Ohio Bigfoot Hunter - Shocking events unfold at a Horse Ranch

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter - Shocking events unfold at a Horse Ranch. (Godspeed) Success or good fortune. My hard work is paying off. - Tim

What ever it is, good luck Tim!

Tim Stover Jr. notes:
  • Horses breaking thru fence.
  • Ducks de-feathered
  • Turkey heads and necks with no bodies to be found
  • Thermal Image capture with three witnesses
  • To Be Continued...


Ohio Bigfoot Hunter - Horse Ranch Investigation - Part 2 (Thermal Picture)

This photo was taken on a Flir i3 with two witnesses (Land Owners) standing next to me. It happened so fast that there wasn't any time to get the Sony and record the display. The bright area you see on the bottom is ground fog. We were all sitting around talking after we had a cookout and watching the field with the thermal. I will admit that when I first noticed the heat signature my heart started racing and I just couldn't believe what was happening. The only thing I remember is her saying "Oh my god! What is that!" The fear in her voice is something I will never forget.


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