Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bigfoot Spotted Near Myers Flat

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization takes a look at a reported bigfoot sighting near Mysers Flat. According to the report, a fisherman spotted a large, dark reddish brown sasquatch.


  1. What's this? Some kind of video by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization talking about Bigfoot reports? Isn't that Kelly Shaw's group? Ever wonder what Shaw would do without these reports to fall back on? But I suppose your probably......

    Not interested. Done.

    1. are you still here ? I thought you were done long time ago ? Bloody tosser !
      Anyways McNothing, i'm gearing up for the big game Wednesday while you are still sucking on your mountain dew using a dirty straw because losers like you have nothing better to do in their miserable lives !
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    2. ^ Large hairy guys are always being spotted leaving my flat - after pumping my botty I am anything but flat I can tell ya`,