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Snow Walker footage

The Yeti captured on video in the so-called Snow Walker footage. In 1996, two hikers making their way through the mountain snows of  Nepal  captured video of a hairy, upright walking creature trudging up the side of a hill. The video has yet to be proved or disproved

Backyard Bigfoot

A user YouTube user who calls himself Loadbrecht shot this footage in his backyard. It does not appear to be a bear. You can see the creature walking up and down the hill.

Polish Yeti Caught Spying On Bikini Girl

Apeman caught on video ’stalking’ bikini girl. Video is extremely shaky. Wish there was more to the video than just a 30 second clip. In this video, Justyna Folger was getting her feet wet, and then her boyfriend turns the camera and caught a brown figure walking behind them. “I wandered into the river for a dip when I realised that something was on the opposite shore,” she said. You can read the full report here (The Morningstar)