Video Slideshow of Buddy Knox's Bigfoot Song

The Bigfoot Song
By Buddy Knox

Enjoy the lyrics:

Way up in the north woods an' deep in the dark pines that blacken the mountains of the Cascade Range,
They still tell the tales of an Indian legend, Sasquatch is the legend, Bigfoot is the name.
The Indians claim he's the missing link that fits in the gap of the evolution chain.
You can make your mind up when you've heard the stories, Sasquatch is the story, bigfoot is the name.

You can ride from Canada to Northern California,
All up and down the Cascade Range,
But if you go alone, friend, I'm here to warn you,
Look out for the thing with the bigfoot name,
Look out for the thing with the bigfoot name.

From out of the Yakama Indian Reservation a young cowboy and an Indian came,
To hunt in the mountains of Northern California, truth was the purpose, Bigfoot was the game.
Now young Roger Patterson ran a small string of horses, And he lived in the foothills in a cabin with his wife,
He knew that many secrets were hidden in these mountains, And he had heard the legend of bigfoot for most all his life.


Nine years ago while running wild horses, deep in the mountains with an old Indian friend,
He ran across a huge, a very huge footprint and this is where the hunt for the bigfoot man began.
To town and back they went and they made a plaster cast 18 inches long from heel to the toe,
And from the print that it made, they guessed that it must have weighed 700 pounds or so.


Now the facts they put together sent chills right up their spines and the search for a lot more information began,
And when they told the story and showed these plaster prints, they only drew laughs from strangers as well as friends,
Now up through the years they found a lot more footprints and they gathered sworn statements from a lot of decent minded folks,
But when they took these facts up to the educated experts, it was all disregarded and branded as a hoax.


Now it become a challenge to Roger and the Indian to gather more proof and to bring it all forth,
And show the whole wide world that this bigfoot man is alive today and living in the mountains to the north,
And for years they gathered a lot of signed statements and tapes from people who had seen bigfoot or his tracks,
But still no sightings and no film photographs, and they knew they must bring a lot better proof back.



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