Fireside Chat: Two witnesses saw a hairy figure hurdled itself over a 4' fence

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Just curious to see if anyone else has seen a bigfoot in the state of Washington ?? I did around the Failor Lake area in Grays Harbor County. It had to be around 1987 or so.

Here's a quick rundown of what happened.

I was riding in my step dads truck to Failor Lake to go fishing. My step dad had seen bigfoot before down in LA but not where we were though. We were riding on a dirt road heading north. It was a rainy day with some rays of sunshine coming down between the trees. On the right side of the truck (where i was sitting), there was a downward slope of a hill. To the left side, the down ward slope continued. Also on the right side was a barbwire fence that had 3 rows of barbwire. The top wire was about 4' from the ground.

About 15' - 25' ahead of us came a very tall, 8'+, hairy figure running down the hill with giant strides. As it got closer to the barbwire fence, it hurdled itself right over the fence and the dirt road as well. It looked at us directly when it jumped over the fence and road.

My step dad asked me if i saw that. I told him i sure did and what was that. He informed me that we had just encountered a bigfoot. Of course i was skeptical at first but we got out and looked for foot prints. As i said, i was a rainy day out there and we did find a foot print. It was the footprint made by his foot before jumping the fence and road. It was imprinted a good 2" - 3" into the dirt/mud. Also, we found some hair on the barbwire fence in the same path as the one bigfoot took to hop over the fence and road.

Needless to say, i was blown away. We headed back to our house and got some plaster to get a footprint. It turned out really good after it dried. The footprint was easily 20" - 24" long and about 8" - 9" wide.

I never really said anything about the sighting but i did tell a teacher at my school and brought him the footprint. I ended up giving it to the school.

From what my stepdad told me, there is a hot spot of activity from Oregon through Washington and into Canada. I guess we got lucky that day.

Anyone else see a bigfoot in Washington ??



  1. "The footprint was easily 20" - 24" long.." You say "easily" which sounds like you eyeballed and made a guess, is that correct? Or did you measure it?


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