Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Something Pushes Trees Down Across The Road

In some scary circumstances bigfoot has pushed down trees across roads to block humans from traveling, or leaving. Is that what happened here? Warning language.


  1. What a lot of nonsense

    no wonder "footery" has such a bad reputation...foolery is more apt

  2. Deja vu. I was out call blasting one evening, and talking to the Bigfoot (whispering). One of the things that I asked them, was to push a tree over. Upon finishing up and driving the 6 miles back to the highway, only about 1 mile away, a tree about the same diameter as the one in the above photograph, was pushed over so that the tip almost touched the opposite side of the road. I got out and cut the tree off and then faced the forest to say, "real funny". circa 2006