Bigfoot In Oregon

The Daily Astorian takes a look at a bigfoot encounter in Oregon. Check it out:

Ever wonder how Oregon is doing in the Bigfoot sightings department?

Well, a Sasquatch was spotted by a woman in Vernonia at 7:30 a.m. on June 24, 2018. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization ruled it a Class A sighting, which is as good as it gets.

Here’s what she reported: “I let my dog out at about 6 a.m. this morning, he usually stays out 1-2 hours but demanded back in immediately. About 7:30, and there was the strong smell of sewage and I could hear branches breaking along the side of my home …

“I got up and went to the bathroom, as I was walking in I could see something and took a closer look. A large animal, blackish, walking upright going up the hill into the cemetery behind my home.”

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  1. No Bigfoot found but at least we have the STORIES. We will ALWAYS have the STORIES.

    1. You must be such a sad and lonely lad Danny stu. Well at least you have your right hand
      wank away mate!


    2. You were given evidence and it resulted in you exposing your genitals. You were then given peer reviewed evidence and you ended up posting racism & threatening women with rape. This place is dead because you got something more than just stories... Can you imagine what you’d do if Bigfoot left a t*rd on your doorstep?

      I think it’s fair to say your little mind can’t handle anything more than stories... you stick to them champ.

    3. - and there you go on babbling again Mr. "everyone is Stu". Yeah I get it - he's your personal boogieman but I have nothing to do with him. This place is dead because there IS no real evidence that can hold up to scrutiny PERIOD. So just laugh with the stories and jokes and be entertained because that's all you are ever going to get.

      Be honest - you believe every one of these stories don't you? DON'T YOU?

    4. Danny Stu... debunk it;

      Show me that it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. This is your chance to show someone out there in the big wide web that there is nothing to Bigfoot except stories.

    5. I'll be happy to read it but you will forgive me if I shelf this for the Superbowl game....far more interesting to me.

      Still don't get it do you? NOT "Danny Stu" but hey, if it makes you feel better I'll play along.

    6. Danny Stu... You spend your entire life following all the Bigfoot blogs & YouTube channels, even making calls on “sloppy research” (sigh), and now you’re presented with evidence for the millionth time, the f’n Superbowl is more important? Let’s not pretend you’re not too nerdy for football... you deflect because there is not one scientist on the planet that can explain away the footprint evidence...

      I’ll drop back after I’ve caught some Z’s to see if you’ve come up with something to back up your hoax religion.



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