Monday, January 2, 2012

Cliff Barackman Baby Bigfoot in New York Commentary [Finding Bigfoot]

Boon Boon the Baboon

The Finding Bigfoot season two premiere episode was awesome. The team investigated the New York Baby Bigfoot video and found out during their investigation that it was probably a primate or a Bigfoot in the video.

Team member Cliff Barackman does a field note posting after every episode, and this investigation in New York was one of the best expeditions yet.

The weather drove us out of the area that night as an amazing lightning storm swept the area. New York had been very good to us, and none of us were disappointed. The New York Baby Footage was clearly an ape, and quite possibly a juvenile sasquatch based on context alone. We got amazing knocks from the site of the footage indicating that bigfoots apparently still frequent that area. We established that there was more than enough food and cover to support and hide a small population of sasquatches. We contacted and had an enlightening conversation with the curator of a respected zoo, thus bringing some academic attention to the existence of bigfoots, and on our last night investigation, we recorded five unidentified howls that fit the bill for being from a sasquatch. New York was one of the best expeditions we have had to date. Our work certainly paid off.

- Cliff Barackman

Click here to check out the field notes.



  1. with alot of money they should start bbuying more thermal gear and actually do some real work.

  2. Finding Bigfoot is an unwatchable piece of garbage. I would rather have fire ants dine on my anus than watch another episode.

  3. A line in the articles says "that it was probably a primate or a Bigfoot in the video." Wow! Really?

    More useless footage. "Probably a primate." Could just as well have been a pet monkey.

  4. My name is Karl Kozak. I am a Hollywood writer/direcor, based in San Diego, and I would like to partner with the right Bigfoot researcher to produce "Baby Bigfoot in New York", a horror-thriller based on the famous baby Bigfoot footage featured on last night's episode of Finding Bigfoot.

    Please contact me via Google+ or Facebook to present a one paragraph "elevator pitch", outlining your ideas for the film's treatment (plot.)

    In the pitch paragraph please incorporate your creative ideas and intertwine them with your Bigfoot encounter experiences, while keeping in mind the Baby Bigfoot angle.

    I will only respond to the very best pitches.

    Please do not submit if you do not have Bigfoot hunting experience and the credentials to match - your experience will help me sell this film to distributors via substantiation and verification.

    This will be my second Bigfoot film in a planned Trilogy. The first, "Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch" (aka the Unknown) was a theatrical, literary and home video success and I plan on building on its popularity with this second installment.

    Pay is non-committal, but the right researcher will receive gross profit points in the 3rd installment, tentatively titled "Bigfoot 3D: Sasquatch Unchained".

    I will only be accepting submissions between 01/02/12 and 01/07/12. Good luck!

  5. Pretty soon, the interest will just disappear as "Not Finding Bigfoot" continues. I am not saying there is no such creature, but so far, finding zilch only goes so far with the public...the same can be said of ghost shows. At least they present some scratchy mumbled sounds and a few odd visual captures.

    New Anonymous

  6. I found the episode to be more entertaining rather than informative. I loved Matt and Ranae's conversation about the mattress lol.

    But what bothered me was that they went to the Beardsley Zoo, which is literally 15 minutes from my house. If I knew they were there I totally would have stalked them. Missed opportunity. Darn. But it doesn't surprise me that the Beardsley Zoo let them borrow a baboon. The zoo prides itself more on the fact that it has one of the few carousels in CT rather than the fact it's the only zoo in CT.

  7. Michaela-

    Mazzerelli's game farm in Goshen is also a zoo. Not as many animals but it wont cost what a day at Beardsley zoo. He runs it so families can take kids to a zoo at a very minimal cost.

    Look up Bigfoot sightings in the Barkhamsted area and read the BFRO reports on Connecticut it is very interesting.

    Maybe you or your dad can help by shedding more light on Dudley Town- which is also close the sightings.

    Jack LaBarca and I were going to go to Dudley town back in the day but chickened out when we read more about it.

    There have also been recent BF sightings around Middlebury with people reporting seeing weird things but not making official reports.

  8. I have read the BFRO reports in CT- they are all from years ago. I believe in bigfoot but I don't believe they live in CT. It just isn't wooded enough and the wooded places are not very dense and are hiked often. If there were any in CT, they are probably gone now. However,mMy dad actually woke up to a very loud, strange sound that he could not identify, and that was when we lived down the road from a land trust. I played the Klamath screams for him and he said it sounded extremely similar. Then I found a video of a freakish coyote scream and he said that was it. It sounds just like Cliff's screams lol. I would be wayyy too scared to go to Dudleytown. Besides, it's illegal and now you can be arrested for trespassing. My record is clean and I'd like to keep it that way.

    And another note- I have taken my horse on a lot of trail rides through state parks and land trusts- and there is just nothing unusual. I've even ridden along power lines, and a lot of reports indicate that sasquatches live along power lines.

  9. Good show!They did a good job.Looking for a bigfoot is hard work and takes alot of time to plan your work.With Ranae it takes poof and maybe she saw something.Bigfooters it's sometimes it hard to prove!Takes years!!

  10. Shawn,

    Who is this Bozo?

    "Karl Kozak said...
    My name is Karl Kozak. I am a Hollywood writer/direcor, based in San Diego, and I would like to partner with the right Bigfoot researcher to produce "Baby Bigfoot in New York", a horror-thriller based on the famous baby Bigfoot footage featured on last night's episode of Finding Bigfoot."

    The "link" to his name goes nowhere. Looks like it might be time for some filters, eh? All the name calling and such then this kind of crap? Just an idea....

    Happy New Year!

  11. There was a very recent sighting in Barkhamsted State forrest and the Northeastern Bigfoot crew recently conducted an expedition.

    People have been seeing things for about two years- all in the same areas of the BFRO reports.

    You can get permission to go to Dudleytown- also there is the property owner of the adjoining land who has taped those weird figures. I would go to Dudley town under the right circumstances. With someone who had an idea what the place is about- I dont know what that is now- heard too many different things. If someone told me certain things i would not go.

  12. Hi! My name is Carl Kolchak, a hard boiled investigative reporter of unexplained phenomenon. When I'm not hunting Vampires or alligator men, I like to see what's cooking in the Woodman (Bigfoot) scene. I'd like to sit with some of you for an in depth interview. If anyone is interested, give me a call at the Times. That's Carl Kolchak.

  13. I would absolutely tune in to "Fire Ants eating my Anus" only on animal planet. Sounds pretty cool. One problem, how many episodes could you have before your anus is completely devoured?

  14. When I was a kid in San Diego, we would go to Balboa Park, home to the San Diego Zoo, and watch the animals that had escaped. I wonder if the monkey seen swinging in the tree was an escapee from the nearby zoo, or an employee out for a walk with one of the inmates.

  15. The progam may be entertaining, but it's laughable and will not result in anything but these characters calling falling limbs and dogs howling evidence of Bigfoot. They go into town and announce a meeting, thereby guaranteeing that anyone who wants to be on TV shows up, and the one with the tallest tale gets extra TV time. Then anyone who wants to hoax the crew knows roughly where they'll be. After that, the stars head into the woods, followed by a crew operating cameras and sound equipment, while making enough racket to be heard for miles. Then they expect to find a Bigfoot. One of these episodes they'll put Bobo in a gorilla costume and claim he's the real thing.

  16. I'm laughing my ass off so hard i can hardly type. This stupid show called "Finding Bigfoot" is the funniest thing on T.V., only because it is supposed to be serious. The latest is the Moron BoBo down on N.C. "recreating" a "Squatch" sighting. This idiot actually gets on the ground on all fours and starts walking around. The so called couple who had this so called sighting says to the BoBo : No, it had it's back "Arched more". So the BoBo arches his back and throws his ass up in the air as far as he can. Then he says "was this what you saw" ? Pretty close replies the couple. REALLY ? This is supposed to prove something ? This is what you drive all the way to N.C. to do ? I'm thinking none of these misfits can get an actual job ( like most of the rest of the country thanks to Obama ) so they just drive around North America sight seeing. What kind of funding do they get ? Where does it come from ? Who do they have to answer to ? Anyone ? Wish i could tour North America on someone elses money !

  17. This episode stretched the truth of the siting beyond belief. The siting happened less than a half mile from the NYS Thruway in the middle of farmland during a music festival that was taking place at the "campground" discussed in the show. The campground is actually private property where ATV races are held and not at all remote. The fact that the siting occurred during a music festival where people were known to attempt to smuggle in exotic pets (one attendee tried to sneak his parrot in) leads me to believe some hipster doofus attended the festival with his pet chimp and happened to walk into frame of the recording. This would explain the mysterious "creature" in the background. All of these details, minus my speculation, were included in the original BFRO field report and can be found on their web site.

    Also, Bobo mentions than Jane Goodall looked at the footage and said it wasn't a chimp yet the original field report notes that two primatologists said it could have been a large gibbon, one-year-old chimp, or other unidentified primate. Convenient that the show doesn't mention this. Plus, do we really believe Jane Goodall looked at the footage and had a scientific discussion with Bobo? It strains credulity.

    Lastly, the siting was less than a mile from Modena (which is a few miles off the NYS Thruway) yet they travel 25 miles to the southeast, crossing the NYS Thruway, the Hudson River, and and one of the most heavily traveled rail lines in the northeast to have their town hall meeting in Pawling. Why Pawling when several other towns nearer the siting would have been more logical?

    The show last night was again a bunch of pseudo-science, incredible leaps of logic, and blind faith rather than real research and investigation.

    I love the show but this episode left out a large portion of the actual details of the siting and chose to paint it as being in the wilds of the Catskill Mountains while it was actually in the middle of farmland a half mile from the most heavily traveled road in New York State.

    I will continue to watch but also research each episode on my own to find out the true story.

  18. The name Bobo sounds like it's the name of a chimp or monkey.

  19. I am from ny and was wondering how pawling became part of the Catskills moving across the hudson from the taconics. Then they visit a zoo in CT when there is a natural zoo of local animals in Bear MT. I grew up in the hudson highlands and spent a lot of time in the Catskills , the taconics, and the Delaware water gap and northward. I've been out at night ... I've never heard anything that would have been explained as a Bigfoot. Raccoons growl like big wild cats ... deer grunt and huff. Bear have sat in the tree two feet off my deck eating birdseed. Are there odd things out there? Sure, id be silly to say that I've seen it all even in thee midhudson valley. But this show has soooo many inconsistencies and mistakes in every respect I have to question every other episode. Modena is in fact not close to being deep in the catskills and like the other poster stated its near the nystagmus thruway... there is the Modena rest area on the thruway for gods sake (if you believe). The farm land and plentiful orchards and vinyards in this area is so beaten with foot and vehicle traffic this would have been a lot bigger story to me. I call bluff and will continue to laugh. Oh and the baboon incident... shame on you people.

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