FB/FB: Bigfoot originally migrated from North America to Asia, not the other way around

Facebook Find Bigfoot, the group known for breaking down blurry Bigfoot videos just released part 2 of their discussion on Smart Ape Theory.

The discussion ranges from the Smart Ape Theory, to the Aquatic Ape Theory and beyond.

The aquatic ape theory or AAT is the idea that humans went through a semi-aquatic stage in their evolutionary history. According to some scientists, AAT can help explain why humans lost their body hair or why we feel a strong affinity for water and expensive oceanfront property.

At the end of the discussion, they touched on the possibility that Bigfoot might have migrated from North American through Asia. This is contrary to the belief that these great apes (if you believe they're apes) migrated from Asia across the Bering land bridge along with humans and many other species.


  1. Some interesting correlations, but much of it doesn't quite fuse together for me. I also think that we can't make any assumptions about homo erectus showing up in China but no Africa. We certainly have no found all fossils yet or we would have uncovered fossil truth of BF. I think it's not a coincidence that DNA of Native Americans and Asians are tied together, but it would be the land bridge and us migrating northward and out. Each settlement perhaps moving out a bit each generation and getting closer and closer to Canada and the US. If you look at the skin of Native Americans it's different than that of the Asians and yet they are related. The fact that we have no hair probably has more to do with the locations in which we live. I know, my father came from Norway and he was very hairy, but my Celtic mother was not so much. Seemed to be an adaptation of the living in colder climates. I wonder if anyone has taken all the fossils and years they were dated to and locations and mapped them on a computer to see a sort of frame by frame view of man's march through the world and his evolutionary changes like taking pictures of a flower as it goes from bud to bloom. It'd be fascinating to watch and see the gaps we still have.

  2. There were primates that originated in North America, it's in the fossil record, and they existed up through like 35 million years ago. They were very small tree dwellers and of no apparent relation to Bigfoot.
    FBFB is really brilliant at some of their video and evolutionary analysis, but as dead on as they often get it, they so miss the mark at other times.

  3. FB/FB is enjoyable. I like their analysis, but mostly they seem a bit full of sh*t.


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