Sierra Kills: This post from was where it all began [Bigfoot Shooting]

"If You Saw Bigfoot, Would You Shoot It?"

This was the title of the thread that was originally posted by Justin Smeja on before it was removed. The thread was unusual because the question wasn't posted on a Bigfoot forum. Instead, it was posted on a website forum about taxidermy, a method of reproducing a life-like three-dimensional representation of an animal for display.

When Smeja posted this question, he was not yet convinced he shot Bigfoot. According to Robert Lindsay, "Smeja did not believe in Bigfoot at the time of the shootings, and one month later, he still doesn’t really believe in Bigfoot. So his mind is making up all sorts of strange stories about bears in order to try to make sense of the incident."

It's difficult to know for sure what Smeja was thinking when he shot the creature in the back as it tried to get away. What we do know is that his story has been consistent from the very beginning. The location of the shooting had always been in Northern California. The "bear" always walked on two legs. Smeja has never mentioned a third person. It had always been him and his neighbor (the driver).

Read this incident report by Derek Randles about the Sierra Kills event: Click here

And then read this latest article by Robert Lindsay and you will notice that Smeja's original statement and the incident originally reported by Derek Randles are pretty much on par. Lindsay somehow managed to recover the original thread that had been deleted by an Admin.

Sierra Kills thread.

We are now publishing as a world exclusive Justin Smeja’s original post from We do not have the thread ourselves, but several other people do, and one of them has given us the pertinent information from the thread.

There is only one post in the entire huge thread that is very meaningful, and that is Smeja’s post below. The post was started by Smeja and was titled, If You Saw Bigfoot, Would You Shoot It? As you can see below, Smeja still thinks he shot the weirdest bear on the face of the Earth. Smeja did not believe in Bigfoot at the time of the shootings, and one month later, he still doesn’t really believe in Bigfoot. So his mind is making up all sorts of strange stories about bears in order to try to make sense of the incident.

Other than that, Smeja’s original post tacks well with the report of the incident on the Olympic Project’s website.

A couple of things are different.

Smeja says he shot it at 120 yards. Later reports change that to 80-90 yards. This is probably not an important difference.

The OP’s version has Smeja shooting the Bigfoot in the chest. As you can see below, Smeja stated that he shot it in the rear shoulder, presumably as it was running away. This is an important difference between the two versions.

At the very end, Smeja refers to the Bigfoot as “he,” but subsequent reports refer to it as a female. As Smeja says he never found the body, this may not be an important difference. As to why investigators have decided that the adult Bigfoot was female, I have no clue. Some suggested that the DNA findings indicated it was female.

There are many other posts in the thread, but they are mostly arguing about whether or not Bigfoot is real. Smeja makes 4-5 more posts in the thread, but they are inconsequential for the Sierra Kills investigation.

One of the people Smeja spoke to early on, Mr. X, makes numerous posts in the thread. At two different times, this man says that there were two people on the hunting trip with Smeja, not one. Smeja makes no attempt to correct him. At the moment, we still do not know why Mr. X keeps saying that there were two other men present with Smeja on the trip. What do I believe? Do I believe there was one or two men present with Smeja on the trip? I do not know. Evidence seems to point towards only one, the driver, but maybe there were two. We just don’t know.

The following report required major editing for its computer format. In addition, it received an edit for punctuation, grammar and spelling. The edit did not affect the content of the message in any way.

Post by: Smeja on November 07, 2010, 01:24:27 AM

Call BS if you want but this bear season I saw a bear in Northern California that walked on 2 legs and was pale white in color like a pale yote sorta. Like some grizzlys I’ve seen but whiter. It stood 8 feet tall or so and walked like a man. Could have been a grizzly (highly doubtful). I don’t know for sure what it was. Maybe just a monster black bear that got shot in the front leg years back and learned to walk different. I don’t know. I do know I was not alone when I saw it.

I shot it with a 25-06 behind the shoulder at 120 yards. It ran 70 yards into the brush and crashed. Sounded like a car wreck. I never found it. Not saying it was bigfoot at all – it just looked different from any bear I’d seen. If it looked any more human-like, I would have passed on it. Something wasn’t right there, oh and it was prob 600+ lbs or more. So to answer my question, I suppose the answer is probably yes for me, but not if he looked any more human then what I shot.

Justin Smeja

You can read more about this on Robert Lindsay's blog.

Update: Justin Smeja posted a response about a comment made by Autumnforest. We want to correct him on this since he's probably talking about a different "Autumn". The person he's probably referring to in the comment is Autumn Williams, author of  "Enoch - A Bigfoot Story." Autumn Williams operates a website a

Update #2: Justin apologized for the confusion. "Oh... my bad. You can talk all the shit you want then autumn. You have no reason not to. Shawn you can delete that if you want to as to not offend the person I thought I was talking to. Apparently she's just been minding her own business."

Update #3: Tom Biscardi offering $50,000 for Justin Smeja's Bigfoot steak.

Update #4: Results of the nuclear DNA testing for the Bigfoot Steak [Sierra Kills]


  1. I call BS on this whole story. Why no body? Why no photos? Only talk... that's all we ever get. If he really shot 2 bigfoots do you think the debate on wether bigfoot is real or not would still be ongoing.

  2. When a hunter says "behind the shoulder" it usualy means a heart and lungs kill shot behind the shoulder of the front leg of a four legged animal. It makes no sense if the animal was on two legs.

    In the context of his post it sounds like he was trying to say it was a good kill shot that would have brought a bear or some other down and he was suprised that it ran off, or that it ran so far.

  3. Whatever the actual story is, I hope that this creature did not die in vain and that it's evidence is sitting in a lab finally proving the existance of BIGFOOT ! That's all that matters now !

  4. Shawn amazing you got the thread,,,ah cyberspace..nothing really goes away does it?
    I had quite a bit to say yesterday under the "Texas Bigfoot Research Shot" story.

    It contains a link to the site and a strange post by Smeja, just a few weeks ago, as well as a post by a guy about Sasquatches in October of 2010.

    I am at the point where I am willing to believe, in essentials, this story.

    What I can't believe is this wasn't disclosed, these two shot and killed, a mother and child. Their genomes should have been put in Genbank...and the rest of the world informed...

    I can't think of a good reason to have kept this secret, especially by the many after Justin who handled the "steak."

    ... perhaps some are wondering if the other shoe will ever drop.

    Maybe it won't and Smeja and Randles will be left with only their test results, no one to stand up for them...?

    It could happen. And might be the easiest future for them..just ridicule and scorn for being hoaxers, rather than...what will some call it?

    I am sad today, it seems personal interests have advanced far beyond good sense in the "Study.

  5. since things disappear from the taxidermy thread decided to just copy and paste "General Lee's" post this past October. I believe General Lee is Justin? It is the same handle he uses in the BFF.
    here it is...what is interesting is the response of one taxidermists..that Justin has a taxidermied Sasquatch...where did he get that belief?
    General Lee
    Bronze Member
    Posts: 129

    Skinned or frozen whole
    « on: October 11, 2011, 05:34:06 PM » Reply with quote
    Looking for a Sasquatch (Yeti, Big Foot...etc..).
    Preferably with skull, hands and feet in. Dorsal cut.
    Please include pics, with NTB measurements. Also, would like to know of any slippage or nicks if any. Would like a good thick winter fur with long gaurd hairs but, am interested in any specimen. Must have all papers and documentation and tagged according to Fish and Game regs.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    «most of the replies are jokes or upset..except this one perhaps?
    « Reply #6 on: November 23, 2011, 10:21:51 PM »
    general lee is a famous Sasquatch researcher,has encountered them before and has documentation. the best out there, hes the only one in the world to have a real life size taxidermied big foot, i hardly think hes joking.


  6. --------------------------------------------------
    what is stranger is the conversation btw Taxidermists in Oct 2010 here, and although some are obviously joking it is not clear the Taxidermist that started the thread is..and he never comes back to say Yeah or Nay?
    Kevin M.
    Platinum Member
    Sasquatch manakin ???
    « on: October 24, 2010, 11:14:22 PM » Got a call tonight asking if I did Sasquatch . I said sure . Their about the size of a Griz right ?. Told him $3200 . He said he will be here tomorrow . Boy am I excited .
    P-burg Taxidermy
    Kevin Mcclure
    Orion Taxidermy

    « Reply #1 on: October 24, 2010, 11:17:54 PM » Reply with quote
    Are you going to wrap a body? Post some pics.

    Reply #2 on: October 24, 2010, 11:20:59 PM » better call him back and tell him open mouth is more. the last one you did was a lot of extra work!

    « Reply #3 on: October 24, 2010, 11:21:49 PM » Reply with quote
    I'll need to wrap it ? I can't but one ? Guess I should have charged more !!!!

    Kevin M.

    « Reply #4 on: October 24, 2010, 11:26:25 PM »
    Good Idea Coonhollow I did'nt even think of the open mouth . It said private number on caller ID .. But I think he's gonna show up.. I'll bring it up then. Thanks
    « Reply #5 on: October 24, 2010, 11:36:42 PM » Reply with quote
    I had someone call and tell me they wanted to be mounted when they passed away.. I said sure stop by fill out a contract and you need to be paid in full before you pass. if you want to stop by I have someones grandma drying right now you can check her out before they pick her up! it ended up being a guy I knew and he was serious ...some sick people!
    Reply #6 on: October 25, 2010, 12:29:13 AM »
    I hear they Krowtan nicely!
    « Reply #7 on: October 25, 2010, 01:19:57 AM »
    Did the guy ever show up? Curious to hear about this one!
    « Reply #8 on: October 25, 2010, 03:49:18 AM »
    the same guy as some tanned T,REX capes aswell.
    « Reply #9 on: October 25, 2010, 10:47:16 AM »
    I need a Chupacabra skull!
    « Reply #10 on: October 25, 2010, 11:05:51 AM » Yetti season just started here in PA..none in yet, did two last year make sure you charge extra for the smell...I heard Rick is working on a Redi-Mount head as we speak. Grin
    « Reply #11 on: October 25, 2010, 01:08:19 PM »
    Two years ago there was several sightings here in NENC. It was seen in several times during our first bear season and the boys had a plan to turn some dogs out on him the very next Saturday. Well they never could get the dogs to strike on him, the very next week they caught him, he measured about 6' tall and a 175 lb and was 16 years old teenager in a gorilla suit. He was lucky no one shot him, but it was funny.
    Reply #12 on: October 26, 2010, 03:55:09 PM » Reply with quote
    Vince is right about the smell! I would also suggest taking the nasty bits down to the local pub. Might be able to win a few bets!
    « Reply #13 on: October 26, 2010, 04:26:38 PM Will be a lot of fleshing on my little Dakota IV
    Report to moderator Logged
    Kevin Mcclure
    Reply #14 on: October 26, 2010, 05:50:41 PM » Reply with quote
    probably better to carcass cast....if its a male stay away from the ball sack gland
    « Reply #15 on: December 07, 2010, 08:53:17 PM » I had one of them in a trap last year! Mean little buggers! Kept grunting something like "No! Don't shoot! I'm just a guy in a suit"!
    I knew it was just an excuse though. He's now a rug.


    that's it..someone comes back in December asking..but no reply.

  7. I want to rack it up to humor that has erupted over there since the famous "thread"....but, perhaps the humor is too opaque for me and I am willing to believe this guy got just such a call? The Sierra Kills story starts with such a thread....
    I just can't believe Randles would be a party to a hoax...or that ignorant...

  8. p.s. would love to see the whole thread Shaaaawwuunny! ;)

  9. I would be shocked if this incident really happened and if it did happen, I'd be doubly shocked if what he shot was not a female. Females in our species and like-species are the ones with the children. It just doesn't make sense the male was out and about with the little ones. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but I seriously doubt that BF has liberated females--it's in our nature and built into us since giving birth that we must raise a healthy offspring. I know people will balk about that, but it's just a fact of the species and its instincts. That being said, this guy was really trigger happy. Obviously, this was no threat to him. All I can say is that Smeja, if his story is a lie, is a real sad loser and if it's true, he's a real sad loser.

  10. is it possible Justin is talking abut someone other than Autumnforest (whose blog is linked in previous article) maybe Autumn of Oregon Bigfoot, the one who wrote "Enoch?"

  11. 80 yards.....120 yards? Running at you...running away? Male....female? 2 other hunters....1 other hunter? Bears...Bigfoot?

    Anyone else confused???????

    Sounds like a guy writing and hyping up a future book to me.

  12. Smeja-it's obvious you don't know me because I have no such book.

  13. Oh, and Smeja--who the hell is Derek? I have never known a single man on this earth named Derek. You definitely don't know who you're talking about and that probably shows that you don't know what you're saying about other things as well.

  14. @Justin Smeja. You and your friends were probably talking about Autumn Williams, author of "Enoch a Bigfoot Story."

    Autumnforest, the person you think you know is a different person. AutmmnforestGhostHunter is the name of her blog and her real name is Sharon D.

    Autumn Williams and Autumnforest are two different people.

  15. I also noticed "Justin" accused the poster of going after Derek when in fact she was stating an opinion about him? He must be under a great deal of stress.

  16. Oh... my bad. You can talk all the shit you want then autumn. You have no reason not to. Shawn you can delete that if you want to as to not offend the person I thought I was talking to. Apparently she's just been minding her own business

  17. Smeja;
    Thanks. You know, it's never too late to retract other falsehoods you might have exuded along the way. Good luck, dude. You're going to need it.

  18. Anonymous said...
    I also noticed "Justin" accused the poster of going after Derek when in fact she was stating an opinion about him? He must be under a great deal of stress.

    That's the feeling you get when you know someday the Police or Wildlife Enforcement will knock on your door and be asked to explain your actions.

    Whether it was Bears, Bigfoot, or it's a complete hoax I would love to be the officer asking. Sooner or later I believe they will come a knocking.

  19. @Justin Smeja I just updated the post explaining explaining the situation. I left your original comment for context purposes. If you want to, I think there's an option to delete the comment yourself.

  20. Dr. Ketchum can end the endless speculation... on this one event..easily...
    Any recent FaceBook announcements?

  21. Mr.Smeja-
    A book doesn't prove anything. Neither do endlessly changing stories. I don't mean to sound unreasonable, but I think some proof is in order.

  22. @Anonymous (11:12:00 AM): Endlessly changing stories or endlessly changing interpretations?

  23. I did not post that..... someones just using my display name
    Yge first 2 posts were mine not the Santa one

  24. Santa is posting here? Where? Looks like the post already deleted - I was hoping to see this year's list of naughty and nice!

  25. Justin,
    You initially stated that you observed sasquatch feces along the road which you thought would be normal for a sas (like any animal-right). You were concocting a story. Not knowing much about sasquatch, you wouldn't know that they don't crap next to roads where they can be detected. They are much to smart, since they are a people...not an animal. I don't care where you are. That in itself is a lie in my opinion.

    It was initially stated that you were driving down the road and observed the sasquatch in a field at a distance. Any bear rifle is going to have a scope where you can see that being quite well at that distance. Again, I consider your story BS of having mistaken this for a bear. Any damn fool can tell a bear walking with no shoulders from a broad shouldered upright sasquatch-being. You are a liar or an ignorant bear hunter that doesn't recognize the most basic animal in the forest. Give me a break. Not even close between the two.

    As for the 40 lb young sasquatch seeming ominous, I also find that hard to believe. Again you're referring to a small probably wiry fellow that you could thump like a child. Why did they sound like deaf-mutes? Because they were basically toddlers that don't speak yet.

    I personally don't believe that it was an accident That's just my opinion. However, in the end, you'll answer to God. These are a People and you killed two. I have them gospel humming to my reading the Bible, they've changed my cross to the sign of the trinity and many other things. You will answer to God and he will see right through you and your intent. What's done is done. If you're intent was an innocent accident then you can somewhat be at ease but feel guilty at the same time. If not, you better pray for forgiveness and mean it by confessing the truth. Don't do that and your confession will mean nothing in the end. Men own up to their mistakes. Liars and cons exploit them.

    Alex MW

  26. a comment in Robert Lindsay's forum.

    S. Streufert
    November 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    Have you heard the rumors about “ET DNA” coming out of the Ketchum camp? Yep, I’ve heard them from people who should be very much in the know. Apparently Wally H. is into that stuff. Paulides, too, was into UFO research before getting into Bigfoot. The line goes that there is “something in the DNA” that is “just not of this earth.” Something, I suppose it is meant, that could only have come from outer space, that is not normal for earthly animals. If this is the line that these folks are heading along then I just have to say all hope of rational proof and real Science is lost. How in the world would we even know what ET DNA would look like, or if they would even have DNA? One peep about extraterrestrial involvement and no one on the outside will believe a word out of this project.
    ------------------------------------------------------end comment

    That wraps it up for me, it's all too unbelievable. People don't believe Sasquatch is real because the spokespeople for Sasquatch are so unreal.

  27. Maybe you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet. Let Ketchum's science do the talking, not anonymous strangers.

  28. Taking a shot at a large bear with a 25-06 is foolish.
    That caliber is best for deer sized animals.

    Until something concrete comes out of this story it will remain most likely B.S.

  29. Aliens and Bigfoot?Now I'm rolling my eyes.
    Bigfoot is a natural being of this earth and doesn't have cloaking abilities or levitation in my opinion.
    Aliens are an entirely different subject.

    I don't know what to make of Justin's story.It changes too many times and many people have differing opinions as to what the truth is.

    Only Justin and the driver really know the truth and I doubt any of us will know what that truth is.

    Way too much self interest with the players and very little interest in showing to the world that another biped exists.

    I don't even know who is trust worthy in the Bigfoot community anymore.

  30. @autumn.. your own research is, and I agree Bigfoot is fully biological..and we seem astonished another being is as smart, or smarter in their environment than us! Also, anyone can look into Gorilla photography in the wild.or those researchers... the ability to blend and seem to disappear is real, but not alien!

    I see post above by a guy who did a re-location of the PG film....not an anonymous post on the ET DNA..but he does identify as inner circle rumors...doubt we will read that in any study...or nt?

  31. I've shot plenty of big deal.

  32. A year from now, no one's even going to remember Justin Smeja. So enjoy your "internet fame" for now dude. Soon enough you'll just be another random douche for somewhere that no one care about.

  33. @Anon above.. you are correct. In fact anyone sitting on good video, etc. shouldn't be waiting on Ketchum anymore...too many promises too little information.
    I entered the BF world three years that time my evidence was pretty "smart" (and still is on a few key issues) but b/c of the genuine blockade of information flow that grew out of the Ketchum Study (I have lost many who used to correspond to those NDA's and promise) there was no-where within the BF world to take it...and of course going direct to the university is a big hurdle.
    So, I have been watching, waiting, counting on a professional DNA study....and it still looks way out there....
    But, others have continued and smartly....
    And, Time doesn't stand still...and technology I couldn't afford three years ago is quite affordable today... one can rent a high end FLIR, purchase GPS or RF tracking for peanuts..and so on.
    There are many willing to let go of "proving" to be humanitarians and researchers..and keep their integrity in the BF world.. I expect to hear from some of them soon....they haven't been sitting on their thumbs...

  34. i would kill it if it looked like it was off to kill me


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