Bigfoot Encounters In Florida Part 2

This is part 2 of Crypto Reality's talk with bigfoot witness Scott Hundley, as they discuss the numerous encounters they've had in Florida.


  1. Hello friends Im trying to raise money for a worty cause. Our friend, mentor and resident bigfoot authority. Of course Im talking about Mr. Brenton Sawin from the Bluegrass state. I want y"all to remember the oft" quoted bible quote."Give all thy money to Brenton Sawin and thou shalt be blessed with a 1oz bottle of bigfoot miracle piss". You can Paypal me or use divine transfer to deposit in my account. God bless.

    1. How sad that Brenton has to constantly beg for money. You would think all 4 of his subscribers to Mysteries to Search would help out.

  2. In memory of Mike Wolley I've composed a short poem in his honor;
    One day a man and a gun
    Was out in the woods
    For a day of boozing an fun
    When out through the ferns
    A creature Mike couldn't discern
    Gave him the evil eye
    Which made Mike cry
    Take off that head
    Or Ill do it myself!
    The monster grinned a gave whistle
    Which caused Mike to possible
    When he saw another one
    Mike was done
    No more hunt in and I'm selling my gun.

    Jerry Cline.

  3. Apparently when Reo was found his tongue was missing!

  4. Who or what is killing Bigfoot researchers?

    1. I have to suspect Khat Hansen and Jerry Cline has a hand in this. They hate competition.

  5. My guess based on years of research points to well known hoaxer Mike Patterson. He looks an old man version of a real doll. Definite Satan worshipper

  6. Perhaps they are all dying of shame


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