Witness Sees Bigfoot With Tools and Fire!

A hiker in Minnesota witnesses a white bigfoot using tools and fire. It's long been debated if bigfoot uses tools and fire, and this is one of the few reports that talks about it.


  1. Oh yes I do so enjoy a fat throbbing "tool" that can fire right up and IN all the way,


  2. The intruder was probably looking for the salt and pepper, since he had everything else. I have seen a repurposed water barrel that was owned by a water district, having been moved a couple of miles away from the rest of the barrels, and repurposed to use as a rain barrel, at a site where no campfire existed.

    1. I saw a similar creature hideously ugly playing with matches. After a thorough investigation which includes various alphabet agencies, including Todd Disotel mapping the genome, it was discovered to be Tim Fasano.


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