Thursday, April 12, 2018

Back to Back Bigfoot Sightings

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization shares some interesting encounters of bigfoot along highway 101 in California.


  1. Keep up the good work Kelly Shaw! Not interested done er Steven Stupidtard is a pineapple. Well done!

  2. What's this? Some kind of video by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization that....oh boy, here we go again. Same tired old format. That's Kelly Shaw's group and you have to give him credit for his dramatic reading of the case trying to make it interesting but no matter how hard he may try I'm.......

    Not interested. Done.

    1. ^ Yawn same ol troll same ol tired line. Isnt it past your bedtime buggyeyes?

  3. This is my area! Thanks for the report. Will be hiking this area a lot more.

  4. Do these guys have real jobs? Seems they are all over the place all of the time. Good video