Thursday, June 7, 2018

Multiple Interactions with Texas Bigfoot

A family in Texas have multiple encounters and interactions with bigfoot over the years. It all began with rock throwing, and progressed from there. Here's their story.


  1. Three reasons why this didn't happen

    1 bigfoot doesn't exist
    2 Texas sounds like a made up place
    3 bigfoot doesn't exist again

    1. ^ Don`t tell Ikky - he`ll have another nervous breakdown and his mommy just can`t deal with the tantrums.

    2. So now Texas doesn't exist? Way to use your powers of reason skeptardian! You should start a blog on that and I will come by and troll your site.

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

      He’s not the brightest spark, is old Stuey. But this is someone who thought bears roam wild in the UK, it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t know where Texas was.

      Spends his days answering his own comments declaring something that he believes is paranormal to not exist. Bigfoot Evidence has really shot up to the highest tiers of world blogging under Stuey’s watch. Way to go ya crazy pervert, ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    4. "He's not the brightest spark"
      This coming from somebody who actually replied to a comment that Texas seems like a made up place. Stikky Ikkys stupidity is endless. Thanks for being you. You make it so easy.

    5. You mocking your own comments now Stuey? I suppose that’s one plus about sockpuppeting all day long. And don’t get hard, this won’t be another comment section about you. Watching you get frustrated because nobody gives you attention is far more fun.


      ; )

    6. Nope.... I'm not Stuey once again. I am mocking you though. You truly are a nuffy. Dah Texas doesn't exist dah bigfoot is real dah water isn't wet dah. See how easy it is to make stupid comments but only you would take it seriously Stikky Ikky. You are priceless. P. S S-UCK MY B-ALLS hahahaha

    7. ikstupid's world view is governed by the possibility of police showing up at his door for wrong-think.


    8. I thought this site had fired his dumb ass

    9. Shawna and Mattilda the site administratorsThursday, June 7, 2018 at 12:24:00 PM PDT

      Dickployee of the month- IKTOMI

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  3. I enjoy multiple "encounters" with the "toilet-men" especially on dark nights...lots of fumbling around to find the right spot is all part of the fun,