zombietom69: Bigfoot in Grizzly Gulch Montana Breakdown

It's only been a few days since we posted the Grizzly Gulch Bigfoot footage and here's the first of many breakdown videos to come. The consensus on this footage seems to point to a hoax or a prank. Youtube user zombietom69 thinks it could be a man in a monkey-suit like the picture below:

Watch original video below:



  1. Thanks for sharing my video Shawn.
    I think it's a fake.
    The Crypto Hunters

  2. Your welcome Tom. Your breakdown videos are awesome!

  3. guy's how could this be a cool vid? cool is reserved for only the real vids! plain and simple. when B.S. like this comes out it's an attempt to make all of us sasquatch enthusiast's look dumb and stupid. this crap stalls the real work! cause scientists never give us validity and call the search for bigfoot supermarket tabloid stuff. and i for one am growing tired of that lame excuse from so-called mainstream researchers(scientists) i'm just saying please don't give these hoaxers any credit. cause then their buddy's will say joe shmoe went viral so i'll try it to! so in the end don't give these a-wipes any credit cause we have to many B.S. vids out there already. i'm just saying!!!!!!

  4. better to show that it's a fake than let others think it is real.

    1. Sounds like the guy yelling open the door had a few too many also real big foot would have crossed the road in 2 strides

  5. All video links are deleted, removed, or banned.


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