Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Jeff Meldrum Makes the News!


After more than 20 years researching Bigfoot, an Idaho State University professor is featured in a new Netflix documentary about Sasquatch. It documents a trip Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum took, where he might have caught sight of the creature. "I'm quite convinced that there's something out there," Meldrum said. "That are leaving these enigmatic over sized superficially like human footprints," Meldrum, a big name in the world of Bigfoot and who happens to be a professor at Idaho State University, took a trip in 2013 to an area in Alberta, Canada called Nordegg. With Tom Standing and other researchers, they may have encountered something while there. "May have even had a visual sighting, a fleeting glimpse, of a shadowy figure. A silhouetted figure," Meldrum said. "But certainly not conclusive but it was nonetheless intriguing."
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  1. He has a PhD in toilet seat licking, read the journal

  2. I'd like to acknowledge that Bigfoot is a homeless negro and I enjoy heroin

    1. ^ Bugeyed foolish child. Quit breathing book mold

  3. Who is "Tom Standing?" Todd Standing is a con man, a hoaxer, a charlatan.

    In his Discovering Bigfoot documentary on Netflix, there are three bigfoot heads/faces that Standing claims are real sasquatches that he caught on film. The first of the three is so obviously fake that it is beyond question. Well, if the first bigfoot is a hoax, what does that say about the credibility of the other two?

    It's too bad that Meldrum is being lumped in with Standing. Dr. Meldrum was invited by Standing to look for evidence of bigfoot in the wilderness. So was the late Dr. Bindernagel. That doesn't automatically mean that Meldrum and Bindernagel support everything that Todd Standing has done and presented as evidence. However, the documentary tries to give the impression that Meldrum believes and supports Standing, which is not necessarily the case and which doesn't help Meldrum's credibility.