The Bigfoot Trap

From Sstories channel on youtube, another slow burn bigfoot encounter story. Is it possible to trap a bigfoot? Is it possible for a bigfoot to trap you?


  1. Bindi Irwin Says 'I Wish Dad Was Here' in Emotional Post Amid Australia Wildfire Crisis. She also went on to say they have treated over 90,000 animals over the last few weeks.

    No mention of the Yowie came up however.

    1. Because not only do they live below ground in caves, but they aren’t stupid enough to stand in the middle of a fire.
      Plus governments around the world keep it quiet so not to piss off all the religions around the world, because it would change everything.

    2. There is no way you can treat over 90,000 animals in a few weeks, unless the majority of them are insects.

    3. Why not? The majority of visitors to this site are insects.

    4. OK, maybe it was over the last few months...

      Still no mention of Yowies.

  2. Yowies have invisible fur like their North American cousins.


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