Sunday, June 3, 2018

Two Young Boys Get A Visit From The Neighborhood Dogman

From Dogman Encounters Radio

Tonight's guest, John Eby, was playing in his backyard, with his brother, one day when he was 8. It was a beautiful day and the two of them were playing with their beagle. Neither of them knew it, but a Dogman that locals called the "Hoody Wampus" was about to make an appearance. We hope you tune in and listen to John talk about what happened to him that day, as well as run-ins other people who lived close to his family farm had with the Hoody Wampus.

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  2. Hello. My name is Hoody Wampus and I'm your local neighborhood Dogman. Say - that's a very attractive beagle you have there. Would you mind if I stop by from time to time and pay a visit?

    How- HOW could it get anymore ridiculous. Of course these idiots who spin these tales wonder why they get scoffed and laughed at. Or are they the ones scoffing and laughing at the idiots who buy into this?

  3. These two youngsters are going to get a visit from Uncle Tim Fasano. I hope they haven't been naughty...