Look What's Happening In The Bigfoot World

Henry May of HBM's Crypto Corner brings everyone up to speed on the current bigfoot news and information.


  1. Don't forget to cast your vote for Trump/Knobby 2020. Pencil dick is out as VP and Knobby will be on the ticket with Trump. Their platform will be based on Bigfoot disclosure then killing every single one except Ki'h'os'a of course.

  2. In other Bigfoot related news Knobby has revealed the origin of his nickname.
    Knobby explains in this interview; "Well Knobby I suppose many people want to know just how you ended up with such an odd nickname". Knbby then explains " "I was born with a congenital birth defect known as a micropenis, and after the rest of the boys in middle school saw me showering my nickname "Knobby" was what everyone called me". Didn't it interfere with dating? Knobby replied "Actually it helped, lots of girls wanted to see my teensy knob".

  3. In more BF news hoaxer Wes Germer continues to present fictionalized accounts of bigfoot and claiming they'd real...

  4. In other news; Brian "Puke" Sullivan wins the coveted gold plated Sasquatch Poop for being so guillable in regards to Scat Hansen's BS stories.

  5. Choctaw Medicine woman and soul eater as well as Anthropologist, Archeologist, Antique dealer, Special envoy to the UN, Alumni of Phoenix online college in Addictions, Volunteer for the Big Sisters program and advocate for abused women and shapeshifter(Look at her various photographs of herself), Bigfoot communicator, Werewolf caretaker ( She claims she has one chained in her garage) and all round grifter; Khat Hansen has responded to claims from the Cryptid community that she is a hoaxer.
    In her "must see" rebuttal video she proves to her critics that she took pictures of Brattis 10 years ago! Proving Once and for all she's legit.
    She also announced that she will for the first time in history that she will conduct a live interview with Ki'ho'sa on Sykpe for a mere $100 per viewer. She goes on to explain that due to the vibrational energy of the studio lights and the sound equipment Ki'ho'sa will be cloaked during the interview and he will telepathically send her answers to the viewers questions. She also insinuated that Baby Brattis may also drop by to say "hello". Hold on Khitties for the ride of your life as they cover practical issues to existential theories including the coming war between humans and the"others".

  6. I hate to admit this but I've rubbed one out while listening to Wes.

  7. I am a Mohawk from Ontario Canada. We have a name for people like this fraudulent Medicine woman who goes by the name Hansen. We call them "Plastic Shamans". No true medicine woman or man would ever charge a fee. As soon as money is discussed you can be certain their a fraud.


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