Deadly Bigfoot Encounter

From the Mountain Beast Mysteries youtube channel comes a fascinating bigfoot story about a deadly encounter a trapper had with sasquatch.


  1. If you changed this blog to Fasano Evidence you would get much more traffic. Tim is the greatest living authority on BF in Florida. His competition is laughable. Zaskey puts out 45 minute tapes of bushes. His site should be called "Florida Fauna and Paerdoila". His stupid videos are an embarrassment to anyone with an IQ over 50. Give it up Zaskey, your a bum and a laughingstock in the Cryptid world. He Doaent have one clear photo of BF.

  2. I have to agree. His tapes are ridiculously long. He needs to learn what editing means. The real problem is if he did compilation tape it would be 3 seconds long and anytime you have to tell people what they are looking at ; you got zilch. I can't stand his videos Eithier!


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