Saturday, March 10, 2018

That Was a Werewolf!

From Dogman Encounters Radio

Tonight’s guest, Brandon Close, lives on a 192-acre farm in Upstate New York. Brandon’s spent his whole life enjoying the outdoors. He’s spent untold hours deep in the woods. Because of how much time he had spent in the woods, he thought he knew everything about them. Unfortunately, he found out, 4 weeks before this show aired that the woods held a secret he was yet to find out about.

One night, while investigating strange howls, Brandon came face to face with a creature he describes as being in the 8 to 9-foot range, that looked like a Werewolf! He and a neighbor of his were in his side by side when they first saw it, so they sped away. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of the terror the two men were going to experience that night.

We hope you tune in and listen to Brandon explain the details of the encounter he and his neighbor had that night. It’s an experience neither of them will ever forget.

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  1. Plenty of room for bigfoot to hide in Europe and even in the UK xx

    1. 27th December 1888, seven-year-old John Gill left his house in order to join the local milkman, William Barrett, on his round which he had done several times before. Barrett’s last call was close to John’s house and so he says that that boy left him to return home, but he never made it there.

      He was last seen at the top of his street with some other boys around 8:30 am. People searched for him over the next day but found no traces of John.

      Two days later a boy named Joseph Burke found his body bundled in a corner of his masters stable.

      ” The boy was found at a spot than which it would be difficult to find a more convenient one for the purpose of placing anything with the view of escaping detection. It is situated in an obscurc thoroughfare at the back of Mellor-street.

      The backs of the houses in the street form one side, and a row of stables and coach-houses opposite.

      In the latter row there is a recess of a remarkable character, formed by three sides of the stables, that portion immediately facing a spectator in the street, being occupied by two large doors giving entrance to a cart shed.

      Just at the left there is a receptacle for manure, and there is a space between the head of this place and the wall, and here the body was found.”

      He had received some horrific injuries and I’m not entirely sure if they were inflicted on him before or after his death. You can find a description in the link below but I feel like I should warn you that it’s pretty awful.

      Police though that the killers were some drunk guys trying to copy Jack the Ripper due to the mutilation of his body.

      William Barrett, the milkman, was arrested for the murder. There are a few different thing I’ve read about why he was arrested. John wasn’t seen after he supposedly left William, a witness allegedly saw the two together after William had said the boy had already left him and William was unaccounted for for about an hour that night.

      Some of the other information is a bit confusing to me because it seems like they might have confused William and the boy that had found the body, unless I’m reading wrong, so I’ll leave you to read the rest and decide for yourself.

      In the end William Barrett was found not guilty and nobody else was arrested, leaving his murder unsolved. What are your opinions on this case? Do you think William did it?

      This page has a lot of information about the case:

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