Bigfoot On Our Property

From the youtube channel of Buckeye Bigfoot:

This week, Melanie tells about the Sasquatch Encounters they had over the course of three years in Ashland County, Ohio near the Mohican Memorial State Park.


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    1. yet here you are transfixed by them . You just can't go one day without listening to the so called stories eh mate ? you Bladdered old fool !


    2. ^ too stupid to comprehend

  2. If she's blind how does she know it wasn't her husband pranking her?

  3. I certain Mr. Victor Cundiff Esq. Could solve your problems. $500. a day plus expenses.

  4. One technique Dallas Raines used with great success was a Sasquatch glory hole. He would simply cut a hole approximately 4.5 feet off the ground using a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood. He placed the plywood against the woodline and he and Wayne would take turns putting their member through the hole.
    Within several weeks the big Alpha male would follow suit and the boys would try and collect semen using a horse sheath meant for collecting semenbfrom race horses. Only once did Wayne get a mouthful of Splooge by accident and Yes he swallowed. The seamen samples were given to Melba the incompetent. It tested as Angel, Homo Sapien, Sapien and Tree and Angel DNA. The results as analyzed by Todd Disotel are Homo Sapien and domestic cat.


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