Is this Bigfoot's House? Jim think it's possible

Found Bigfoot's House ???

Another great video Jim taken a few days ago on April 24. Looks like someone or something set up a nice little shelter, and it wasn't there 2 months ago when Jim checked out the area. Could this be Bigfoot's house?

This is from this morning April 24 2011 I found some interesting things and one very important thing . That being the shelter that was not in the location about two months ago .


A close-up of the shelter Jim found.

This is the shelter found today april 24 2011 . I had the feeling of being watched for a short time while there around it . The footprints were found a short distance from it in an area that I found prints in more than ten years ago


  1. You see similar shelters in several Bigfoot videos. These maybe or may not be made by bigfoots. Tom Brown, who was a survivalist and wrote books in the 1980's. Built shelters like this. He claimed they were excellent shelters to use if sleeping in the outdoors, once you built the frame, the higher you stack the bough's on top of the frame, the warmer it will be. If you get to two feet the shelter will be waterproof. He claimed he was shown how to built these by an Apache Indian. He called the huts, DEBRIS HUTS. He lived in them all the time when staying in the outdoors.

    Videos about the Mogollian Monster show these huts made much better than this one.


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