try anything as "lame" as Standing would --- but he would still try?

  8. T. Standing wanted people to BUY his footage. you know the one with the cartoon stars and names on the so-called map. his slyvanic website say's it all. he dosen't want to explain how he got so close(20to30yrds)that's all B.S.!this group say's we don't want to tell our secrets on how we can get so close. well mr. standing all you have to do is post up in a spot and be real quiet. it seems like elmer fudd(standing) is hunting bigfoots. the nerve of this a-wipe. almost like nobody but him could get real close to his cardboard cut-out's! mr.fasano is the real-deal. he shows us how he dose it in his vids. and he may knock some fellow hunters,but he has never tried to sell his tracking skills! at least that i'm aware of. i'll take the american over the canadian anyday. besides Standing sounds like a fag!

    1. you say this guy has nerve for saying that nobody can get close to a bigfoot but him?

      Well, nobody has.

  9. In some episodes of FB MM and crew checked reports and determined they were not real but fake. They said it nicely though. Perhaps this is the time that they'll show TS a fake also. It would certainly be a coup and give the world of BF a little more respect if TS is outed. MM is no fool and is not very likely to be fooled, he may not be loveable but he is dedicated and determined.

  10. Fasano is not correct. Matt Moneymaker can not automatically be labled a hoaxer just by showing up where Standing is. It is a good test of his integrity though. If he does not debunk Standing he will be exposed as a fraud. Let it play out first though.

  11. Well said Tim. Yes, it would show Matt and the crew in a better light if they outed TS and all the BS he's been trying to sell to the public.

    TS is a scam artist. Although Matt isn't much better. Far to romantic to be taken seriously and a little to high on himself.

  12. Canadian over an american eh? U must be one of the lucky americans that still has a job! That country is going down the shitter, fast! No problems up here!

  13. tim, you're the pot calling the kettle black. you're just as guilty of misrepresentation. may I remind you of the 'talking to sasquatch' video in New Jersey? A lot of you guys are all shams looking for notoriety and money. too bad.

  14. I'm not afraid to post here with my real name. I have been watching the Bigfoot subject since the 60's. I'm tired of all the infighting and name calling. I graduated high school hoping the 'real world' would be free of back stabbers and gossips. I was wrong. Can't you folks at least agree to be above it all? Can't you at least behave like adults and conduct debunking quietly on the side until all evidence is collected? Must you post every suspicion, fart and burp like Ashton Kutcher on Twitter? Have some dignity. I'm waiting for some DNA results, and I'm waiting quietly, not posting every 5 minutes on what I 'think' is going to happen. As for Todd Standing, if he is a hoaxer, let him hang himself in time by a lack of evidence. Grow up. people.

  15. Moneymaker and crew make for great comedy on Sunday nights. Everything is a "squatch". They should change the name of the show to "looking for bigfoot, but never really finding anything at all". Post production edits have added howls and wood knocks, very fishy indeed. I know he needs money, but he is doing more to harm the cause then to help. I know it is real, but finding them every week is getting lame. I also understand the typical booger-eater that watches this show would stop if they did not fake it a bit. I would respect them a lot more if they would just be honest and admit that this is going to be hard to prove, short of a body.

  16. biscardi is your friend and you think standing is a fraud? dude look around the frakin' nut doesn't fall far from the scrotum. pot calling the kettle black in this instance i think.

  17. I may not watch the show anymore.

    They likely have better FLIR images but don't show them. It's all suspense and No drama - Makes for really bad TV.

    I have never been to the Blue Room or secret BFRO forum - Is it Worth it?

  18. You People are Crazy, just GOOGLE TODD STANDING, you will find all sort of fakes and frauds the fellow has been behind. You fellows must all be liberals, you believe, what you want to believe, even it is impossible.

  19. What amazes me about all the redneck so called bigfoot hunters and posters here is that your always demanding a clear picture, then when you get one you say it's a hoax because the guy that took it isn't a redneck... if he hoaxed this picture he should be a hollywood FX specialist, because this image is incredible. It's really easy to criticize from the comfort of your double wide... go away.


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