Video of Sasquatch sighting in New Brunswick Canada, Woman doesn't scream

This latest video from New Brunswick Canada is questionable and probably a hoax.  We're just going to put it out there for you to see. The person filming doesn't make any attempt to show us the full details of the creature. The woman stayed pretty calm while filming behind a tree. No apparent signs of trembling, no camera shaking, none of the usual stuff that happens to people when filming a Sasquatch creature.

Watch the video and we'll let you decide. In the mean time, we'll just wait for someone to do a full breakdown.

Here's the full transcript:
What's that noise?
Oh my god, what is that?
Holy shit!
Where'd it go?
Holy shit!
I don't see it anymore.
That was freaky.



  2. It's obviously fake. First of all the 'sasquatch' is too thin and has no definition to it's form. There is no fur to it. The person is far to calm. The movements are too human.

  3. It looks like you would expect a bigfoot to look like walking in the forest. The girl is calm because she doesn't realize what she is seeing right away. Okay if she was walking with camera on and a clear image of a 9ft big foot walked out in front of her I would expect a scream or some sort of emotion in her voice. In this case I think she is just responding as a person who is not sure what she is seeing. I for one believe it is a Sasquatch. If it was a hoax why go to the bother of creating such an unexciting 5 sec view. I am sure whoever the girl is she is super loaded now because of this video. Please note sarcasm. Check out the video of Sasquatch in Prince Edward Island on facebook, ranks 5th out of 72 videos that have been investigated. I am sold on that one and if they are on PEI they had to get there via NB in the distant past. Thank you to the girl who filmed this NB Bigfoot sighting.My guess the squatch was around your campsite the entire night probably lured in by the noise P.S as for it looking to thin, bigfoot like humans come in all shapes and sizes. Even a 11 ft 800 lb male sasquatch was a 200 lb adolescent at one time. Just saying. Happy squatchin!

    Cpt. Bullock

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