New Bigfoot Movie Official Trailer

Check out the brand new trailer for "BIGFOOT" - a new bigfoot themed horror movie coming in 2020.


  1. Maravilha. Andam em falta bons filmes de sasquatch

  2. "a new bigfoot themed horror movie"

    Now there's an original idea! Who would have ever thought of that?

  3. Setting the bar for BF movies is the relatively recent Sci-Fy movie starring seminal '70s actors Danny Bonaduce and Barry as Bigfoot hunters in the Kalahari during the Biafran war.
    The best BF films ever made is cult classic
    "Return to Boggy Creek"

  4. Ivan Marx's movie on BF is second to none.

  5. Holy cats ! this looks so much like expedition bigfoot in so many ways ! i shall have to see this gem when it comes out- bucket list for 2020 !
    and 2020 will be the year of bigfoot no doubt 100% . There may not be a body but there will be enough evidence to clearly state bigfoot is real . Yeah , we already know that is the case but the annoying twats called skeptics need to be fed crow this up lads!
    nom nom



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