What Happens When You Shoot a Bigfoot

This video illustrates what might happen when you push a bigfoot too far. Keep in mind, this is only for educational purposes. The video itself is fake, a hoax that was orchestrated for the purpose of a bigfoot documentary. The lesson however, is still there.


  1. Hmm, maybe what happens when you shoot a bigfoot is that he gets killed and you have proof that bigfoot exists?

    1. Bigfoot would have to exist for somebody to shoot one. Nobody has ever shot bigfoot because they don't exist. A bigfoot corpse would be worth millions and a gun happy hunter would love to shoot one. You can't shoot what doesn't exist. If bigfoot did exist it would have taken a gun from a hunter and used it to kill it's prey. It might even shoot some hunters that get to close. Maybe bigfoot dresses like a hunter and then steals other hunters guns and cars and drives to their house and f_ucks the hunters wife.

    2. Hunters don’t shoot bigfoot because it looks too human — at least on the days when bigfoot isn’t a gorilla? Anyway, there are thousands of missing hunters because of bigfoot — who (being human) apparently isn’t suffering any of the same moral qualms about harming other humans! That must be on the days when bigfoot is a gorilla and not human? See, it all makes perfect sense! Ha ha ha!

    3. Oh dear...

      Pedo Stu, you’re on one of three agendas today;

      1. Extra depressed and need to draw someone into negativity to help.
      2. Thinking that me repeating myself, cutting & pasting from anything up to 50 other comment sections will exhaust me.
      3. You’re angry that you got exposed for trying to get personal info about Chick and want to get even.

      Which one Pedo?

    4. Why would a primitive human have the same temperament as a civilised human? Ever seen an anthropological documentary about tribes to this day and their reaction to westerners?

      Funnily enough... Bigfoot hoaxers in monkey costumes never seem to end up shot dead? I wonder what that means, by your logic, for the existence of hoaxers?

    5. Maybe because people aren't stupid enough to shoot a guy in a gorilla costume. You're an i_diot! Seriously..... You are a complete an utter i_diot.

    6. “A bigfoot corpse would be worth millions and a gun happy hunter would love to shoot one.”

      Those are your own words up top. So you’ve contradicted yourself. Earlier you suggested a hunter would without hesitation shoot at something hairy and on two feet... but now they’d all assume it was a man in a suit and not shoot?

      Which one is it?

      “You can't shoot what doesn't exist.”

      Hoaxers don’t exist?

    7. Gone!

      As always, when the first bit of inquiry as to his logical face falls comes his way. And I had has so much more to rip him apart with.

      Always next time!

    8. Sooooooo stupid. Are you saying that a hunter couldn't tell the difference between a guy in a gorilla suit and a real gorilla like animal. Not that they exist. I'm pretty sure that if you put a gorilla and a man in a gorilla suit next to each other you could tell the difference. You are so stupid it's hard to believe.

    9. But according to you, Pedo, bears are what hunters commonly mistake for Bigfoot? Even the experienced ones, right? Why would a hairy costume on an average human be any different at distance?

      To paraphrase,” Hunters open up on anything”... Remember?

      Are we lacking coherency again?

    10. You don’t paraphrase something and put it inside quotation marks you stupid illiterate moron. They’re called quotation marks for a reason. Quote me, don’t joke me! Ha ha ha!

    11. So if hunters don’t missidentify (your words)... And hoaxers in gorilla costumes don’t ever get shot, thus they don’t exist (your logic)... Then that leaves even LESS room for your cult to preach its doctrine, eh Pedo?


      I’ll be back in the morning.

    12. So you admit yourself about bigfoot: "(T)hus they don’t exist." I don't need to return for any further responses. Thanks for clearing that up!

    13. Pedo... It’s very obvious to a lot of people that you’re bitter and frustrated about not getting your cult revival on the go. But if you’re gonna influence people to rally around you need to get your ducks in order.

      For someone who likes to fake laugh and build on a lack of self-esteem... You just make it way too easy for someone else to turn the tables. And that’s because of 1) you don’t know the basics of a subject you’re religiously obsessed with, and 2) you don’t think through your stance and ensure it’s logically/scientifically sound before hand.

      For example, I’m now going to remind you of this latest contradiction for the next few months, just to expose how clueless you are. That’s not gonna help your self-esteem, and it’s all because you didn’t think before pressing “publish”.


  2. Can someone do a breakdown of the two Bigfoot spotted in the north woods law episode on animal planet titled bait and switch? It happens about 4-5 minutes into the episode. They move from left to right through the woods left hand corner of the screen.


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