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Update: "Backyard Bigfoot". Was "Mr. Mike" seeing things?

Christopher Noel reported that his colleague visited "Mr. Mike" on his property and suggested to "Mr. Mike" that he could be seeing things. The report was posted on facebook and now it appears that they have been asksed by Lan Lamphere, host of "Overnight AM," to remove my update until after Monday night's broadcast. What's going on? Well, we're not sure. We do know that the Private Eye saw something and took some pictures. Was the "Private Eye" seeing and hearing things as well? Maybe we're just too quick to believe people especially when they sound honest and sincere. We've been down this road before and we'll go down this road again. This is what makes it all worth it because the adrenaline and all the excitement comes with it. To "Mr. Mike", hats off to you sir! You've done a good job and we appreciate your honesty. Read the rest of the facebook comments here:

Overnight AM - Next update on "Backyard Bigfoot" in 3 hours

Overnight AM - Next update on "Backyard Bigfoot" in 3 hours.   You can listen to yesterday's follow up here: Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen. Whether or not the host is deliberately pushing a hoax, this might be the evidence many of us have been waiting for.  And yes, I'm going to hold my breath until this story is put to rest. Is Mr. "Mike" telling the truth?  We'll soon find out because filming of these creatures is starting this weekend in his backyard! Stay tune!

Bigfoot Family to Be Captured on Video This Weekend (July 9 - 12)

"Mike agreed to allow one camera on his property this upcoming weekend to film what could be the first Bigfoot family ever spotted in city limits." reports : Overnight AM Radio Hosted by Lan Lamphere Investigates a Bigfoot Sighting This evening's broadcast of Overnight AM Radio hosted by Lan Lamphere on Talkstreamlive had the show's chat room humming with excitement from Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts.  A crowd of 40+ people submitted questions and theories as Lamphere intereviewed "Mike" a homeowner who claims a family of Bigfoots has taken residence on the edge of his property. As Mike talked by phone, we could easily hear traffic in the background and he acknowledged that his property is near "a busy street." The Bigfoot family is apparently hunkered-down in his backyard, in a thicket of bushes and they've been there for nearly three weeks. Lamphere revealed to Mike that his studio, upon learning

'Mr. Mike' Bigfoot Encounter - Statement From Lan Lamphere

MR. MIKE BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER – PERSONAL UPDATE Posted by  L.A. Lamphere  on July 9, 2010 We introduced the story of “Mr. Mike”, who claims that he is experiencing repeated Bigfoot sightings in the backyard of his home, on July 3, 2010 when “Mr. Mike” joined the program and we found ourselves inadvertently making history. I’ve met with some criticism due to a badly placed headline on my website that the skeptics have already begun using as a means of detracting from my  efforts to validate, and verify, the story of ‘Mr. Mike’s’ Bigfoot encounter.  I take personal responsibility for that mistake. The headline on my web site was placed very quickly due to being up against a deadline for the beginning of the show on July 3, 2010.  Of course I wanted to grab peoples attention, but not mislead the world.  I should have stopped to rethink my words of choice, but I didn’t.  I was in a hurry to get on the air as I was running behind and had hardly been able to prep for the show after spending 11

Bigfoot Found in North America

Overnight AM producers have been contacted by a man claiming to have found Bigfoot living in his backyard somewhere in North America (Location: Confidential). The evidence is substantial based on eyewitness testimony of a man whose life has been turned upside down by the creatures, a family of four; two adults and two infants, who bed down in his backyard every evening. UFO Magazine & Clearly Skewed Entertainment has dispatched a film crew to the area to document the events as they unfold on camera. Tonight, Mike (last name withheld), a 70 year old veteran with no interest in the field of Bigfoot research, will join Lan Lamphere and the Overnight AM radio show audience to describe the events of the past few weeks and his encounters with this family of Bigfoot who have taken to living in the forest behind his home appearing every night to bed down in his backyard to escape biting mosquitos. Lan Lamphere Overnight AM Listen to the program using Windows Media player.  Under Fil