Bigfoot Odyssey Researchers Report

Check out the 100th episode of the Researchers Report from Bigfoot Odyssey on youtube. Lots of special guests.


  1. Cheerio suckers!
    I have now debunked everyone in the BF community. Wait for my next video where I piss on Roger Patterson's grave.

    1. Where did you do your debunking? I gotta check this out. This had better be good!

  2. Please read my new book in which I (actually my ghostwriter) will be telling stories about BF that some guy told his friend's brother's cousin in a bar. Riveting stuff!.
    Also I'm teaming up with Dr.J. .
    I don't like to brag BUT I've been personally selected by Zorg to join the " Councilof 13".

  3. I have to admit I don't know this IsDull chap but he certainly has polarized the Community. Mr. IsDull has zero support from the lads who are real researchers. He certainly appears to be an agitator and could be a government shills taking over from the absurd, yet oddly effective "Finding Bigfoot" which effectively sent the message " Hairy Monkeys don't exist". Now Mr. IsDull
    Is insisting to his deranged ass kissing fan base that these creatures are Nephillium ( which were wiped out ). This has government mismanagement written all over it.

    1. ^ yes but is "IsDull" really (th)Iktomi/Joe ?

    2. @5:16:00
      Who be Imromi/Joe... I’m new to the site please fill me in on how it works and who is who, and the roll they play!!!


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