Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Meet The Sasquatch

From Sasquatch Central:

Meet the Sasquatch is an intriguing look into the world of cryptid Hominids. More than that, it is an investigation into the secret world of the Big Foot, the creature that has been roaming the Pacific Northwest since native Americans first encountered them hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago.


  1. I am SackScratch, I itch so much cuz I never take a bath... right now I am Scratchin' my Sack as I type this deep in the Woods on Todd Standings' satellite phone... he won't be needing it cuz we ate him for Supper!

    1. Todd Standing gave me Diarrhea... I squirted him out all over the Alberta Forrest... so I guess he was Cremated... Signed, SackScratch.

    2. Full mental derangement on display^