Keep Your Eye On The Tree Video Breakdown

Parabreakdown's very own Phil Poling takes a look at a recently uploaded video of a tree that takes off on its own.


  1. Believe it or not, some years back this site used to be a reputable, serious forum for people to discuss the sasquatch mystery. Now, it has become a joke. It's time to call it a day and start with something else.

    1. What’s the matter PS? This place becoming your ball & chain? Nobody gives a **** what you think. Why don’t you **** off and find some other place? You’d feel so much better about yourself if you did something productive with your time, rather than refreshing these pages all day waiting for me to publish a comment.

    2. Will you be leaving us PS ? Do you we do enjoying thrashing your arse on a daily basis so if you left we'd have to go back and talk about real bigfoot evidence instead of schooling your clown arse


    3. Don't bother commenting anymore because if you say anything these two assclowns come picking a fight over bullshit

    4. Bigfoot is bullshit niggaz

    5. Is an assclown the same thing as an assshat?


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